Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

Media Alternatif

Saya telah membaca satu artikel yang ditulis oleh Datuk Wira Kamaruddin, KSU KPKK. Beliau menulis tentang perlunya gomen mengguna semua medium, termasuk media alternatif, bagi menyampaikan dasar kerajaan kepada rakyat. Memandangkan beliau seorang KSU kementerian yang penting, jadi, saya pun mengambil peluang menghantar e-mel berikut bagi menyuarakan apa yang saya perhatikan terhadap segelintir agensi kerajaan. Dah dia tulis dalam bahasa london, terpaksalah saya cuba guna london yang tak seberapanya itu. He...He...He.

From: nor ibrahim sulaiman
To: ""
Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2011 4:39 PM

Assalamualaikum Datuk,

First and foremost, let it be known to you that I'm one rakyat who is grateful to the government. However, this does not restrict me from being critical about certain issues. I agree with what you said in the article published in your column 'At Your Service', The Star, 15 Oct 2011. You're very right that nowadays, most of the rakyats, especially the younger generations, opted to seek informations through the alternative media and, in the worst scenerio, the tendency is to literally believe whatever are being written.

I'm not here to comment on your article but more to air my grouses about the performances of certain  government agencies. My assumption is that you're one KSU who is willing to spare a few minutes of your precious time to read e-mails from 'untitled' and unknown rakyats. Just like what you rightly said, KSN  has the time to read and respond immediately to queries from rakyats like me.  Through my experiences, certain heads of government agencies are slow, in fact, some never even bother to respond at all to e-mails from rakyats...not even the standard stereotyped reply of '...Dalam perhatian kami' (reading: who cares). For your information, this reply came from a #2 man of a ministry as far back as 2009. This is particularly true when sending e-mails using the government official address of '' . 

Maybe you're not aware that there're bosses that seldom read e-mails sent using ''.  In fact, the staff of an agency advised me not to use the official e-mail address of his boss simply because he (the boss) never reads his e-mails. Instead, it would be better for me to send e-mails to the staff! The boss, I presume, would only respond if one sends e-mails using his personal address. And, there are bosses who read e-mails maybe 1-2 weeks later!!

Best of all, I was asked to write an official letter when I sought permission to use certain informations  found in their unclassified publication. This particular  agency would not entertain my request sent through an e-mail even if I were to present it in a letter form. And yet you're talking about 'break-neck speed' of communication!!! But with hindsight, I suppose I've to accept this as a 'norm' since even Sarawak Federal Secretary was having this problem with his heads of Departments. 

Take the e-mail below as an example. Till today, I'm yet to receive the invitation card for the Merdeka/Malaysia Day celebrations held last 16 September 2011. It may mean nothing to you but there're others who feel honoured to receive the invitations. Why no actions taken by those responsible to explain this oversight to the recipients of the JPP, PTU & KPK? The contents of the e-mail clearly stated that these recipients were to be the guests of the government and yet...sepi sesepinya!! 

From: Datuk Wan Hamidah bt. Wan Ibrahim 

To: Muhammad Firdaus bin. Mohd Ramli 
Cc: Kamis b. Samin ; Mohd Hanafiah bin Moktar ;
Sent: Wednesday, 7 September 2011 7:39 AM
Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh & Salam 1Malaysia


Perkara ini telah dibincangkan. Sila hubungi ATM dan PDRM supaya memastikan jemputan bagi Sambutan Kemerdekaan pada 16 September 2011 akan datang dipanjangkan kepada penerima-penerima J.P.P., P.T.U. dan K.P.K.  seperti yang telah diputuskan.

Terima kasih jua.

"Kualiti Dijulang Prestasi Terbilang"
"Memartabatkan Akauntabiliti Membudayakan Integriti"


Senders expect satisfactory and convincing replies from the addressees. Rakyats expect 'Management By Time', not the stereo-typed responses. We expect when/what actions are being taken. Gone are the days when the rakyats are too timid to air their grouses publicly. This is where alternative media play their roles. 

