Isnin, 3 Ogos 2009

Patriotism 1

I need a break. In the mean time, let me publish my friend's unedited article. Readers, are you ready to accept his call?


How serious are we about the Reserve Force? How much are we concerned and committed to bringing the Reserve Force to the hoped-for levels of strength and effectiveness? In order to improve the Reserve Force, there should firstly be a political will to make commitment towards this objective.It seems that Malaysian is practically having no defense awareness as compared to some countries example like the United States and Singapore.Judging from the poor response of the public in joining the reserve,this may reflect that there is insufficient patriotic feeling in them.It may be that they feel that defense is not really their concern.Mind you, the future wars are likely to affect the whole nation and survival of the state itself.Hence, national defense today cannot be left entirely to the Armed Forces alone.
How about political will? Since we preach leadership by example, it would be timely and appropriate if the political masters themselves start enrolling in the Reserve Force.If the leaders lead the way by becoming members of the Reserve Force,they could definitely attract the other members of the public,especially the youngsters to join the Reserve Force.In this way, they would indirectly inculcate the feeling of patriotism in the heart of the citizen. Thank you

(ex-Nuri pilot)

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Amir Moque berkata...

Salam sir.....r u ex 5 sqn? i'm really sound familiar with your name and face...from scrapbook 5 sqn maybe year 80's (if i'm not mistaken)..