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Ghostly Encounter - The End

Continuation from here...

We had landed without any spare clothing nor food. We could be stranced fro any number of days, we can guess. We were starting to smell after a long day's work. There was also no place we could go to buy food for dinner for the night. All we had that night was anything we could scrounge from the survival packs carried int the aircraft. There was NOT even a place to sleep and the Captain contemplated sleeping inside the Nuri. The OCS offered us to spend the night at the Station but there was only one spare bed in a shared room, and an empty room where were we could sleep on the floor.

The Captain took the offer. He offered the bed t me, but I offered it to the AQM who offered it to the Corporal. In the morning, we were offered some tea for breakfast. We spend the day listening for the sound of aircraft hoping for the spare to arrive. Nothing happened.

The second night the bed was taken by the AQM. The rest of us slept on the floor in the empty room. The next day we again spent waiting to any sound of aircraft to come with spare but still no sign.

The next night it was my turn to take the spare bed and the others slept on the floor of the empty room.  There were 2 beds in this room. The other was occupied by one policeman. He was asleep by 2130 hrs. We normally spent some time chatting among the crew before knocking off to bed. By the time I hit the bed, it was well past midnight. I laid down to bed slowly so as not awaken the other person.

As soon as I had closed my eyes to sleep, I felt the bed started to shake and rock. It was shaking so hard I thought it was an earthquake. The guy on the other bed slept on. Then only I realised only by was shaking and rocking. I started to panic. The stories by the policemen about the Station being haunted started to fill my mind. I tried to keep calm and the bed stopped rocking.

I recited some verses form the holy  Quran, and went to sleep. Once again the bed started to shake violently as soon as I close my eyes. This time I felt as if someone was pressing me down against the bed. I shouted for help, apparently no voice came out. No one had heard my scream, not even the policeman sleeping the next bed. The the bed started to float??? Must be my imaginations!!! NO it wasn't. The bed had actually levitated an started to move around, even coming close to the other bed. I tried to reach my hand to the other bed, but my bed moved further and back to original position.I tried to keep calm, and after some long minute,s the bed stopped shaking. I sat up on the bed. After some thoughts I stood up. Walked out of the room and knocked on the door where the Captain and the rest of the crew were sleeping.  I slept in the spare room until morning.

In the morning the AQM asked me 'Tuan, you pun kena kah last night?' Apparently both the Corporal and the AQM had the same experience when sleeping the spare bed BUT somehow managed to complete their night staying awake in bed until morning. We again hoped that the spare would arrive in this day for it had been 3 nights without any change of clothing - just the flying suit,

At about 1100 hrs, we heard the sound of an Alouettte 111 helicopter coming our direction. Indeed it was our recovery and saviour aircraft flown by Major Nawi (OC 5 Sqn) and Lt Sapree. We were extremely happy to see them. After carrying out the seal change, aircraft flew back to Sandakan.

A ghostly encounter.

Maj Musa Hassan....Thank you.  

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tuan...klu sy x silap nuri pernah berkhidmat di kemboja di bawah misi PBB sekitar tahun 1990an...klu tuan ade maklumat boleh dikongsikan di sini...terima kasih