Rabu, 19 Ogos 2009

My Golf Buddies

Left to right: Cikgu Khalid Dan (hc 24), Yours Truly (hc 21), Abang Tad (Mokhtar)(hc 17), Hamid (hc 24). Taken on 19 August, 2009 at hole #14, Par 3, Darulaman Golf & Country Club. Except for Cikgu who joined us in 2007, the 3 of us have been pulling the trolley since 2001.

From May this year, we played 9 holes only since the government suggested that the populace should reduce their outdoor activities due to the heat. Otherwise, it's 18 holes daily. Real loyal citizens we are. Golfers, if you're not mentally strong, stay away from us! 'Quiet' is alien to us - on tee-off, seems we never run short of topics to talk about. We discuss almost all sorts of issues which will benefit mankind. A real pity that PM never took us in his kitchen cabinet!

Abang Tad - the most senior, 65 years old. The P.Ramlee of the gang is an ex-DSP of PDRM and ex-manager of sugar factory at Padang Terap. He likes to experiment new techniques after watching golf competitions on tv. He loves to watch LPGA. Reason? According to him, at our age we can't hit like Tiger Woods but we can emulate Michelle Wie. Reading - his imagination can really run wild! His reading of the green is 1st class. The only smoker in the group - pipe, cigarattes and rokok daun. For his age, his driving and short! His favourite cliche - HARIHARI...MAU..Jangan marah Abang Tad.

Hamid - younger than me by 3 months. An ex-Maybank manager. His swing has style and he got the right technique but alas no strength. If I have his technique and with my strength, Malaysian Open trophy is mine by now...he...he. In June, he dropped a bombshell by suspending his membership because he complained of shoulder pain. The pain is gone now because he stops taking certain medication. Now, he's back with the gang. After playing with him all these years, I don't blame the youngsters of today for swearing a lot. Why? Tok Wan like him also swears when his ball needs a wash in the pond. He's a 'driver' golfer; tee-off, fairway shot - driver. His idol....Paula Creamer - the 'pink' golfer. Favourite cliche - GOLF NOT TEE-OFF ONLY....Jangan marah Hamid.

Cikgu Khalid - the rookie, only 58 years old. Former principal of Matriculation College, Arau. He is our 'golden goose' for quite a while before Hamid gave him a book on golf. After that, most of the time we become the geese. Of course, Hamid claims the credit. Being young, his tee-off But not to worry, his short game is nowhere my standard...he...he. I suppose he has yet to read the chapter on 'How To Pitch'. His favourite - food. He loves to cook and eat. One day while we were having our coffee, he was talking about cooking over the phone. When we asked him whom he was talking to, he said it was his son in New Zealand. He was asking his father how to make curry...imagine that! I bought 5 quails and he?...20! His decription of food is mouth-watering. Favourite cliche - DOCTOR TO GIVE MEDICINE, NOT TO ADVICE ON WHAT NOT TO EAT... Jangan marah Cikgu.

Yours Truly - read my blog 'Golf! Golf!'.

The Contract. Our stake is high. To win, you must play to your handicap to get your drink. Drink only. The stake? Maximum liability - RM1.00 per person..he...he. So, if there's 1 winner and he orders the most expensive drink -iced lychee that costs RM1.80- the other 3 need to pay 0.60 cents each only. If there're 2 winners, well, it will cost the other 2 RM1.00 each. If 3 winners, they will get 0.33 cents each. Why is the price that competitive? Because we drink at Gymkhana Cafe, about 1 km away from the club. How about that? More often than not, we drink 'sdn bhd' - pay your own! WE CAN'T EVEN PLAY TO OUR HANDICAP!!

Well, we may look the typical kampung golf players, but mind you, Syukur Alhamdulillah, we're financially sound. And, that's the reason why we're enjoying our twilight years!

Moral of the story - plan for your retirement. Kita merancang, Allah menentukan. Kalau tidak merancang, sendiri tanggunglah.....

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aifaa :) berkata...

sesuatu yg menarik kerana semua golfer yg dipaparkn warga emas..Bang Tat (hari-hari mau atau harimau...)Selamat berpuasa... From Dr Abdull Sukor Shaari

Robert Rizal Abdullah berkata...


Good to see you enjoying your golf. Due to my left shoulder injury and lack of golfing friends here in Taiping, I have not played for 3 years now.

But I had my good times in golf from 1987 to 2006. My lowest handicap was 6 when I was in KL. Today, I can hardly play 18, I think.