Jumaat, 31 Julai 2009

Cikgu Ismail Mat Dalam Kenangan

31 Julai, 2009, saya kehilangan seorang kawan, Cikgu Ismail Bin Mat (Cikgu Mail). Pada jam 7.10 pagi, seperti biasa, saya telah pergi ke Kelab Kedah Diraja(KKDR) untuk bermain golf. Sampai di sana saya diberitahu padang golf ditutup dari jam 7.00 hingga 10.00 sempena Hari Pahlawan; parade yang dihadiri DYMM Tuanku Sultan Kedah diluar pagar tee-box #2. Apa hendak dikatakan dan balik ke DGCC untuk membaca surat khabar.

Pada jam 9.30 Cikgu Pada yang berada di Kuala Lumpur menalipon saya memberitahu yang Cikgu Mail telah meninggal dunia pagi tadi. Saya menghubungi Lokman, kawan baik arwah, untuk mengetahui butir kematian dan beliau memberitahu yang arwah telah menghembus nafas terakhir pada jam 7.00 pagi dan jenazah masih di Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah (HSB). Bergegas saya kesana tetapi diberitahu oleh staf 'rumah mayat' hospital bahawa jenazah telah dibawa balik kerumahnya di Taman Rakyat, Alor Setar. Bergegas pula kesana dan ramai rakan sudah berada disana.

Saya telah mengenali Cikgu selama 8 tahun semasa bermain golf di KKDR. Kami kerap main bersama, samaada semasa pertandingan atau pada hujung minggu. Saya akan menalipon arwah untuk bermain pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad dan kebiasaannya beliau jarang menolak. Kalau tak silap, 5 bulan lepas, beliau dan isteri telah pergi ke Australia untuk menjaga cucu yang baru lahir. Arwah berada di sana lebihkurang 3 bulan sebelum kembali bersendirian. Semasa bertemu untuk bermain golf, beliau kelihatan kurang 'berisi' sepertimana yang saya tahu. Apabila ditanya, arwah memberitahu yang beliau tiada selera dan telah membuat temujanji dengan pakar perubatan di HSB.

Semasa pertemuan selepas temujanji dengan pakar, beliau memberitahu saya yang beliau disahkan mengidap barah perut (jangan tanya terma medikal) dan akan dibedah pada 9 Jul '09. Beliau telah masuk hospital pada 7 Jul '09. Beliau tidak menunjukkan kerisauan dan masih ceria semasa saya melawat beliau sebelum dibedah. Ketika itu isterinya telah terbang balik untuk bersamanya. Saya dan isteri telah melawat beliau pada 16 Jul '09. 'Saya dah tak ada perut lagi' ucapan beliau dan memberitahu mulai 18 Jul hanya boleh mengambil makanan 'liquid food' sahaja, seperti bubur, sup. 'Mujurlah dah jenuh makan'. Dalam pada itu masih boleh bergurau - boleh main golf selepas cheomoteraphy nanti. Beliau memberitahu yang beliau akan membuat rawatan 'chemo' dalam masa 2 bulan lagi. Pada 18 Jul, semasa dalam perjalanan ke Taiping, saya telah menghantar sms kepada beliau dengan ucapan selamat makan semi-solid food. Respons beliau ialah 'Makanlah kamu sebelum kamu ...tak boleh makan'. Kali terakhir saya berkomunikasi dengan arwah ialah pada 25 Jul '09 untuk bertanya khabar. Saya terkejut yang beliau masih berada di hospital disebabkan 'constipation'. Suaranya sungguh lemah dan menasihatkan agar beliau banyak berihat.

Dua tiga tahun lalu, secara berseluruh, saya memberitahu arwah supaya pergi melawat anak-anak di Australia atau Kuala Lumpur semasa 'monthly medal' di KKDR. Ini kerana beliau kerap menjadi Johan 'C' Division; bagilah peluang kepada golfer macam saya menang.

Dalam usia menjangkau 66 tahun pada November '09 ini, orang sekampung, Kuala Kangso, sekarang hanya tinggal kenangan........!

Al Fatihah.......Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat keatas roh beliau. Amin.

Khamis, 30 Julai 2009

Flight To Terumbu Layang-Layang

Visit Malaysia Year 2009.....

Readers, have you heard of Terumbu Layang-Layang (TLL) or Station Lima and its whereabouts? Well, it's a coral atoll in the South China Sea and a haven to scuba divers. It is about 165 nm from Labuan and the flight time by nuri helicopter is 1 hour 30 minutes.

When I was OC 5 Sqn, one of our flying duties was communication flights to TLL. These included Paskal changeover and resupply. Paskal is a unit of the RMN and stationed there. The only buildings there then were the hangar and the accommodation complex built on the reclaimed land.

The circled blue-coloured hangar shaped building was surrounded by the sea. The atoll submerged during high tide

Me and the late Lt (U) Idris at TLL. The shallow sea behind us is now the runaway

Now, there is a runway and a hotel for divers. And wind turbine provides electricity for the whole complex.

Before I proceed, let me tell you the navigational aids available in the nuri then. Aviators, don't laugh OK? Radio compass and standby compass only....!And we were required to fly into the open sea......

On a good and clear day, the flight to TLL was a boring sortie. We took off from Labuan and climbed to 3000 feet and set course on 327*. To know the location, we tuned to radio Brunei and Kota Kinabalu to get the reciprocal headings. Where the line intersect, that was the your location - just like map reading lah. For safety, we did it every half an hour. Now, even your hand phone have GPS. At about 20 nm, there you are......
an emerald amidst sapphires.......

Flying back, no problem at all since we were heading towards mainland. Why I was very concerned whenever I flew to TLL or authorizing the aircrew flying there? The weather. Once, when I was tasked to do comm flight to TLL, the weather was perfect - clear and sunny. Half way through the flight, thick clouds appeared in front and I had to descend to 1000 feet. Cloud base was less than 1000 feet. Descended further to 500 feet and still in the clouds and it started to rain. Finally I decided to climb to 3000 feet and headed back for Labuan. The sortie had to be abandoned. I'm no hero and that's why I'm able to share this experience...