By the way, I wrote and published a book entitled "Coretan Xnuripilot", totally on my own expenses. It would be an honour for me if you're generous enough  to buy a copy, if not more. The books are not available in any bookshop. Please credit RM45.00 (inclusive of postage) to CIMB account 02100001938202 under the name Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman. Then e-mail the name and postal address. Thank you.:) happy


Saya tidak mengharapkan sebarang respons daripada Datuk Wira kerana e-mel tersebut hanyalah satu pandangan. Dan, beliau pula tak perlu 'oblige' terhadap pandangan saya. Tapi sebagai penghantar, tersedik juga dihati mengharapkan jawapan daripadanya. Dalam pada tu, sempat lagi nak cuba menjual buku kepada KSU...Sungguh kurang asam saya ni...He...He...He.

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mangchikla berkata...

haha that last para in your email to the KSU is 'classic'.. nothing to lose btw

Tanpa Nama berkata...

articles dalam the star At your service " memang bagus untuk di baca tapi realitynya tak banyak organisasi yg amalkan nya. dalam lain perkataan. Syok sendiri jeee.

macam tuan sebut...who cares.

TAG berkata...

Bro Nor

First and foremost I enjoyed your writings.

Just that I cannot understand why you would want to get the KPK recognised. The KPK (mention in despatch ) is not a medal. It is an oak leaf clasp. The oak leaf is given to those who have been recommended for a medal but is not awarded as it has not reached the recognised level.KPK is sometimes awarded not for bravery but for an exemplary display of duty. For example an IO (Intelligence Officer) can be awarded a KPK for a brilliant analysis of enemy intelligence that led to a successful operation.

On that note, am I right to say that the PTU is not necessary a medal awarded for specific act of gallantry. Is it also awarded to those with exemplary flying records or exemplary service as a staff officer?

Finally without sounding like sour grapes, must only medal winners get invitations to merdeka ceremonies or armed forces days.That would mean every year invitations are extended to the same persons.Veterans should get invited and therefore the invitations should be extended to organisations like RAFOC or PBP who will decide on a system to extend the invitation on a rotational basis. Hence "everyone can get invited"


Tanpa Nama berkata...

Saudara anonymous,

Memang betul kata anda govt servant sekarang ni lain,cakap tak serupa bikin, this people must understand the word SERVANT means.Syok sendiri tu memang biasa la,yang penting bulan2 masuuuk.....
who cares about others people.TK

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Sdr TAG,
FYI bukan urusan awak untuk mempertikaikan Mej Nor membuat sesuatu yang baik untuk rakan nya,awak tidak berhak atau mempersoalkan ape itu KPK and PTU,itu hak Mejor Nor untuk memperjuangkan hak nya dan rakan2 bersama mengadai nyawa di perbatasan dalam bidang tugas yang mereka ceburi.Mr Tag if you got the guts pls talk to JPM and MINDEF and put your recommandation to pull back the award (PTU,JPP and KPK) from the system,and also those who die should not be given the bravery award.

Tanpa Nama berkata...


Inilah tabiat manusia yg gilakan pangkat dan darjat. Bukankah kurnia dan balasan Allah itu lebih baik dan kekal berbanding ganjaran sesama manusia di muka bumi ini.

Kalau mati nanti pingat (beserta elaun) itu takkan di bawa bersama ke dalam kubur.

Sebenarnya lebih ramai lagi yg lebih berjasa berbanding Mej (B) Nor atau lainnya, tetapi mereka sentiasa bersabar dan percaya ganjaran ALLAH s.a lebih bermakna dari segala2nya. Mereka tidak mahu pingat tersebut utk mengelakkan diri dari sifat takabur, angkuh dan riak.

Arunzab berkata...

Sudara TAG,is quite right in that, To be Mentioned In Dispatch (Kepujian Perutusan Keberanian) is to have participated in some noteworthy action, but not one of sufficient caliber to justify a medal.In Malaysia it is in form of a bronze palm frond which is worn on the ribbon of the appropriate campaign medal.On the award of PTU I believe that he is also right, it can be awarded in the circumstances as he had mentioned.

Saudara Anonymous 20, 2011 12:28 AM I don't think it is right to run down Sudara Nor, he did not ask for the PTU medal. It was awarded to him by the our King for "an act of valor, courage and devotion to duty whilst flying in active operations against the CTs. Of course ALLAH s.a lebih bermakna dari segala2nya and our rezki only comes from Allah s.a.and no body else. If Allah s,a wants to tambah our rezki we should shukor and accept it. Those who tidak mahu pingat tersebut utk mengelakkan diri dari sifat takabur, angkuh dan riak than it is entirely up to them.

