Ahad, 9 Ogos 2015

Gathering of Super Veterans

7 August 2015, 2000 hr; Loc: Wisma Pahlawan, MINDEF... I drove to KL to attend a gathering of the 'super veterans' of an instrument of modern warfare.....HELICOPTERS. Actually, I don't like to travel to KL with all those suffocating jams.  Worse still, I'm no longer familiar with the roads. Nevertheless, this was one gathering I wouldn't want to miss since it was to honour  Mej Benjamin Lee and his wife, Ailsa Lee. He was formerly an Alouette 111 and Nuri pilot. He has migrated to New Zealand a long time ago and they came over for a visit. 

Frankly, I had never served under him when I was in the service. I knew him during my flying days at SEA Helicopter in 1973-74. He was then the OC Examining Unit. Throughout the flying course, I was checked by him on 4 occasions. 

During the course of gathering information for my research, I had to get in touch with him to obtain information regarding the formation of No.7 and 10 Squadrons since he was the first OC of No. 10 Squadron.

Among my correspondences with him....
 5 Aug 2014

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