On another occasion, I was ferrying VIPs there. The weather was perfect all the way. However, when I was at a distance where I should be able able to see the lovely emerald, there was none at all. Problem, problem...I didn't bring my international passport. You see, about 20 minutes from TLL is Amboyna Cay, the atoll occupied by the Vietnamese army. (I don't know the current situation). My eyes were scanning left and right when I saw the emerald on the left. What happened was that there was a strong wind from the left which caused the nuri to drift to the right while maintaining the set heading. I was offset by almost 20*

Now the nuri is equipped with additional navigational aids. I was told that the nuri seldom fly to TLL since C130 Hercules is now able to land there.

Selasa, 28 Julai 2009

Tracking Your Spending Habit

One night every month when you experience insomnia (reading - at the end of the month).......Instead of being a potato couch, why not sit down and jot down how/what/where your hard-earned income has gone to! Write down how much you spent on your petrol, car maintenance, parking, utility bills, loans, etc, etc.

Syukur Alhamdulillah, so far I don't have insomnia due to the problems that you're facing. I know basically where and how I spend my money. Firstly, I'm fortunate enough to be in a position to engage an established accountant to keep track of my spending. You see, my bank CIMB through its' Visa and MasterCard, send the monthly statements detailing all my spending when using the cards. I know how much I spend on petrol, Celcom, Astro, water, TNB, TM, sundry goods at Tesco or Giants each month. I would then know the total amount I spent on the items for the whole year. From there I can prepare for the following year's budget. Just like the government. You have your own accountants too, maybe you're well off enough to engage more than one.

Now, the hard decision to make. Are there ways to reduce the spending? I'm not going to suggest to you what to do, instead, let you know what I practice. Who knows, maybe you can pick up a point or two. You have to remember that we're two separate entities. I'm very disciplined and you? Only you know yourself.

When I was still working in Kuala Lumpur, I made it a habit to put the allocations for the expenditures in envelopes. There were envelopes for household (sundry goods and the weekly marketing), petrol, utilities (water, TNB, TM), miscellaneous, eg, newspapers. I told my wife that she could find the envelopes in the drawer. Other than the weekly marketing at the wet market, for other expenses I used credit card where possible. Then I credit the amount into the bank from the respective envelopes. As I said earlier, I wanted to collect the reward points. When my accountant want his fees at the end of the month, no problem at all since the fund was available. Unless there was an emergency, we strictly adhered to the budget.

Now, of course, the situation has changed. Petrol bill has reduced so much since both of us are no longer working. And as I said in my 'Credit Card' article, I get 2%rebate whenever I patronize Petronas services. To DGCC it's only 1 km and to RKC 15 km. Whenever I need to visit my 3 siblings at Kuala Lumpur, and when I go alone, I have my 'driver' to drive me there (by bus or train lah..). The cost for the round trip if I drive is about RM300 - petrol and tolls. Whereas it cost less than RM100 if I use public transport. In case of emergency, of course I'll drive.

I can't do anything about the monthly golf clubs' subscriptions. The amounts are fixed. However, I can cut costs by having drinks outside the clubs. It costs RM3.50 for a glass of iced Nescafe at the club whereas at, say Gymkhana Cafe at the Equine Centre about 1km from DGCC, it costs RM1.20 only - a saving of RM2.30. Mind you, I play almost daily and at least I save about RM50 monthly. I make it known to my gang that my monthly budget for golf is RM100. This includes our monthly outing, namely to Cinta Sayang, Permaipura, Harvard and Putra, Kangar. We pool cars and the best part of being a senior citizen is that we get special rates. RM100 is sufficient, you know.

I don't subscribe to the philosophies of 'live to eat' and 'bior pape ase bergaye'. I don't go to fancy restaurants or 5 star hotels for meals. I love home cooked food. One thing for sure, it's clean and healthy and of course, cost very much less. Clothing? Not that important to a pensioner. The things that I need to change frequently are golf related items, namely golf shoes, gloves and socks. And I buy these items during sales. I'm not willing to spend RM200 for a Dockers pants, but I'm patient enough to wait for the sales period - 50% discount. Imagine, from RM200 to RM100! A saving of RM100.

You know, I'm amazed to see that teenagers and adults alike, including grandfathers/grandmothers, are willing to pay in order to hasten their demise. They're willing to spend at least RM8 daily for a pack of cigarettes. I suppose they don't subscribe to the 'donate your organs' campaign. Anyway, I don't think their organs are suitable at all with all those chronic diseases. I can give 1 tip on how to 'go' free of charge (FOC)? Wind down your window while driving and follow behind those smoky buses and lorries and take a deep breath to inhale the carbon monoxide. You can wash your face on reaching the office.

Well, something to ponder about......!

Ahad, 26 Julai 2009

The Evergreen Championship


MPGA - 55 years and above.
LPGA - 50 years and above.
Venue - Royal Kedah Club (RKC).

Sorry golfers, for RKC senior members only.

For reasons best known to most members, especially the retirees, the response to the monthly medal (MM) at RKC was not that too encouraging. Well, for me, I can't remember when was the last time I played MM there. I won't divulge my reason (singular). Anyway, it's not a big deal for me since I've the option to play at DGCC.

For your information, most of the morning golfers here, be it on weekdays or weekends, are pensioners. We pull our trolleys and play 9 holes only. Actually I play only on weekends and public holidays. I love to play 18 holes but not many want to accompany me for the 2nd 9. By the way, RKC is a 9-hole golf course. I never like to play alone. I can't blame them, we're in our twilight years! Syukur Alhamdulillah that even at this age we're still able to play golf, isn't it?

Sometime early this year, in February I think, a few enthusiastic seniors set up a committee to initiate 'The Evergreen Championship' over 9 holes. The tentative schedule is every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Each qualifier is charged a fee of RM10 only and you can either play with your gang or join the others. Once you're ready, off you go. As simple as that - no such thing as arranging the flights. If there is only 1 flight, then 1 prize, 5 flights 5 prizes and so on. LPGA have their own prizes on the same basis as the MPGA. Before prize giving, there are light snacks such as mee/meehoon goreng, sandwiches, coffee and tea. For RM10 and you can have all these. Not bad, huh?

Yours truly didn't play in the first month. Well, I wanted to give others a chance to win first. You see, if I play, others have no chance to be the champion....he....he. I joined the group from March onwards and to date, still keep on hoping to hear the Chairman announcing this Major 'Luvly' as the champion!

The response so far was overwhelming. On the average, the number of participants was about 30; the last one, 20 Jul '09, was 50. The jump in number could be that day was a public holiday - Israk and Mikraj. Of course I can't speak on behalf of others, but I'm sure we're really looking forward for this event and truly enjoy the game. Incidentally, I was a prize winner in the last game - 9th position (15 stableford points) with prize money of!!

