Rabu, 16 Jun 2010

No 3 Sqn Scrap Book...Pt 4

Sublouette...An Alouette 111 submerged in the sea at Pulau Langkawi beach. The helicopter, piloted by Capt (U) Sawaluddin Lamin was flying KSN then, Tan Sri Abdullah, to the resort island, then still under the curse of 'Mahsuri', experienced an engine malfunction. He managed to land on the beach while it was at low tide. But when high tide came...the Alouette was transformed to a submarine. The director of the film "Transformer" got the idea from this episode...He...He...He. 

Sawal was a 'cool' pilot. I knew him since RMC days. We were commissioned together on 12 April 1969. He was from SSC 14 Intake. We met again when I was the Paymaster of 7 RMR, Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan. We stayed at the same 'annexe', ie, married quarters turned to accommodation for single/married bachelors. When we were in Miri, both of us were offered to undergo flying training at SEA Helicopter, Kuala Lumpur.

In this particular incident, if  I'm not mistaken, on landing, he coolly offered chocolates to the KSN who was still shaken by the episode. The chocolates were from the 'survival 'pack'. Trust Sawal...relax...He...He...He. I took over No 5 Sqn from him on coming back from Bangladesh in January 1983. That was the last time I met him.

Joe...OKB bila Kpg Baru dibangunkan nanti! Wonder where he is right now. 

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mangchikla berkata...

dah kene ayor masin, hancor injin ...scrapped teghuih gamaknyer :D

trooper_knife berkata...

memang rare gambar ni mejar. first time saya tahu ada pesawat terhempas disana.