Ahad, 4 November 2012

Air Duel

I received this video from Saudara Arunzab about a daring chopper pilot rescuing a vintage WW2 P51 Mustang crashed on a tree ....

Well, if for whatever reason nothing appears on the video, then please click at this link here.

It reminded me of an 'air duel' between my Nuri and an irresponsible 'pilot', click here.

Saudara Arunzab...Thank you.

2 ulasan:

Arunzab berkata...

I believe you can do such a stunt only with a light helicopter.
With a Nuri the down wash will be so strong that it will blow the model plane right out of the trees. I remember when the Nuri first landed in Nanga Tada it blew the roof of a few long houses and the army had to pay fr the repairs. After that we moved the LP much further away .

Mej. Dr. Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman PTU TUDM (B) berkata...

Saudara Arunzab,

Thank you. Nuri downwash is about 60 knots.