And, the committee members and all of us were honoured when the DYMM Tuanku Sultanah suddenly appeared one day to take part in the championship. She paid her RM10 and stayed till the end. She was the LPGA champion that day.

To the committee members, well done and keep up your good work. I have to single out Cikgu Pada. He is the first one to arrive at the club to register the golfers, collect the fees, prepares the score cards, check the handicaps, arrange for the snacks, and best of all, even call the golfers of any change. And, he'll play the last flight, starting at #7 hole. Thank you Cikgu and my appreciation to all of you, gentlemen.

If I may make a suggestion. Why not have an 'Annual Evergreen Championship'? I'm sure there is a generous donor forever willing to donate a challenge trophy. What is there a trophy after all! Of course, I don't expect to pay RM10 for such an event, be reasonable lah members......

PS: The use of buggy is for 65 years and above. For ladies, if you decide to participate, then you can't hide your age anymore since the whole world will know that you've passed the half century mark (jangan marah ya).

Sabtu, 25 Julai 2009

Comfortable Retirement.....

To whom it may concern,

Have you given a serious thought about your financial standing once you're no longer relevant to the general public, ie, retired? To some, this question never arises since there are organizations that are waiting to lay a red carpet to welcome them. But, what about others who are not that too fortunate?

After all those fanfares, visits and speeches, you'll be facing the reality of life. If you're one of those who believes and practises the philosophy of 'there's no tomorrow' and 'enjoy while you can', my sympathy to you. Why?

Before that, you'll see a lot of long lost friends suddenly appearing at your doorstep. And your hand phone never stop ringing. You're very flattered to know that you're being surrounded by good friends. After all, all they want from you is to invest in their business ventures with your newly found wealth - gratuity. The return is simply too attractive to decline. Well, if you're not careful, might as well say goodbye to those hard-earned gratuity......!

Okay, you manage to say 'no' to these attractive business ventures. But now the temptations are too great to resist - renovate the house, change cars, world tour on QE2. At the end of the day, gone with the wind all the monies but, never mind, full of satisfaction.

Suppose your take home pay now is RM7K, inclusive of RM5K basic pay and you serve more than 30 years with the government. Your 58th birthday finally arrives and it's time to say goodbye. Now you'll be looking forward for 21st of every month to queue at the ATM machine. Don't be schocked to see the amount credited into your bank account is about RM3K only!! Imagine from RM7K to RM3K.....a real cruelty of life indeed. To make life more depressing, there are loans still to service...housing, car, credit cards, etc, etc. Hutang sekeliling pinggang. Worst still, hospitals or medical centres are your second home - you seem to love visiting doctors to discuss all those so-called rich man's chronic diseases.

And, while in service, you're one character who saw no reasons to adhere to government's policy of being courteous to your subordinates and customers; yours was 'I'm the boss and who are you'. I was told of subordinates 'gantung pisang' when the boss retired and made to wait for hours when he went to see his former subordinates. Now, if you open up a business, do you sincerely think your former subordinates and customers want to patronize your business? Why? Don't pretend that you don't know. My friend, maybe the best alternative is to dispose of your assets, and as what the late Dato' Sudirman said in his song'......balik kampung'.

As I said in my previous articles, I'm a very consertive man and not a risk taker. However, syukur Alhamdulillah, so far I can safely say that I'm financially stable. What to do with the gratuity? If you ask me, there are 2 options. One, settle all your debts - life is so peaceful if you're free of debts. Secondly, to invest in ASB. For the basis of calculation, say the gratuity is RM200K and you invest this amount in ASB; the dividend is 8%. At the end of the year your dividend is RM16K = RM1300/month. Plus your pension, your monthly income is RM4300. True? This is applicable only if you are free of debts before you retire.

I'm not in a position to give advice, however, as a Muslim we're required to 'ingat mengingati' each other. After all, life is just like a wheel, today you may be high up, tomorrow vice versa. Live within your means and and take care of your health, and be forever grateful to Allah. InsyaAllah, life will be more meaningful and fulfilling. This is my fardhu kifayah.

Your inputs are most welcome.

Jumaat, 24 Julai 2009

Show Off......

'Nor, be prepared when OC Flying goes back'......'Why?' I asked. 'He lost a bet and had to pay for dinner at the Rest House'. I received the call from my colleague at Kroh a day after I came back from there.

You see, during the Selamat Sawadee Ops, communist terrorists (CT) taking potshots at nuri became routine. In addition to BASO (Brigade Air Support Officer), a major, Air HQ also assigned an FAC (Forward Air Commander) of the rank of Lt Col stationed at Kroh. If I remember well, one was the OC Flying and the other was the OC 12 Sqn - F5E sqn. Both of them were from Butterworth Base. They were there on rotation basis just like us. Their roles and the reasons for their presence there? I was not privy to know. Maybe to ensure that all air requests must be fully justified. Both of them used to follow me on a few sorties. I supposed they wanted to have the 'feel' of flying in hostile environment.

During this period, we didn't practice 'straight and level' flights. We carried out tactical flying to stay alive but within the aircraft and our own limitations!

My colleague, let's name him Capt A, was from the Base and was tasked to assist me in troop/freight lifts from Kroh to LPs. And, he was to replace me the next day for the weekly detachment. We managed to complete the task of the day. He agreed to my suggestion that he took over the detachment that day and I would then fly back to the Base.

FAC was not aware of this arrangement. He knew that I was going back the next day and Capt A was my replacement. He was having tea with the CO of PFF (Police Field Force) at the Rest House when I took off for Butterworth. To say bye bye to Kroh, I performed a low level flypast over the grass strip and carried out a steep turn and climbed for the Base. I never realised that all this while FAC was watching my antics.

'Look at Capt A ...likes to show off', commented FAC. The CO rebutted this comment saying that it was not Capt A because he knew it was unlike Capt A to do such flying. FAC insisted that Capt Nor Ibrahim would not do such a thing. So they bet for dinner; FAC said Capt A and CO bet otherwise. Well, when FAC went back to the mess, there he was.......Capt A. Free dinner for the CO.

As for me, I had my bush jacket ready for formal interview and waited for the call.....! The call never came. He took it sportingly. He was a pilot too and, for all you know, he did more daring flights in his younger days. I was then about 30 years old - young and daring pilot but not crazy....he...he..

