Rabu, 5 Jun 2013

A Pleasant Surprise

Out of the blues, I received this unexpected email...

Sent: Wednesday, 5 June 2013 12:04 AM
Subject: Hardev Singh

Thank you for your truly affectionate mention of Capt. Hardev Singh.
I married him on 28th April 1974 and, as you well know, he was gone April the following year. 
No details were given to me of what happened to him, except that he had 18 bullet wounds across his chest.
Thanks for writing so movingly about your affection for this young man. It means a lot to me.
Kind regards
Kuldip Kaur Gill
Killed in an ambush
Of course I was elated and as expected, I sent this reply...

Dear Ms Kuldip Kaur,

A pleasant surprise to receive your email. For your information, the tragic incident that killed your beloved husband, Capt Hardev Singh on 11 April 1975, would be forever embedded in my mind. Besides knowing him during our cadet days at RMC, I had the first and last breakfast with him at Officers Mess, 6th Brigade, Sungai Petani, at his invitation.

I could never forget when I had to personally pull his body into the old but faithful Nuri that day....Very sad indeed! In fact, this incident was the first entry of my blog - (Click here). 

As you might have known by now, my memory of him was documented in my first book, "Coretan Xnuripilot" published in 2011.   


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Arunzab berkata...

Its a shame that on such a tragic occasion the army did not had the good sense to be with the wife and explain the exact circumstance her husbands death. In stead of just delivering the bullet ridden body to the wife. A brief explanation to Pn.Kuldip Kaur that her husband died a hero in combat protecting the nations borders would have helped ease the wife's sorrow to some extend. The fact that the wife till to day decries that no details of what happened to her husband were given to her shows that the insensitive of the military at that time. I feel it is still not too late for our Pengarah Veteran Major General Zulkifli Mazlan to visit this unfortunate women who lost her husband in the prime of her life. If not for anything just to apologise for the failing of the army.

Mej. Dr. Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman PTU TUDM (B) berkata...

Saudara Arunzab,

Thank you. She is now residing in the UK since the 80s'.

Arunzab berkata...

Thank you