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Syabas kepada gomen kerana telah mewujud and mewartakan "Pingat Kedaulatan Negara (PKN)" dan tahniah kepada 33 orang pertama menerimanya....

 Mingguan Malaysia 14/4/13

Saya tak tahu bagaimana rupanya pingat tersebut. Sewajarnya ia diwujudkan sebagai menghargai para wira yang sedia berkorban mempertahan kedaulatan negara daripada ancaman satu lagi golongan pengganas - PENGGANAS KIRAM (PK). 

Di era saya, negara diancam PK juga, tapi PENGGANAS KOMUNIS. Bagi menghargai pengorbanan kami, gomen telah mewujudkan "Pingat Jasa Malaysia (PJM)" (gambar kanan). Saya berbangga sebagai seorang penerimanya.

Dalam keghairahan gomen menganugerahkan PKN, saya berharap bebeno  agar gomen tidak 'terlepas pandang' para wira yang masih menunggu PJM. Ramai lagi 'Pemohon' pingat ini yang masih menunggu bila le mereka akan menerima surat jemputan untuk menghadiri majlis penganugerahan tersebut.

Nasib baik le xnuripilot ni seorang celebrity...Setahun (kira-kira OK le tu) selepas memohon, terimalah surat ke majlis tersebut (klik di sini). He...He...He. Tapi bagaimana pula pemohon lain yang bernama tapi tak 'ternama' atau 'bergelar'? Lebih 2 tahun lalu, seorang PW 2 (B), x RAJD, ada bertanya kepada saya bagaimana nak memohon pingat tersebut. Sebagai seorang 'pakar serba tahu', konon-kononnyalah, mejar pencen ni beritahu le dan beliau pun pergi le JHEV di Alor Setaq untuk mengisi borang permohonan. Sekarang ni, setiap kali bertembung dengannya, beliau memaklum yang beliau masih menunggu...menunggu dan terus menunggu surat daripada JHEV. Berita terakhir, saya dimaklumkan beliau dalam senarai menunggu nombor >500.

Saya tak pasti sama ada mereka yang layak dipertimbangkan untuk PKN perlu memohon bagi mendapatkan anugerah tersebut seperti kami yang inginkan penghargaan negara melalui PJM. Saya berharap mereka tidak diperlakukan sedemikian.


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Arunzab berkata...

I am of the the opinion that it is ridiculous that a soldier has to fill up a form to APPLY for a medal that he is already entitled to. ( This is a joke ) This is degrading to say the least. Based on this I refused to fill up any form for this purpose. However 2 years ago I received a letter of invitation from Corps RAMD to be present at the club house RAMD to receive the PJM presented by the Minister of Defense. I think that is the way to go, you must be invited not having to apply !!

This is is after all just a campaign medal like the PPA or GSM and there are thousands of soldiers who are sick and old if we follow the present system many would have passed away before receiving this medal. The record division has all the records of those who served during that period and the medals should be passed on to the various Bdg.Commanders and BN. Commanders to invite those in their area to collect the medals. Simple as that. No need to politicize the issue . Bagi Aja lah sa Orang Satu habits Cherita.

Before they have finished giving out the PJM now they start to issue the PKN. Wah! Dual Bulan Oprasi pun dapat medal, dapat naik gaji dan dapat sambutan sa bajai Hero. Duhulu bertahun tahun Oprasi tidak dapat apa apa pun. While we are all proud of our soldiers and deeply moan the loss of life but gomen must not act in haste and give all kinds goodies otherwise they have to do it for all future operations .

Nur Emyinda berkata...

Salam Tuan Mejar Nor Ibrahim,

Can't agree more to what had been said and commented by Arunzab regarding the application for the medal award. Its not only ridiculous, but could also be humiliating to one; especially, to whom who was turned down for not having match the criteria set perhaps.

I’m pretty sure, over the years, there has been many young brave men who have worn the uniform and stood in harm's way, and for some reasons never received their medals that they earned...and time passed.... These men had selflessly give their life, time and energy to defend the sovereignity of the country. Now, more than ever, it is important to locate these Veterans,especially those Veterans that served during the insurgency era, to honour their service and pin them with the medals that they earned so many years ago.

Well, to me, all ex-servicemen of the military have done extraordinary deeds – perhaps saving lives in a single heroic act, or providing on-going selfless service to their fellow citizens through a series of acts – are eligible and deserve the medal.