Don't believe me? See the certificate 'Anugerah Terbang Selamat'(Flight Safety Award).

Note: RMAF mispelled my name and my service number was 410316, not 4103116. 2429 hours was the command hours.

OC Flying migrated to Australia, OC 12 Sqn retired as Air Force Chief, Capt A retired as a Colonel, and yours truly... a major and 'migrated' to Jitra.

Khamis, 23 Julai 2009

Pingat Tentera Udara (PTU)

Federal Awards and Honours > Pingat Tentera Udara (P.T.U.)
(Gallantry Award – R.M.A.F.)

The Pingat Tentera Udara (P.T.U.) is a gallantry decoration which is conferred on members of the Royal Malaysian Air Force for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty as pilots in or outside their line of duty. The award can also be conferred posthumously. A member of the Malaysian Air Force may receive the award more than once. The Pingat Tentera Udara was instituted on 17 July 1968 and gazetted on 29 August 1968.

The above excerpt is from the Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia's web site,

It saddens me to realise that, first of all, not many Malaysians including the current serving Armed Forces personnel, might be aware of this award. And secondly, many opines that this medal is a departmental award; the medal is given by the Air Force Chief to those deserving RMAF personnel.

I don't know the actual number of the recipients of this medal. I think less than 30 and yours truly is one of them.

I hope this write up would clear all doubts and misconception of this Federal award - Pingat Tentera Udara (PTU).

Rabu, 22 Julai 2009


The only aspect in golf that I'm 100% consistent is .....INCONSISTENCY! I played 18 holes 4 days a week at Darulaman Golf & Country Club (DGCC) and 9 holes at least twice a week at Royal Kedah Club (RKC). Members of DGCC are allowed to walk on weekdays only, ie, Monday through Thursday; the other 3 days are weekends. My only reason why I became a member of RKC was due to DGCC's restriction. As I told in my previous article, the primary objective of plying golf is to excercise. If my game is of the same standard as Paula Creamer, then it's a bonus.....he.....he.

In all honesty, the so-called adage 'practice makes perfect' is not applicable to me at all. The most appropriate one should be 'practice makes me imperfect' - in golf only, mind you. Throughout the 9-year period playing here, I've covered about 18,000 km.....equivalent distant from Jitra to ......(you fill up the blank).

Whenever I told my golfing friends, other than my permanent kaki, of my handicap, they just don't believe me. As expected, they claim that I'm a 'naga', not even 'buaya'. Because to them, even the 'cacings' recognise my footsteps. Just tell me, which part of the hazards, OBs, ponds, that have never been in contact with my balls.

For those who had played at DGCC before, I'm sure you noticed a tall wire netting at tee-box #9. On the other side of the netting, there is a bangalow house. To most golfers, it would sound ridiculous if someone said that his ball hit the house on tee-off. Well, your guess is right.....yours truly did that more than once! Nothing in golf is impossible for me.

Incidentally, I was told that the houseowner made a police report complaining of golf balls falling in his compound. I wonder what he expects the police to do....move away the tee-box? He should have known better to build his house there. The tee-box was already there long before he built his house. By the way, if you ever see balls with 'NIBS' written on them, please return them to me, OK?

My good friend, Col Zainal Piee, still serving RMAF officer, used to play with me whenever he visited Alor Setar. I warned him of DGCC's infamous greens - suppossedly tricky. My, my, he 'pars' on those so-called tricky holes. I lost to him all the time whenever we played here. Imagine, in my homeground!(ps. as a Muslim and host, I've to take good care of him. He's my 'tetamu' and had to let him win..). But he's a good winner. He never allows me pay for dinner. I suppose he took pity on his pensioner friend.

Now I understand why Malaysian golfers never win the Malaysian Open (MO), neither the British winning the Open Championship in the past decade. We've to be good hosts and take care of our guests. We've to let them win.

If only I'm a pro, my self actualization is to kiss the trophies of the US Masters and the Open championship, as the winner, of course. Imagine, the defending champion assists me, a Malaysian, to put on the green jacket at the Masters and receiving 1 million pound cheque in Scotland in that cold weather....! What is MO prize money, man.....peanuts. Once back in Malaysia, the government announces that I'm entitled to the RM5K monthly allowance (same amount for Olympics gold medallist). What a dream....!

However, as a truly patriotic Malaysian, the most valued prize is to have my name engraved onto the MO's trophy. Well, pros, I'm sure all of you can do that, afterall, MALAYSIA BOLEH........

As for me, I'm happy with my golf and enjoy the company of my gang. Happy golfing.

Ahad, 19 Julai 2009

Medical Checks

Yesterday morning, 19 Jul '09, I took the opportunity of the free medical check while window shopping at Alor Setar Mall. Just the normal check, ie, BP, sugar, BMI, VFA, PEFR, body fat % and bone density. Syukur Alhamdulillah, so far so good. For a 60-year old pensioner, what more do I want in life; 6 days a week pulling the troley for golf.

As I said in my profile, quantity ada, don't ask about the quality. But this doesn't bother me at all. My primary objective is solely to excercise. If I manage to play like Tom Watson, then it's a bonus (the difference is that my t-off with the driver=hibrid=160metre; the slight similarity is that he is 1 year my junior in age, he...he...he...!) Played for so long but still hc 21.

What I'm trying to say is that I fully subscribe to the evergreen adage 'prevention is better than cure'. Since about 4 years ago, every Jan and Jun, religiously I went to RSAT (Rumah Sakit Angkatan Tentera) for blood check. I have 2 BP and a glucose monitoring equipment at home. Mind you, none of the members of my household (3+1 cat) are diabetics.

You see, about 4 years ago, a member of my golf kaki had to give up golf completely. He was an ex police officer who looked forward so much to playing golf once he retired. He played 18 holes 4 days a week with us. But later, he was complaining that he felt so tired. We suggested he took a heavy breakfast. He did that; he bought nasi lemak and kueh and ate them after 9 holes. But he still felt tired and had to stop after 9 holes whilst the 3 of us continued the 2nd 9.

Later in the afternoon, he called me to inform that he was admitted in the private hospital. Reason? He was diagnosed with both kidney failure! It seemed the hospital needed blood and I volunteered to donate. However, when I went to the hospital, my blood was no longer required. Since that day, he had to undergo haemodialysis. Luckily for him, he was a government retiree, otherwise it will burn a big hole in his pocket, average of RM3K per month for the treatment!

