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Bayaran Ex Gratia

Veteran...Sesiapa boleh memberitahu maklumat terkini tentang pembayaran 'ex gratia' yang diumumkan oleh YAB PM ketika perjumpaan beliau dengan ahli-ahli PBTM pada 10 Oktober 2010 di Stadium Bukit Jalil? Kalau tak silap saya, 2 perkara telah diumumkan, iaitu pembayaran Khairat Kematian dinaikkan kepada RM3K dan pembayaran ex gratia. Berapakah kadar bayaran ex gratia tersebut? Adakah bayaran ini termasuk mereka yang tercedera sebelum Oktober 1994? 

Saya bertanyakan soalan ini selepas menerima e-mel berikut daripada Lt Kol Idris Hassan (B). Ini adalah surat beliau kepada NST pada 13 Jul 2010.  

Ex-servicemen: Pay ex gratia to veterans of Emergency

THE Skim Bayaran Pampasan Bencana Kerja ex-gratia payment was introduced by the Treasury on Oct 20, 1994, to pay compensation to all civilian government employees injured or maimed as a result of action by undesirable elements (akibat anasir-anasir jahat) when on official duty.
The Treasury later reviewed and approved payment of ex-gratia to all soldiers, including veterans who had been killed or disabled in the line of duty. This was subject to verification of the records of the serviceman or veteran.

However, the irony and unfairness of this scheme is that it only covers servicemen killed and maimed in the line of duty on or after Oct 20, 1994.

This is in fact long after the last of the hostilities had effectively ceased on Dec 2, 1989 with the signing of the peace treaty by the government with the Communist Party of Malaya. 
Why should those injured during peace time service, and who had not fired a shot in combat, be given priority over hundreds of servicemen who died or were maimed? Some of them were blown up by booby traps during the Emergency but have been left out. What was the basis for this cut-off date?

Most of these old veterans consist of "other ranks" and "junior officers" who, by the nature of their job, fought at the frontlines. Most are now in the twilight of their lives while others have passed on.

I urge the authorities, in line with the "People First" concept, to urgently consider all veterans who have suffered disabilities in the line of duty for this ex-gratia payment.

There was a proposal by the Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Affairs Department for the disabled ex-servicemen's allowance of RM100 to RM200 to be increased to RM500. The proposal has not yielded any result.

The call for youths of all races to join the armed forces would be better served when issues affecting the lives of soldiers, especially those injured in the line of duty, are promptly addressed.

Kuala Lumpur

Di era saya, kalau tak silap, ex gratia payment yang saya ketahui ialah bayaran 36 bulan gaji kepada mereka yang terkorban dalam nahas pesawat terbang. Tak tahulah saya sama ada dasar ini masih berkuatkuasa atau sudah dimansuhkan.

Bercakap pasal pahlawan-pahlawan negara, saya ada bertanya member golf saya seorang xpegawai polis, mengapa wira-wira Bk Kepong tidak dianugerahkan Darjah Perkasa? Pada saya, negara mesti menghargai pengorbanan mereka dan OIC Stesyen Polis dianugerah SP. Tak tahulah saya kalau mereka sudah dianugerah dengan pingat-pingat berkenaan. Kalau ya, Syukur Alhamdulillah. Kalau tidak....Mengapa tidak?

Oh ya, secara kebetulan ada satu coretan yang ada kaitan dengan topik ini di sini.

Lt Kol Idris Hassan...Thank you.

Nota: Tak tahulah saya mengapa perenggan pertama dan ke2 di atas dalam huruf besar pada hal saya menaip dengan huruf kecil. Cuba sana cuba sini masih tidak berhasil. Kan ni pun nak minta tolong saudara Katon Tin-Ton kut untuk mengatasinya.

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Kamal Sanusi berkata...

Salam Tuan

Semakin lama semakin WIRA NEGARA yang sebenarnya dilupakan. Hanya wira negara celup saja yg disanjung.