Wasalam Saudara Saudara

Mej. Dr. Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman PTU TUDM (B) berkata...

Saudara Mangchikla,

Terima kasih. Saya berpegang 'kalau tak cuba, mana nak tahu'. Lagi pula, more to gain and nothing to lose. Bukan buat salah apa pun.

Bro TAG,

Thank you for visiting my blog. The criteria set by the authorities for PTU is, quote '...The Pingat Tentera Udara (P.T.U.) is a gallantry decoration which is conferred on members of the Royal Malaysian Air Force for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty as pilots in or outside their line of duty. The award can also be conferred posthumously. A member of the Malaysian Air Force may receive the award more than once. The Pingat Tentera Udara was instituted on 17 July 1968 and gazetted on 29 August 1968' unquote ( It's for pilots only although 2 AQMs were also awarded this medal.

As for KPK, both you and Arunzab are right. However, we must not forget that this award is one of the 5 Federal awards under the Gallantry category. For this very reason, MINDEF had recommended that 'Elaun Kenangan' should also be given to KPK recipients too. Regrettably, it was rejected.

Now the invitation for Merdeka Day celebrations. I don't know since when it was started but I'm sure you're fully aware that, to date, only SP & PGB recipients have the honour to be invited to attend the celebrations. So, when the government decided to extend the invitation to the recipients of JPP, PTU & KPK, of course I'm extremely delighted; my struggle had finally borne fruits although we are yet to receive the cards. The implementation part is a separate issue. As far as I'm concerned, this implies that the government has officially recognised the status of KPK.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm quite sure that PBTM is invited. It's up to RAFOC to pursue this matter. Frankly, I'm all out for it although I'm not a member.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Sdr Anonymous Oct 20, 2011 12.28 a.m.

Saya rasa komen anda tentang Mej. Nor Ibrahim keterlaluan. Sebagai seorang Islam kita tidak sepatutnya membuat tuduhan melulu tanpa usul periksa. Saya rasa agak pelik orang yang alim seperti saudara tidak mempraktikkan nilai-nilai Islam yang anda laung-laungkan. Ini jelas terpancar di dalam komen saudara. Jadi cermin-cerminkanlah diri sendiri dahulu sebelum membuat sesuatu tanggapan sesama insan Allah.

TAG berkata...

Terima kasih di atas penjelasan Bro Nor dan Saudara Arunzab.

Saudara Anon Oct 19 9.22 pm tak perlu 'marah'. Kami serumpun dan kuat setiakawan kami. Walaubagaimanapun ada kalanya berlainan pendapat. Ta'ada apa apa tu.Tak kan semua comment dalam blog sentiasa setuju dan memuji blogger je.

Memang di dalam istilah dan hukum tentera, sesaorang yang terbang di dalam pesawat tentera (pilot atau penumpang) dan di timpa kecelakaan, maka mereka di anggap 'died in harness' sama seperti sesaorang perwira yang mati di dalam petempuran dengan musoh.

Maka bagi sesaorang pilot tentera, tiap tiap kali mereka membuat missi adalah seumpama pergi bertempur. Memang sesuai dan patut benar JPP atau PTU dan elaun kenangan tu bagi mereka yang menunjok keberanian handal pada sesuatu masa dan juga bagi mereka dengan beribu ribu flying hours di dalam keadaan bahaya dan tekanan dari musoh, cuaca dan keadaan pesawat.
Bro Nor adalah saorang daripada mereka. Saya tahu dan saya tabik hormat.

I have problem with the allowance for those awarded with PTU outside the above circumstances. I dont know whether there are any. I hope there are none. This is just how I feel for what it is worth. No malice intended.

As for the KPK Bro Nor, I support the authorities' rejection. The line has to be drawn somewhere. Recognising the KPK with an allowance would just dilute the integrity of the various medals of valour.

Salam Sejahtera

Ex veteren berkata...

Betul kata sdr Arunzab dan sdr anon 21/10/11 dan Tag, Sdr anon 20/10/11 apa emotional sangat munkin dia tak dapat ape2 cuma dapat pingat PHD sahaja, munkin dia tak tahu apa tugas sebagai crew pesawat heli yang bertugas di sempadan semasa comunist dahulu,nampak nya awak ni macam ada perasaan dengki kepada kejayaan orang lain dan yang dapat pingat,elaun itu hak diorang dan rezeki nya ok. bawa2 lah ingat sikit.