How did his kidney fail? Let face it, the kidney can't simply fail just like that. The easiest way to know the condition of your kidney is to check your blood, namely renal profile. I didn't know how often he did his medical check.

Next, my own younger brother, 10 years my junior. He passed away 2 years ago due to chronic organs failure. If Nescafe has 3-in-1, he had whatever numbers in one - kidney failure, diabetic, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

My current golfing kaki, a 65 year - old ex police officer, is now on a 3-month statin treatment for high cholesterol. He's one character who's not that 'excited' to have his blood checked. I suppose he couldn't take it anymore listening to my preaching. So, when he went to the Pusat Kesihatan for his usual medical check, he asked for blood check as well. According to him, everything was normal but the cholesterol was high. He was asked to start his treatment immediately. He's not overweight or obese; a small sized man and wears female size 7 golf shoes. I'm sure you can visualize his overall physique.

Most of the time, we never know that our organs are going or already kaput. There're no symptoms. By the time the symptoms appear, it's a bit too late, or maybe too late already.

The most common silent killer is diabetes-the mother of all chronic diseases. This sickness affects your organs. How do you know that you're free of this disease? The simplest way is to check your glucose level. Pay RM5 at the pharmacy and within seconds you know your sugar level.

I used to talk about health care to my barber, and stressing on diabetes. I think he got fed up with me since everytime I met him (once a month only), I always asked him to go and check his sugar level. Well......maybe out to please me, he did! Guess what? He was a diabetic and had to take medication immediately. Now, he charges RM1 less for my monthly haircut - rezeki datang menggolek! I suppose he was grateful for my advice.

I know we have to believe in 'qada dan qadar' as one of the Rukun Iman. But Allah wants us to 'usaha'. If all the usahas have been carried out, and you still get it, then it's qada dan qadar - fated.

Love yourself to love your family.

Jumaat, 17 Julai 2009

Kad Kredit

Assalamuailaikum dan salam sejahtera semua.

Hari ini nak cakap sikit berkaitan kad kredit (KK). Topik ini telah banyak diperbincang diakhbar-akhbar aliran perdana dan tv. Mengikut cerita, ramai pengguna KK telah diistihar muflis. Ini satu malaputaka terutama sekali bagi golongan muda. Ada pihak mencadangkan agar bank-bank mengetatkan syarat-syarat untuk mendapatkan KK.

Sekiranya ditanya, saya tidak setuju dengan cadangan itu. Mengapa? Selain kemudahan berbelanja, penggunaannya MENGURANGKAN PERBELANJAAN saya. Bagaimana? Untuk menjawab soalan ini, saya ingin menekankan yang saya adalah seorang yang berdisplin (siapa lagi nak puji, masuk bakul angkat sendirilah).

Sebelum menjelaskan bagaimana, satu soalan kepada anda. Adakah anda percaya dan mempraktik peribahasa ‘sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit’? Sekiranya jawapan negatif dan anda bukan seorang yang berdisplin, jangan buang masa membaca coretan ini.

Bank-bank sekarang menawarkan KK mereka secara percuma, Visa dan MasterCard (MC). Saya melanggan KK CIMB Visa dan MC Petronas kerana akaun saya di CIMB. Saya menggunakan Visa dalam kebanyakan urusan, seperti membayar bil-bil elektrik, Celcom, telekom, Astro, kelab, dll. Objektif utama ialah untuk mengumpul ‘reward points (RP)’. Katakanlah, setahun jumlah RP melebihi 20,000 mata, saya akan tukarkan dengan baucer Petronas bernilai RM100. Ini bermakna dipenghujung tahun saya boleh mengisi petrol RM100=55 litre percuma. Siapa nak beri petrol percuma? Betul tak?

Untuk mengisi tangki petrol kereta pula, saya guna MC Petronas. Kad ini memberi rebat 2% keatas jumlah belian. Sebagai contoh, sekiranya bulan ini bil petrol berjumlah RM500, jumlah yang perlu dibayar ialah RM490, jimat RM10. Mungkin anda akan berkata, apalah sangat RM10.........tapi, cuba kira 1 tahun = RM120. Campur dengan RM100 baucer, anda dapat menjimat RM220! Siapa nak bagi...........!

Sepertimana yang saya katakan tadi, saya seorang yang berdisplin. Datang saja bil, semua jumlah beres diselesaikan tanpa satu sen pun berhutang. Dengan keadaan ekonomi yang tidak memberangsangkan dan kenaikan harga yang meroket, saya perlu berjimat.

Kemudahan sudah tersedia, mengapa tidak diekploitasikan demi untuk keselesaan saya. Anda macam mana?

Ahad, 12 Julai 2009

Simpanan Untuk Bersara

Saya sebenarnya sungguh hairan melihat banyak buku, rencana di akhbar-akhbar, program tv , malah kewujudan satu jabatan AKPK oleh BNM hanya untuk membantu kebanyakan rakyat mengurus wang mereka. Tertanya saya kepada diri sendiri mengapa ini berlaku, seharusnya individu itu lebih arif mengurus kewangan beliau. Beliau tahu sumber, jumlah diterima, perbelanjaan dan lain-lain keperluan kewangan. Mengapa mesti mendapatkan nasihat orang lain?

Pertama sekali, saya hendak 'qualify'kan diri saya. Saya bukannya seorang pakar perunding kewangan dan tidak mewakili PNB. Apa yang dicatat berlandaskan kepada pengalaman saya sendiri.

Sehingga hari ini, saya adalah seorang pesara sepenuh masa. 6 hari dalam seminggu dihabiskan menarik troli bermain golf dengan geng yang sama. Sumber pendapatan adalah pencen sebagai mejar yang bersara pada tahun 1992. Selain itu, syukur kepada Allah, atas kesedaran semasa berkhidmat dalam TUDM, sumber kedua ialah dividen dari pelaburan dalam ASB. Sebagai seorang yang konservatif, saya tidak berminat untuk berniaga atau melabur dalam saham-saham di KLSE. Janganlah cuba mempengaruhi saya untuk berniaga kerana jawapannya ialah...... 'TERIMA KASIH SAJALAH'.

Alhamdulillah, saya bebas dari sebarang hutang, tiada hutang rumah, kereta, kad kredit, dll. Terima kasih kepada ASB.

