Isnin, 12 Julai 2010

Ops Terumbu Lima...A Transformation

The birth of this world renown for scuba diving in the company of 'hammerhead' sharks - Terumbu Layang-Layang - was through the vision of this great statesman, Tun Dr Mahathir, the 4th prime Minister of Malaysia. This atoll in the middle of South China Sea has increased the acreage of Malaysia and becomes a major tourist attraction from all over the world.  
Readers...I hope by now you would appreciate the hardship those unsung heroes had to go through to ensure not even an inch of our beloved country is encroached by other interested parties. Now Terumbu Layang-Layang is a diving haven for scuba divers without having to worry about security. A team of Paskal is stationed there permanently to ensure the security of the island and its occupants are safe from any threat.

1980...From being visible only during low tide in the vast open South China Sea...

The highest point during low tide
 To a popular man-made holiday destination...

"WOW!" Utusan Malaysia pada 10 Julai 2010

Including a luxury 'Avillion Layang-Layang Island Resort'...


Dedicated to members of the commandos, both RKGM and Paskal, No 5 Squadron and 91 Regiment of RAJD for making this project a success. 

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Capt's Longhouse berkata...

dear nor,

,,,bravo !

,,,these are the kind of leadership we need and you my friend has also join-in the group !

,,,salute, buddy and syabas !

tok uban

Mej. Dr. Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman PTU TUDM (B) berkata...

Dear Sharif,

Thank you. I'm flattered but bewildered!

FMZam berkata...

Salam tuan,

Well all I can say, if you have come across what the Jeep Grand Cherokee said on its advertisement board......


Faizul berkata...


The Utusan photo is out of date. My last trip there was in 2005.

The runway has been further extended and a big aircraft dispersal at the end outside the original raised round structure.

There is also a new Jetty near the dive center and a Control Tower building.

Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara FMZam,

I never come across that ad. Anyway, thanks.

Saudara Faizul,

Thanks for the information. to send the latest picture of TLL?

Tanpa Nama berkata...

just to share some TLL story.. No1 sqn caribou did flew our ex PM, Tun Dr Mahathir in the early 90's there..that is about a week after raya puasa. Whatever his reasons for being there is irrelevant, but the one thing i sure do remember was the reaction of this one particular PASKAL personnel when the PM arrived. The PM and his entourage + the acft captain were having lunch and i ( co-pilot) was outside trying to make small talks with other personnel around when i notice this PASKAL guy looking a bit sullen. I asked : nape nmpk muram jer ?… he answed : xde tuan, rasa hiba jer… raya nie saya tau lah mak bapak saya xdpt melawat TAPI, PM sanggop dgn melwat… saya betul2 rase terharu!. HAH!!