My question these men have and need to fill in the forms to claim the medal/s for their deeds ??? Gracious! They sure deserved one, at least ! One kind deed deserve another...

Arunzab berkata...


Thank you for your welcome comments and if I may add on. The Malaysian Government has awarded this commemorative medal, known as the Pingat Jasa Malaysia to British Veterans and others who served in operations in Malaya/Malaysia between August 1957 and August 1966. As Mindef does not have lists and records of these veterans hence the need to apply using an a Official form. The applicant has to send the form through their veteran organization of their Ministry of Defence for approval before he is given this medal.

In our case the Pingat Jasa Malaysia is a medal given by the Government of Malaysia to all members of the Malaysian Armed Forces in recognition of their services during the Malayan Emergency, Second Malayan Emergency, and theIndonesia–Malaysia confrontation. Since our Record Division already have all our details why do we need to fill up a form and apply for a medal for which we are entitled to. Unless we are admitting our Service Record Division does not keep the records of veterans ! ! I hope our Pengarah Veteran Division will look seriously into it . The Veteran Dept. should get all the names from Record Division and start distribution the medals without asking any one to fill any form.

I and many officers who attended the ceremony at RMR club house 2 years ago to receive this medal were very surprised and sad to see our " Pahlawan Melayu" Gen Tun Ibrahim Ismail being brought there to receive this medal from the Defence Minister. He came in a Military Ambulance and carried down in a stretcher to receive to medal. Tun was a very sick man why was there a need to subject him to this 'humiliation' . If it was the British Army the Defense Minister would go to the Generals house to award him the medal. I heard some months later Tun passed away. Is this the way to treat our Pahlawan Melayu. ! ! Amat amat sedah. Tak kan Pak Mentri tak boleh pergi ke Rumah Tun untuk menyerahkan pingat tersebut.


Nur Emyinda berkata...

Salam Tuan Mejar Nor,

Sir Arunzab,

TQVM for enlightening me on this commerative award Sir. Appreciate it very much.Congratulations to u and squad mates to have been awarded them (though its two years already...;-D)

The award ceremony itself... MasyaAllah...Sad...i was indeed touched by the way arwah Gen Tun Ibrahim was treated. Well, i would say that "ours" were too much of the protocol and the "respect the ruler @ leader" thus which then they overlooked the fact to whom the respect should be given first. As for this instance, the very sick Gen Tun Ibrahim Ismail vs the very healthy Minister. Moreover, arwah (the late Tun Ibrahim) is one of the nation's hero. He earned the respect and richly deserve the best in his final days of his life by all of us. Gracious...carrying a sick man in a stretcher to receive a medal is way too much and not a very smart idea at all (excuse me ya for my thoughts).

Semoga Allah swt mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Tun Ibrahim dan menghimpunkannya bersama para anbiya...

p/s... the suffering these ex-servicemen had to go through in their line of duty was absolutely indescribable but they have kept their heads and kept themselves together. Hopefully, to those concern, do pls give these men the best of treatment - no doubt for a medal - coz they do earned that respect !

...if i could read arwah Gen Tun Ibrahim's mind, i wonder what it would be...

Arunzab berkata...

Saudari Nur,

I want to thank you for being one of the biggest supporter of the military. You write well, your thoughts are well articulated and your comprehension of the English language is commendable. I wish there were more people like you to raise the moral of our soldiers.


Nur Emyinda berkata...

Salam Tuan Mejar Nor Ibrahim,

Sir Arunzab,

I am flattered... TQVM for the very kind words Sir.

Well Sir, to me, respect is for those who deserve it, not for those who demand it. Everybody wants a little respect, but many don't realize that real respect is something that is earned, and something that should not be taken lightly. Nobody demands respect until they deserve it, and often times people who really deserve respect don't have to ask for it. Thus, the Nation's Heroes - most of them in the Military - Security forces - surely richly deserve it. The best of compliments and at its finest...

p/s...Sir, frankly, as a civilian, my intention and humble request, if i could serve in the military for now - though indirectly - in one way or another - i would indeed love to Sir... ;-D and im sure there are some or more out there. If i may ask, is there, by any chance i could lend a helping hand for this Sir?

Sir Arunzab, thanks again Sir for the compliments ya.