Isnin, 31 Disember 2012


31 Dec 2012...Last golf game for the year. My dream of representing my beloved Malaysia to the 'World Senior Golfers Championship' is totally shattered. How could I represent the country when my tee-off is just 145-150 metres and never had the luck (not skill) to put 'one-on' on par three with a distance of more than 150 metres? So unlike me!! But I'm a golfer full of excuses....He...He...He. Not that I can't play well, but the trouble is that I'm having this back ache since the last 2 weeks. After sitting down, I've difficulty in standing up. While walking, no pain whatsoever. My back is plastered with 'salonpas' and emits the smell  'Yoko Yoko' to reduce the pain. But, main...tetap main, insyaAllah. So during this period, my gang has a gala time of having free drinks (no kueh) at our favourite joint - 'D'Kembong' at my expense. 
 From left: Hamid, myself, Mokhtar at D'Kembong ( Cikgu Khalid unable to attend today's cabinet meeting)

Tomorrow is the starting of a new year....2013. New year is synonymous with resolutions. My resolutions? The top priority is to reduce my total cholesterol level to within the allowable limit. Early this month, I went to RSAT at Air Force College for my annual blood check. Oh mak dato'....that culprit shot up from a high of 6.01 mmo/L in Dec 2011 to 6.6 mmo/L...well beyond the maximun tolerable limit of less than 5 mmo/L. The lady doctor gave me 3 months to reduce otherwise there's a likelihood I've to take 'statins'. Oh...Oh...I want to avoid taking medicines. I'm grateful to Almighty Allah that till now, I'm not on any medication, syukur alhamdulillah. Of course, now my other half takes over complete control of my food intake. Where possible, no oily KFC, no 'mata kerbau', etc, etc. The worst part is that no more junk keropok, no 'kueh reben', no curry puff, etc, etc. This is a real 'dera'!! And, first thing in the morning I've to gulp a mug of 'Melilea Organic' drink with apple flavour. weight has reduced from 63 kg to 61 kg....Not bad, eh?

Other than that, I hope my 2nd book would become a reality soon. I'm yet to receive the feedback from BSPP. Once I get the clearance, I'll get them printed, insyaAllah. I've to get it published early next year (tomorrow, insyaAllah) when the potential bulk buyers, namely the public libraries, still have the budget to do so. And also, still no news from the VVIP for 'Sekapur Sireh'. It's OK with me if he declines since it's not the decisive factor for publishing the books; it's an honour. 

Besides that? Honestly, right now nothing in particular. I don' think I want to keep on pushing the relevant agencies urging them to invite the veterans to be story tellers. I've to accept the fact that I'm living in a real world, not a world of idealism. I've to accept that there are seasons for every activity, just like fruit seasons. So, patriotism season is August and September. Full stop. Period.


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askartua berkata...

Syukur Alhamdullilah kesihatan Tuan di dalam keadaan Stable dan Baik.Saya bersetuju betul sifat Patriotisma di negara ini mengikut musim.Walau pun disambut tetapi keikhlasannya bolih dipersoalkan,kebanyakkannya hanya kosmatik dan tidak mempunyai penghayatan yang sebenarnya.Hanya kepada yang betul-betul merasai pedih jerihnya memerah tenaga di hutan belantara,di angkasa raya dan biru kehitaman dasar laut akan benar-benar merasai dan mempunyai naluri patriotisma,yang lain saya rasa just follow the crowd.On the lighter side,kalau nak dapat satu on di par 3,umur macam kita ni eloklah pakai Driver atau sekurang-kurangnya wood 3,lepas tu pakai bola Top Flight.Agak-agaknya handicap berapa tuan ni?.

Nor Ibrahim berkata...

Saudara askartua,

Terima kasih. Saya sudah mencuba tapi apakan daya. Handicap saya 21 tapi tak boleh main to my hc. Guna driver pun sama dengan utility. Dapat 150m dah boleh melompat keseronokan...he...he...he.

mangchikla berkata...

'long live n prosper' computer still out, at CC :(

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Assalamualaikum Sir,

The country has lost its national hero this morning. Indeed, it would be appropriate if you could mention about the late Datuk Temenggung Kanang as a tribute to his services and many others alike to the country.