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Last Flight Out Of Teluk Rubiah

27 Februari 2010...Royal Kedah Club (RKC) organised an interclub golf competition  with Teluk Rubiah Beach & Golf Resort (TRBGR), Lumut. This was the first time I participated in the club's outing. Total number of participants was 46 and the club chartered 2 busses. The programs were...
26 Feb...

      ~  0800 hr - ETD for Ipoh
      ~  1330 hr - Friday prayers at Ipoh
      ~  1500 hr - 9 holes at Royal Perak Golf Club (RPGC)
      ~  1800 hr -  ETD for Lumut
      ~  2030 hr - Dinner hosted by the President of TRBGR

27 Feb...

      ~  0700 hr - ETD hotel for TRBGR
      ~  0800 hr - Tee-off
      ~  1300 hr - Lunch/Prize giving
      ~  1500 hr - ETD for Alor Setar

The programs looked perfect...but not in reality. First and foremost, the departure from AS was not on schdule simply because a member failed to turn up on time. I did not expect clock-work timing...10-20 minutes delay was acceptable...But not almost by one hour! Frankly, I'm very particular about punctuality...maybe because of 25 years in the military force. As a pilot, DC (Door Closed) time was not something you can fool around without good justifications.

Waiting to depart Alor Setar  

Once, while still in Kuala Lumpur, my friends and I planned to tee-off at 0800hr at Sentul Golf Club. I left home, Cheras Perdana, Batu 10 Jalan Cheras, at 0600 hr. And on reaching Sentul, my friends were nowhere to be seen. When I called them at 0800 hr, they told me that they were having breakfast at the coffee shop near their homes at Taman Melawati. Oh boy...I was very sore indeed! When they finally arrived at about 0900 hr, I told them that I was going home...they can proceed without me. After that, no more late arrivals. I never like to wait without justifications...neither do I like others to wait for me. The least a person can do is to have the courtesy to call. As a Muslim...we MUST fulfill our promises!!

Back to the flight managed to play 4 holes at RPGC only since the game had to be abandoned due to lightning and heavy rain. A real pity because I was at the peak of my game...#1 (P5) - Double Bogey, #2 (P4) - Bogey, #3 (P#) - PAR,  #4 (P4) - Bogey...He...he...he.

My buggy/room mate, ex-ASP Mong Khon at RPGC

You know...This 82 year-old ASP Mong Khon is still a 9-hole trolley puller!!He's a hero of sorts...being kidnapped once by the communist terrorists way back in February 1976 but managed to escape. He was then serving at RBCO, Songkhla. His memoir, "God's Patriotic Jungle Cat Of 15 Lives" will be launched soon. To know more of his adventures, read his book.

We arrived safely at "Lumut Orchard Inn" at about 1930 hours. At about 2030 hours, left the inn for dinner hosted by the President of TRGC cum Orang Besar Jajahan (OBJ) Manjong.

Group photograph before departure for dinner

 We had lamb Bar-B-Q and were entertained by a 2-piece band...Mong Khon rendered my favourite song, 'My Way'. 

27 February 2010...The D-Day...

Check-out the inn at about 0730 hour for TRBGR for breakfast and the golf.

Before the game

Actually, it was not an interclub competition per se. The host organised 'inter-partner' match, ie, my partner was TRBGR member. With this arrangement, there was no 'winning' club, but winning partners. Mode of play was 'Stroke Play'- combined net score. My partner was an RMN officer - a 10 handicapper. I really pitied him...he was good. Not that I'm not a good golfer...but the day was too hot, and furthermore, I'm not that familiar with the course. Overall, my score was not that bad...gross 113, net score 91! Well, I came all the way from Alor might as well maximise the number of strokes...He...he...he...

Nevertheless, I was lucky to win a lucky umbrella. Whatever it is, I really enjoyed the trip and the company. Mind you, about 80% of the participants from RKC are 'evergreens' unlike TRBGR's members. They are serving government and RMN officers. And of course, the best part of cost a total of only RM61.00 for this excursion, inclusive of buggy fee of RM21.00 at RPGC and RM10.00 pool.

We departed TRBGR at about 1500 hours and arrived safely at KKDR at about 1920 hours, Syukur Allhamdulillah.

Golfers...For your information, come 2011, there will no more Teluk Rubiah Beach & Golf Resort. We were told that the land was sold to foreigners who plan to build a steel mill. So, maybe that was my last game there. After that, it would only remain a memory ...

And...I wonder where this poor guy, his friends and generations will hunt for their food then...all in the name of development...!!

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Dear NIBS,

I played there twice a couple of years back, sayang such a nice course by the sea, but not that well maintained.If properly maintained, it would be better than the other course in Lumut (managed by Swiss Garden) because of the better accessibility. Sad to hear that the course will be gone and taken over by a money making concern. Same like what happened to Pearl Island Golf Resort in Penang. Played there in 2004, but in 2007, gosh that place had turned into a residential area!

Mej. Dr. Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman PTU TUDM (B) berkata...

Dear Kawan,

A few years back, the course was good. I never had the chance to play at Pearl Island Golf Resort. In fact, I'm not sure its whereabout.

Unknown berkata...

Salam Tuan!

Jalan asas di sekeliling Teluk Rubiah ni bersambung Teluk Batik(dulu Teluk Batak) di bangun kan oleh 2 Skuadron,Jurutera Malaysia (kini RAJD),berpangkalan di Taiping,atas permintaan Almarhum Sultan Idris Shah ( Kol YDP Jurutera Pertama)di sekitar tahun 1972 tapi terpaksa di berhentikan kerana kurang wang...Pernah di tumpang ke Projek tu untuk pendedahan...memang cantik persekitarannya! Lt Kol Basri(xRAJD)