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Patriotism 2

Patriotism - defined as love of and/or devotion to one's country (Wikepedia). I'm inspired to write this short article after reading the responses from the undergraduates of Social Science, USM (refer to the 1st two articles of 'Unforgetable Flying Experiences). And further fueled by my friend's article on 'Patriotism'(see Patriotism 1). Of course, those comments do not represent the majority of the populace. However, I can confidently conclude that the majority of the younger Malaysians are patriotic. Well, I'm entitled to my opinion, isn't it? Anyway, I’m flattered to know that I manage to enlighten them on the cruelty of the communist terrorists (CTs) - from my perspective, of course.

I'm here not to argue or debate whether you're patriotic or not. Only you can answer that. As for me, I consider myself a very patriotic person and extremely proud to be a Malaysian. I had my share of defending my beloved country, and very proud at it. I'm very fortunate indeed to be directly involved in the military operations against the CTs those days. Those flying adventures will forever be cherished in my mind.

How patriotic are you? As what my Colonel friend had said, is your patriotism as good as the Americans? Most of us Malaysians, idolise whatever American, be it food, clothing, education, cultures, etc, etc. I don’t blame you at all; to a certain extent it’s okay with me. After all, I like KFC; my ‘driver and hybrid’ clubs are American made although I know very well that the ‘head and shaft’ are made in China, only assembled in USA. But what about their patriotism? Are we ready to emulate them and why not?

What I mean is the very basic. I’m very sure you watch American footballs, baseballs, basketballs or whatever balls. The stadium is normally full to the brim. Don’t be too engrossed watching those lovely pom-pom girls’ antics but try to focus also on how the spectators and the players alike stand up and sing their national anthem with enthusiasm – the players with their hands clasping their caps to the chests! What about us, Malaysians? In my younger days, I loved to watch the movies at theaters – now cineplexes. Before the movie started, Negaraku would be played. I tell you, not even ¼ of the audiences stood up! Now I’m not sure whether Negaraku is being played before the start of the movie and what is the response like. I’m no longer a movie fanatic and I can’t remember when was the last time I went to the cineplexes.

My wife, an ex-teacher, told me that the way the students sang the national anthem during school assemblies was without vigour umph whatsoever! I’m not in the least surprised if the majority of them, including most of us, 'conveniently' forget the lyrics.

Well, I don’t mean that you must join the Armed Forces just to prove your patriotism. To me, I’m very proud of Dato’ Nicol David and her prowess in squash. To see Jalur Gemilang flying atop the highest peak in the world. Or see Dato Dr Muzaffar floating in the ISS. For that matter, the generous Malaysians donating money to the needy. Golfers, aren’t you proud to see me holding Malaysian Open’s trophy....the first Malaysian champion? What a dream! Anyway, if you join the air force with the hope of becoming a hero like me, forget about it since those adventurous days were over......he....he.

On 3 August ’09 I sent an email to the Minister of Defence suggesting that all those gallantry award recipients and those maimed veterans due to operations against the CTs, be invited to tell their adventures to the public. For a start, let PLKN be the platform. But it must not be a one-time affair. I’m sure the impact would be great if, say the only living hero, WO1 Kanang, the recipient of both SP and PGB, relates his adventures to the students – first hand. I don’t know how the minister’s response would be. After all, who am I, just a veteran nuri pilot reminiscing those good old flying days! Anyway, I’m happy to hear that he had directed all the PLKN camps to show ‘Malaya 1957’. I hope he will include ‘Bukit Kepong’.

What about you?

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rahimah berkata...

asslmmuaikum...i've heard bout sir from my lecturer...and i'm interested to know about u n the way u spend ur bout patriotism, to me, i'm proud to be Malaysian...n to me, i agree bout what u said that not really we must join the Armed Forces to prove our me, the spirit come by heart...n how we show our love to our country...n lazly, talk bout Negaraku song, hmm...its not lke before, just like u said, now no Negaraku song were played bfore the movie start. n if we see now, theres only 1/4 people stand up when the song was play. sir, that's all from me...from all the story that i read...u gve me inspiration of how to manage our life and be success just like u...tq

Maj (B) Nor Ibrahim berkata...

Thank you for your comment. Suggest you surf my blogs on "Financial Management'. You have to plan once you start working. Selamat berpuasa.

Mej. Dr. Nor Ibrahim bin Sulaiman PTU TUDM (B) berkata...

Ini respons dari PLKN kepada surat saya yang difakskan pada 7 Ogos '09.Surat 27 Ogos '09 adalah 'peringatan' yang saya masih menunggu jawapan mereka.

Saimi Bin Jusoh
ViewThursday, August 27, 2009 8:41:21 AM

Dengan hormatnya saya ingin menarik perhatian tuan berkaitan perkara tajuk.

2. Pihak Jabatan telah menerima surat cadangan yang dikemukan oleh tuan bertarikh 7 Ogos 2009 melalui faks pada 27 Ogos 2009.

3. Pertimbangan selanjut sedang dibuat oleh cawangan-cawangan yang berkaitan sebelum perkara ini dipersetujui kerana ia melibatkan banyak implikasi-implikasi berikut:

a. Jadual waktu yang sedia ada perlu dirombak semula jika perkara ini perlu dimasukkan.
b. Implikasi kewangan yang akan terlibat.
c. Bentuk syarahan yang bakal dilaksana.
d. Lain-lain perkara yang bersangkutan.

4. Pihak Jabatan amat mengucapkan terima kasih di atas keprihatinan Tuan dalam perkara ini dengan mengemukakan satu cadangan yang bernas. Pihak Jabatan akan menghubungi Tuan jika maklumat lanjut diperlukan.

5. Sekian terima kasih.

Abah berkata...



Satu cadangan yang baik serta bernas dari Minda Tuan......

Baru-baru ini(Ogos 2009) salah seorang kenalan Forum yang saya sertai (GW2) menganjurkan Ceramah Patriotik di Salah sebuah Sekolah Teknik di KL.Secara kebetulan beliau meminta saya untuk mendapatkan penceramah bagi menjayakan acara tsb. Perkara ini saya bangkitkan didalam perjumpaan dengan Presiden Kelab saya iaitu Kelab Veteran Komandoi Malaysia(KVKM). Kerjasama yang baik dari Presiden Kelab Veteran Komando Malaysia (KVKM) iaitu Kol Nik maka acara itu telah berjaya dilaksanakan serta mendapat sambutan yang baik dari kalangan Tenaga pengajar serta Murid-murid di Sekolah tersebut. Malah ada diantara mereka begitu shaydu hingga mengeluarkan air mata ketika sessi ceramah dijalankan.

Semoga lain-lain NGO/Pertubuhan/Kumpulan Korporat atau Individu-individu tertentu akan menyambut saranan yang telah tuan berikan demi membangkit semangat anak muda kita dimasa-masa mendatang.

Abah berkata...


Saya sertakan sekali Gambar Wakil KVKM yang terlibat dengan Ceramah di sebuah Sek Teknik Kuala Lumpur.
Terdapat sekali didalam gambar tsb 2 sahabat saya yang mengalami kecederaan ketika Opersi Gubir seperti yang diceritakan.