Kebanyakan anda boleh menikmati kebebasan ini apabila sampainya masa untuk bersara nanti. Pokoknya terletak pada anda sendiri; hanya anda yang boleh mencorak masa hadapan anda. Prinsip yang MESTI anda patuhi ialah DISIPLIN. Sekiranya anda tidak berdisiplin, anda tanggung sendirilah masalah yang akan dihadapi bila tiba masanya nanti......!

Bagaimana ASB membantu saya? Sebelum menjelaskan, andaian-andaian berikut adalah faktor untuk pengiraan:

- Pulangan 8% setiap tahun.
- Pelaburan pokok maksima masih RM200K.
- Tempuh simpanan selama 25 tahun. Tempuh ini melayakkan pegawai kerajaan bersara awal dengan pencen separuh gaji.
- Tidak mengeluarkan walau seringgit pun sepanjang tempuh tersebut (boleh ke?).

Senario Pertama

Mengapa orang kaya boleh menjadi lebih kaya?

Bayangkan anda seorang jutawan; RM200K hanya 'loose change' sahaja. Anda melaburkan jumlah ini untuk anak kesayangan sebagai hadiah harijadi ke20 tahun. Anak bapa ini pula bukan kaki joli dan tidak usik pelaburan ini.

25 tahun kemudian....genap 45 tahun umur anak anda. Simpanan ASB beliau ialah lebihkurang RM1,370,000! Pulangan atas jumlah ini ialah RM109,600 setahun. Ini bererti RM9K sebulan. Wow.....belum ditambah dengan pencen sekiranya beliau memilih untuk bersara awal! Agak-agaknya masa itu beliau sekurang-kurangnya dah JUSA C.

Senario ini tidak melibatkan kebanyakan kita. Mereka menjadi jutawan kerana mereka sanggup mengambil risiko. Lihat pula senario berikut.

Senario Ke2

Ekonomi dan kedudukan anda dah stabil dan masih ada lagi 25 tahun sebelum balik kampung/pekan. Anda mengambil peluang yang diberikan oleh bank untuk meminjam RM100K untuk melabur dalam ASB.

Diam tak diam, dah pun 58 tahun umur anda dan bersaralah anda......! Hutang ASB selesai dibayar dan bank mengembalikan sijil ASB kepada anda. Buku ada pada anda; ia hanya merekodkan dividen setiap tahun sahaja. Berapa yang anda ada sekarang? RM685K. Dividen untuk jumlah ini ialah RM55K setahun=RM4,500 sebulan! This is over and above your pension.

Tak mampu pinjam dari bank. Lihat pula senario seterusnya.

Senario Ke3

Anda baru sahaja bekerja. Setelah tolak sana tolak sini, anda hanya mampu melabur RM100 sahaja setiap bulan. Tak apa. 25 tahun kemudian, simpanan ASB anda ialah RM73K! Dividen atas jumlah ini ialah RM5,800 setahun=RM480 sebulan. Saya tak percaya pendapatan anda mendatar dari mula bekerja sampai bersara. Bila ekonomi dan kedudukan meningkat, tambahlah lagi pelaburan.

Ps. Angka-angka diatas adalah anggaran sahaja. Untuk mengetahui dengan lebih tepat, bertanyalah dengan bank. Pedulikan apa kata orang...nilai RM akan menurun 25 tahun nanti. Tapi, ingat, RM1 juta TETAP RM1 juta.

Saya telah memilih senario ke2. Syukur Alhamdulillah, saya berjaya melawan nafsu dari mengeluarkan dividen. Anda fikir-fikirkanlah dimana hala tujuan anda. Tepuk dada tanya selera!


Jumaat, 10 Julai 2009

My Friend's Expriences

This time, I publish my friend's unedited write-up.

Thank you for your inputs, my friend. I hope our colleagues would share their expriences too. Let the Malaysians be informed that we, the RMAF, had a fair share of fighting against the communist terrorists.


Pada 13 Ogos 1978.

Peasawat Nuri FM 1725 'call sign Capong 460J semasa melaksanakan Operasi Selamat Sawadee.Pada jam 4 petang,saya Lt Zainal bin Piee telah di arahkan membawa peluru meriam (105) secara "underslung" ke marker Lima di kawasan hutan Kroh.Pemandu kedua adalah Lt Muda Yahaya bin Haron dan kuarter master ia lah Sjn Hamzah De souza.Setelah melihat dengan jelas Landing Pad (LP) tersebut saya pun mulakan pendaratan dan ketika itu pemandu kedua membuat perhubongan dengan anggota tentera di LP tersebut.Kira kira 200 kaki tinggi dari LP tersebut saya telah di beritahu oleh pemandu kedua melalui anggota tentera yang berada di LP bahawa pesawat NURI saya telah di tembak oleh pengganas kominis..Saya dengan segera beredar dan terus terbang ke landasan Kroh.Setelah mendarat saya dapati beberapa lubang kesan tembakan di bahagian pesawt Nuri

Pada 15 ogos 1978
Pesawt Nuri Fm 1724 'call sign' Capong 474J, semasa melaksanakan operasi Selamat Sawadee.Saya dan crew yang sama telah di tugaskan untuk mengambil satu mayat anggota tentera,seorang anggota cedera dan juga menghantar makanan dan peluru kepada anggota tentera yang berada di LP marker Lima di kawasan hutan Kroh.Waktu itu hampir maghrib.Dengan di iringi pesawat Allouette Gunship yang di pandu oleh Mej Abd Jalil bin Abd Ghani, saya meneruskan misi tersebut.Pesawat Nuri selamat mendarat dan keitka berada di dalam LP tersebut, ketika sedang memunggah barang barang dan memasokkan mayat dan aggota cedera,tiba tiba pesawat saya di tembak oleh pengganas kominis dari setiap arah.Tanpa membuang masa saya terus naik ke udara ke tahap ketinggian yang selamat.dan terus menuju ke landasan Kroh.Setelah mendarat saya dapati beberapa lubang peluru di bahagian badan dan kawasan injin pesawat.

--- On Mon, 7/6/09, nor ibrahim bin sulaiman

Rabu, 8 Julai 2009

Special Allowance For Ops-Inflicted Maimed Warriors

Jeng....jeng....jeng....Here I come again with a new episode of my flying experiences.

I had flown countless medivacs/casevacs/bodivacs sorties throughout my flying career. For now, Selamat Sawadee Ops was the scene of the episode and the sub-plot was casevac (casualty evacuation). Most of the time, these casevac cases involved our troops who were wounded either by being shot by the CTs or booby traps. Except for the danger of being a target practice, these sorties were otherwise just routine flights.