Maaf cakaplah, PM kita ni kalau memberi ucapan, mesti juta-juta taboq sana sini. Bayar tu bayar ni. Manis sungguh kata-katanya tapi follow-up selepas itu sama jugak sebagaimana WIRA NEGARA yg original dilupakan. Mungkin dia tahu yg meLAYU mudah lupa.

Ada tak Tuan pastikan yang kekunci CAPS LOCK dimatikan atau dlm keadaan ON? Saya pun tak arif juga sbb hanya end-user of computer & not user.

Katon Tin Ton berkata...

Salam Tuan, Raya cina saya balik aloq staq... kalau nak ajak minum cantek jugak.

Bab Caps lock tu, cara paling mudah, tuan type balik artikel yg berkenaan dalam huruf kecik dalam file notepad. Kemudian paste balik dlm BLOG.

Selamat mencuba

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Cakap tak serupa bikin semua orang reti....
Macam janji2 pilihanraya lah...

Arunzab berkata...

Saudara Nor,
As far as I am aware none of the wira-wira Bk Kepong ever recieved any recognition let alone any awrd for gallentry like PGB ar SP. The last hero of bukit Kepong Sgt Yusof Rono died on April 15. 2005 a bitter man. The government did not give him and his comrades the recognition they deserved for one of the most storied battles in Malaysian history,and our very own 'ALAMO'. The only award that I know given to Yusof was a PJK by the Malacca government. Yusoff was among the four policemen who survived the incident in 1950.Nineteen others were killed defending the station in Muar.

Only after his death did the then Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh make a statement that the authorities would consider the possibility of conferring Yusoff a posthumous 'Pingat Gagah Berani'. The Malacca Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam had also said that the State Government would publish a book accounting Yusoff's struggles during the Emergency. All this was also 'Hangat hangat thai Ayam" as far as I know nothing was done.

Your statement "Tak tahulah saya kalau mereka sudah dianugerah dengan pingat-pingat berkenaan. Kalau ya, Syukur Alhamdulillah." Kalau tidak....Mengapa tidak? My answer "No body cares for these poor policeman"

Out numbered and out gunned these 19 brave policemen and their families waged a grim battle against 180 communist terrorists. It was not the number of cops in the fight that counted; rather it was the fight in these men that mattered. At 430 am, on Feb 23 1953 when most of us were sound asleep Bravado at it's best was on display at Bukit Kepong. It is a shame that none of then were given adequate recognition for their bravery as compared to the Peristiwa SAUK which pales in comparison but yet yielded two SPs and four PGBs !!!!. I feel very strongly about how badly these police hero's were treated and had also written on this subject to the NSTP.My letter as below. Alas this is all we ex servicemen can do for our comrades,and it does not matter if they are soldiers or policemen.

Hero Yusoff deserves better treatment
I REFER to "Last Bukit Kepong hero dies" (NST, April 15). In the last few years before his death, Sergeant Yusoff Rono (picture) made several passionate pleas through the Press for assistance from the authorities
without success. Neither the Johor Government, nor Malacca, the State in which he was domiciled, offered him any help. All Yusoff had to show for his heroism was a medal, the Pingat Jasa Kebaktian (PJK) awarded by the Malacca Government, that too 46 years later. It is shocking that a man who gave his all for his country never received any significant acknowledgment in his lifetime.

Now, suddenly, there is talk about conferring him a posthumous Panglima Gagah Berani (PGB) and also paying his family royalties for a book to be published about his struggles during the Emergency. Why did the authorities wait for this ailing 83-year-old ex- policeman,who was begging for help, to die before acting?

Posthumous awards have their place, but recognition as far as possible should be given immediately after the deed, or at least during one's lifetime.

At a time when the police are trying to woo more young men and women to join the force, the shabby treatment accorded to Yusoff will be a turn-off for those aspiring to make a career in the police force.

Kuala Lumpur