Sabtu, 6 Februari 2010

Eco-Friendly Golf Course

What a pity...! Look at the barren landscape between holes #13 and #15 of Darulaman Golf & Country Club (DGCC). Formerly the area was covered mostly with rubber trees. Now the area has been cleared to make way for bungalow houses.
Taken from #13 with #15 in the background

I'm not against development, mind you. What I really cannot comprehend is why the developer has to cut down all the trees? Why not just cut those that are necessary only?

Why I'm complaining? Well, first of all, now the course is very dusty indeed, especially during the current hot spell. Heavy lorries moving along the perimeter of the course resulted in the surrounding areas being covered with dust. However, on a positive note, you don't have to dye your hair  with henna since, not only your hair but your entire body, will be coloured 'gold' due to the dust.

Secondly...As a 'trolley puller', I really enjoy the morning stroll. You can listen to the 'merbok' (doves) and other species singing and chirping merrily while we hit the balls. And 'platoons' of monkeys running around the course, particularly the 'Sultanah 9' (2nd 9). Squirrels swinging from trees to trees. Now, except for the birds and an alarmingly reduced number of squirrels, there are no more monkeys to be seen hunting for their 'breakfast'! To me, it was a beautiful sight to behold seeing them running and we have to wait till they cross the fairway to resume our play. Now...only the memory lingers! Their natural habitat is being replaced by human beings.

This Pride of the North is an eco-friendly golf club. Don't believe?
See the organic fertilizer on the tee-box...I sympathise with the Malaysianised- Mexican, complete with sombrero with his over-used 'driver' to tee-off at Par 3.  Oh boy...he is truly a 'driver-man'. Without the driver, he is incapacitated...driver for tee-off, fairway shots, 'tree-under', rough and even in the bunkers! Old timers...remember the tv series "Have Gun Will Travel"? Well...this Mexican buddy of mine subscribes to "Have Driver Will Play". He had to be extremely careful not the hit the fresh organic fertilizer on the tee-box, otherwise you know what....! That is one hazard we, the morning golfers, have to endure before the workers remove those unwanted contributions.

Whatever it is, as long as I'm allowed to pull my trolley...I'm happy. Afterall, who am I to comment? 

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Faizul berkata...

Hello Maj,

This morning played in the RPGC February Medal. We did not have to avoid all those "landmines" like you.

Our RPGC course is well maintained. The only weakness is the course becomes waterlogged and unplayable during the monsoon season. Last November & December, it was quite bad.

Did not play well at all today. My putting let me down. 6 over. Lucky Draw hamper pun tak dapat.

Mej. Dr. Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman PTU TUDM (B) berkata...

Dear Faizul,

Played at RGC this morning. The best game so far for this year...not a single ball dived into dried ponds..he..he.