The tasking sheet looked something like this:
Kroh - LP 'L' GR...... Picked up Casevac
LP - Penang Polo Ground (Penang General Hospital ((PGH))
Penang - Kroh

'L' was the marker for the LP. There were so many LPs and the markers, eg, 'T', 'X', etc, were to differentiate these LPs. Simply, it was a white sheet placed on the ground for the pilots to see.

I would then proceed to the LP and if it was big enough, I would land and picked up the casevac. On the other hand, if there was no LP or the clearing was too tight for the nuri to land, then the casevac would be winched up. Of course I preferred to land rather than to hover for winching. Not only it would endanger the aircrew, it could be harmful to the troops too.

There was one sortie when I was tasked to pick up a casevac located at a given grid reference (GR). On reaching the location, there was a small clearing and I had to winch up the casevac. The downwash of the nuri, estimated at 60mph, caused a branch of a tree to fall on a soldier. Now, I ended up winching another casevac. I was told later on, that the first casevac, if I was not mistaken, was an Artillery officer. He was shot in the eye. Off loaded them at PGH and flew back to Kroh. Both survived but the officer lost one eye.

Then, waited for other tasks....meaning...casevacs! You see, troops' lift or resupply were preplanned by the the army; casevac was basically planned by the CTs and they never gave any warning when they strike!

I never had the chance to see these understand their agony. Most of the time I didn't even shut down the aircraft when offloading them. They were offloaded into the ambulance immediately on landing and I had to take off for Kroh. I didn't know what happened to them later on.

I promised myself that for the next casevac sortie I would like to see the victim. The opportunity came when I was tasked to pick up a casevac from an LP and offload at PGH. Another routine sortie. On the flight to Penang, I handed the control to my co-pilot and went to the cabin. There he was, lying on the seat with a bloodied-bandaged leg dangling. I was expecting to see someone unconscious or in extreme pain, but instead....he was sign of pain at all! I was very sure he was administered with a strong painkiller. No way he could smile in that physical state. He was a member of RGK, ie, a commando. Shook his hand and went back to the cockpit.

Half way through the flight to Penang, the AQM relayed a request from the soldier. He requested that he be offloaded at Alor Setar. The reasons given were that he didn't want his leg to be amputated and secondly, he was from Alor Setar and liked to be with his parents. You see, I didn't know how far it was true, but it seemed those casevacs sent to PGH had their legs or hands amputated. So, these heroes would try their best not to be admitted to PGH.

Now, I was in a dilemma. Pilots could not simply change given destinations without extremely good reasons ,eg, bad weather. But then, the weather was perfect. 2 Division had made all the necessary arrangement at PGH. Well, out of compassion, I decided to divert to Alor Setar. This decision was relayed to the Base Ops Room and requesting them to arrange a reception party at any padang near Alor Setar Hospital. I would give my reasons later. I was then told to land at a race track near the hospital; the current no 3 green of the Royal Kedah Club. On landing, the hospital staff were running with the stretcher to climb aboard the nuri. When I looked at the cabin, there he was, refusing to lie on the stretcher and instead jumped from the seat step and hopping into the ambulance. What a sight! Task successfully completed and up..up..and away.

Ps: I didn't have to justify my decision to change routes, fortunately.

One day, I was in a taxi to Alor Setar. One of the passengers was without a leg and using a crutch. To break the monotony of the journey, I asked him what happened to his leg. He said that he was a commando operating in Kroh area. He accidentally stepped on a booby trap and his leg was seriously wounded. He had one nuri pilot to thank for sending him to Alor Setar instead of Penang. I told him that I was the pilot he was talking about! Terima kasih, tuan...terima kasih tuan...That was a real satisfaction.....!Apparently, his idea of not getting amputated in PGH was misled.

I'm happy to hear the Minister of Defence recent anouncement that the government is considering giving a special allowance to those personnel who became disabled/handicapped, or whatever you call it, during active duties. If the government can give a monthly pension to the Olympic silver medallist, this category of rakyat deserves monetory reward too. They are in their current physical state because they defended their beloved country....MALAYSIA.

Isnin, 6 Julai 2009

The Soup Affair

No 3 Squadron, RMAF Base, Butterworth....We, particularly the nuri aircrew, were then flying in a hostile environment. As stated earlier, being a target practice for the CTs was the norm. But then our moral was very high.

I could not recall of any aircrew rejecting any task given to them or finding excuses not fly. In fact, all of us were looking forward to see our name on the tasking board at the Ops Room (OR). Before closing shop at 1600 hour, we would flock to the OR to see whether our name would be fortunate enough to be on the board for the next day's flying duty. It was the duty of the Flight Commander (FC) to determine who should fly. The problem was that he was himself a 'hogger'; he simply loved flying irrespective of whatever conditons. He led by example!

During Selamat Sawadee Ops, detailing aircrew to fly was not such a big problem since 3 to 4 nuri were tasked to support ground troops almost everyday. And a set of nuri aircrew for a weekly detachment at Kroh Camp.

Reporting sick was alien to us. The only time I had to go to RSAT (Rumah Sakit Angkatan Tentera) was for my annual aircrew medical check. This was applicable to others too.

Annual leave was a luxury. I was once fortunate enough to have my application for one week's leave approved. My leave had to coincide with the school holidays since my wife was a teacher.

Early one Saturday morning, my wife and I drove happily back to Taiping. I need a break after all those stressful flying! The next day, Sunday, guess what? Military Police (MP) personnel from Taiping Garrison came over to the house.

Captain Nor Ibrahim? he asked.....'Yes'. 'Tuan, you're required to report back to Base by today'. I just couldn't believe it! On a positive note, I felt flattered to know that I was 'indispensible'...! You see, the problem was that the sqn had a limited number of nuri captains. Had an early lunch and off to Butterworth Base, and straight to the sqn. name was on the board for the next day's task. No problem........!

However, there were light moments during this period too. The Commanding Officer (CO) of the base, a nuri pilot himself, had a soft spot for No 3 Sqn; he had served the sqn as a sqn pilot before. Every morning he would drop by the sqn's OR and checked the 'authorisation sheet' ,ie, who were flying the day before, today and hours flown. Then he would join the aircrew in the crewroom for a cup of coffee.