Mej. Dr. Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman PTU TUDM (B) berkata...

Saudara Anon (20/10 12:28 AM),

Terima kasih. Anda memang betul mengatakan 'ramai lagi yang lebih berjasa berbanding' saya. Sepertimana yang saudara Arunzab menyatakan, bukan saya yang meminta dianugerahkan pingat tersebut.

Apa yang saya lakukan adalah melaksanakan amanah demi untuk mendapatkan keredhaanNya. Saya diamanahkan untuk melaksanakan tugas menentang pengganas komunis di suatu ketika dulu apabila bersetuju dengan gaji yang terima setiap bulan. Penganugerahan pingat adalah satu pengiktirafan - a byproduct.

Hayatilah azan...'حي على الفلاح Hayya 'alal-falāh (Marilah merebut kemenangan'). Sebagai seorang 'khalifah', saya mahu menjadi seorang khalifah yang 'berjaya dan menang'. Mengapa saya sanggup menghadap komputer uutuk menaip dan menerbit buku dengan kesemua kos pembiayaan ditanggung sepenuhnya oleh saya? Kerana memang saya mengharapkan 'pengiktirafan' dalam bentuk ia (buku) akan dibeli dan dibaca. Apa yang diharapkan dengan pembacaan tersebut? Agar pengorbanan wira-wira yang sanggup berkorban demi untuk agama dan negara dikenang dan diabadikan. Mereka ini melaksanakan amanah yang diberikan. Sekurang-kurangnya, ramai yang akan sedekahkan Al-Fatihah kepada mereka yang terkorban.

Mengapa setiap tahun sentiasa ada mereka mengambil bahagian dalam tilawah al-quran? Tidak salah saya beranggapan mereka mengharapkan 'pengiktirafan' dengan mengharum nama negara disamping menerima imbuhan yang disediakan. Dengan kelebihan yang diberi Allah, mereka diamanahkan untuk 'menyampaikan' kebesaran Yang Maha Esa dengan melibatkan diri dalam tilawah al-quran...Wallahualam.

Akhir sekali, terpulanglah kepada setiap individu. After all, tiada seorang pun dilahirkan di dunia ini 'sama'.

Kamal Sanusi berkata...

Salam Tuan

I strongly believe that who ever had served in the armed forces will truly understand the meaning of esprit de corps. I said had served as I'm not pretty sure the level of understanding nowadays.

If they have been following on the reasons as to why you are making noise on the said recognition from day one, they would have understand the real scenario.

Citing example Mat Sabu's remark on Bukit Kepong issue. What is the end result of it? Those people got attention, received some monetary assistance and most importantly being recognized. Otherwise, they would have been forgotten.

It is undeniable they are many others "yg lebih berjasa" compare to this "org lama" but someone need to make noise on the said issue towards refreshing the memory of those "hamba" KERAjaan. Again, otherwise they would have been forgotten.

Are you Anom October 20, 2011 12:28 AM want to do it? I think you are not even have a families in armed forces. So, it take this "kurang asam" ex-pilot to voice out not for himself but rather to others under his wing.

So, let's not questioning others namely blog owner unless you really know what he is up to.

Ex-veteren berkata...

Mej Nor,Tuan kamal sanusi memang betul kata tuan tu, Anon 20/10/201 12:28 dia tu ape tahu,he's a Sacastic,uncivilised, babarian type of human being he know nothing next to none,Sdr Anon 20/10/2011 12:28 awak tak perlu risau yang alaun dan pingat yang di anugerah olih kerajaan bukan dari duit emak bapak awak,awak kene sedar sadikit,kalau awak bercakap tentang allah, awak kene sedarkan umat islam yang menolak hukum allah dan umat islam yang sesat dan murtad ok,kita tak perlu dakwah dari awak. Dari coretan awak tu awak tergulung dari manusia yang ade perasaan iri hati,cemburu,dengki kianat,ini perangai yang di murkai olih Allah,munkin perasaan dengki ni datang disebabkan awak,emak atau bapak awak tak dapat ape2 dari kerajaan.TQ