Rabu, 29 Oktober 2014

The Flying "Pongos" - The End

Continuation from here...
We were also brought on vacation to Miami Florida for sight seeing and to wind down.

 Miami International Airport
Biscayne Bay Hotel, Maimi

 Kennedy Point – The Torch of Friendship Maimi Florida

During this time, in the late 1960s, there still existed the colour bar in the US. I was refused a room in one of the motel because of my colour although the hotel management does not say so directly. There was “Vacancy” sigh lighted up outside the hotel, but when I went in to check, the manager on duty said that all the rooms were taken up already.

There were also sign boards like “BLACK ONLY or WHITE ONLY” at some of the beaches that I visited.

On one occasion, one of the simulator instructors refused to take me for a lesson, he did not say as such but when I reported to him, he told me to wait and off he went; after a while, another instructor came and took his place. This happened in Alabama. In Texas no such thing happened.

Maj Gen Dato' Fauzi Bin Hussain....Thank you Dato'.

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