One day, I returned from the detachment at Kroh.The next day I met the CO at the OR; there was no such thing as 'stand-down' or day-off after the one week detachment. He asked whether I had any problem while at Kroh. Casually I told him that the Officers Mess at Kroh refused to serve soup during lunch for me and my co-pilot. The resident unit at Kroh then was a unit from RAMD (Rejimen Askar Melayu Diraja). It's a tradition for the unit officers to wait for the CO for any meal, be it lunch or dinner. We, pilots, were not obligated to subscribe to this traditon. We were on standby and ready to fly at any time. Once lunch was ready, we took our lunch.

On one occassion, while having my lunch, the RAMD officers and the CO came in for lunch. I observed that soup was served to them at the main table. The CO heard when I enquired from the waiter why soup was not served to us. He responded by saying that there were insufficient soup bowls; the unit brought their own cutlery sets. They had style, man...........!

My main contention was that we paid our mess bill for the one-week detachment. We paid for all our meals and we deserved to get the same treatment.No free makan!

I didn't believe my CO's reponse to this casual complaint! He called the Base Ops Room through the intercom to contact Air HQ complaining why his pilots didn't get their soup! Mind you, whatever transmitted through the direct intercom system must be logged. I wonder what they wrote in the log book ' soup for the pilots'. What a good laugh!

Well, the complaint worked. The replacement crew and the officers from other units, including from 2 Bde, got their soup. Before this incident, they too, were not served with soup. I was told by my colleague that the unit's CO told him that he was directed by the higher authority to ensure that pilots got their soup! Imagine the chain of command the complaint had to go through.....Base Ops to Air HQ to Div HQ to 2 Bde to unit Tac HQ ,ie, Kroh. The subject matter?........ SOUP!!

I salute my Base Commander. Thank you, sir.

Jumaat, 3 Julai 2009

Airdrop At Palembang

From 22 through 31 Oct 1978 I was 'rested' from flying in the operational areas. There must be a 'conspiracy' in the squadron to stop me from actively flying in the Selamat Sewadee Ops! Two sets of nuri crew from No 3 Sqn were selected to participate in the 'Helang-Malindo' excercise at Malang Airbase, East Java. 3 nuri were involved and the aircrew were selected from No 3, No 7 and No 10 squadrons.

On 21 Oct '78 my crew and I hitched a flight to Kuantan Base for briefing. The next day, I was given a nuri belonging to No 10 Sqn for the flight. The flight plan to Malang was:

22/10 - Kuantan - Pulada, Ulu Tiram Refuelling and night stop (N/S)
23/10 - Pulada- Palembang - Jakarta Refuelling at Palembang, N/S Jakarta
24/10 - Jakarta - Malang

In my nuri, the paxs included the second set of aircrew and ground crew. The transit flight from Pulada to Palembang was rather boring; flying over the Straits of Malacca and then over the jungle of Sumatra. We were flying in loose formation and I was the no. 3. Suddenly......what an awful smell.............! Ts & Ps indicated normal, no unusual sound, where the smell came from and what caused it?

I asked the AQM whether there was anything wrong in the cabin. With his distorted voice, he responded that the standby captain was in the process of answering the call of nature in the thermal barrier! For the benefit of those not familiar with the nuri helicopter, there was no such thing as lavatory. What the nuri had, was a 'relief tube' located at the 'broom closet', behind the captain's seat ( in the cabin and in full view of the passengers). In fact, it was for male passengers only. Whenever it was in use, female passengers had better closed their eyes or looked at the thermal barrier. The thermal barrier was basically the tail boom area and out of sight of the passengers by a zipped-canvas.

When I looked at the cabin, all the passengers were squeezing their nostrils. I didn't blame them at all. The whole aircraft was polluted with an awful smell. Wondered what he had for dinner last night! Anyway, I told the AQM to inform the culprit to throw the unwanted additional freight when I came to a hover over the jungle.

Leaving 3000 feet for 50 feet above the trees' top to a hover. The cabin door was opened and ...........bomb away. It was fortunate for all of us that he bought the newpapers before the flight; it was used to wrap the s@#t.

I had to hover as low as possible so the package would drop vertically. If it was thrown out while in flight, who was going to clean the fuselage and tail rotor splattered with s@#t? What an embrassing situation for the RMAF when we stopped at Palembang for refuelling!!

I'm not in the least suprised if the area showered by the s@#t was denied of any habitat or vegetation! And, can you imagine if there was, say, a hunter, suddenly showered with coloured-solid state 'rain'! Hail-stone was familiar.......but this..........?

Dedicated to my good friend who is still serving in the RMAF. Well, my friend, it's a pleasure to reminisce the good, old flying days.............! He....he....he.....!!

Flying Fatigue

The scene: One morning at Kroh Camp. The task: To pick up a casevac at an LP north of Kedah and offload at Alor Setar Airport.

The flight to the LP and offloading the casevac was uneventful. Halfway on the flight back to Kroh, I told the co-pilot to 'have control' since I felt so weak. I told him that I could not even lift my hand. I was just sitting helplessly!! The co-pilot informed BASO at Kroh that the aircraft captain was immobilized and gave the eta Kroh.

On reaching Kroh, an army ambulance was waiting for me. The co-pilot shut down the nuri assisted by the AQM who applied rotor brake. I was so weak, so much so that I could not even unstrap the seat belt; the AQM had to unstrap me. He then pulled me from the seat and the army guys put me on the stretcher. All I could remember was that the doctor gave an injection and I didn't know anything after that. When I woke up, it was already in the evening and I was still in flying gear, complete with flying boots and gloves.

The first thing BASO asked me was whether I needed a replacement. Well, so unlike me to say 'yes'. I told him 'no' and I'll be alright come tomorrow.........

Tomorrow..........the captain was forever ready to fly again!!

I supposed I was experiencing fatigue. Nuri pilot was limited to fly 7 hours daily, 60 hours monthly and 600 hours annually. In 1979 my annual flying hour was 650 hours and sometimes exceeded the daily hours. Futhermore, during these periods, we were flying in very adverse conditions.........CTs' main objective was to incapacitate the pilots in order to bring down the nuri.

In retrospect, I wonder why BASO or Butterworth Base did not direct the co-pilot to fly back to Base. It was just fortunate that there was no request from the army that day, otherwise RMAF would be in an embrassing situation.......nuri was available but no captain. Kapten pula dah jadi casevac....