Ahad, 19 Julai 2009

Medical Checks

Yesterday morning, 19 Jul '09, I took the opportunity of the free medical check while window shopping at Alor Setar Mall. Just the normal check, ie, BP, sugar, BMI, VFA, PEFR, body fat % and bone density. Syukur Alhamdulillah, so far so good. For a 60-year old pensioner, what more do I want in life; 6 days a week pulling the troley for golf.

As I said in my profile, quantity ada, don't ask about the quality. But this doesn't bother me at all. My primary objective is solely to excercise. If I manage to play like Tom Watson, then it's a bonus (the difference is that my t-off with the driver=hibrid=160metre; the slight similarity is that he is 1 year my junior in age, he...he...he...!) Played for so long but still hc 21.

What I'm trying to say is that I fully subscribe to the evergreen adage 'prevention is better than cure'. Since about 4 years ago, every Jan and Jun, religiously I went to RSAT (Rumah Sakit Angkatan Tentera) for blood check. I have 2 BP and a glucose monitoring equipment at home. Mind you, none of the members of my household (3+1 cat) are diabetics.

You see, about 4 years ago, a member of my golf kaki had to give up golf completely. He was an ex police officer who looked forward so much to playing golf once he retired. He played 18 holes 4 days a week with us. But later, he was complaining that he felt so tired. We suggested he took a heavy breakfast. He did that; he bought nasi lemak and kueh and ate them after 9 holes. But he still felt tired and had to stop after 9 holes whilst the 3 of us continued the 2nd 9.

Later in the afternoon, he called me to inform that he was admitted in the private hospital. Reason? He was diagnosed with both kidney failure! It seemed the hospital needed blood and I volunteered to donate. However, when I went to the hospital, my blood was no longer required. Since that day, he had to undergo haemodialysis. Luckily for him, he was a government retiree, otherwise it will burn a big hole in his pocket, average of RM3K per month for the treatment!

How did his kidney fail? Let face it, the kidney can't simply fail just like that. The easiest way to know the condition of your kidney is to check your blood, namely renal profile. I didn't know how often he did his medical check.

Next, my own younger brother, 10 years my junior. He passed away 2 years ago due to chronic organs failure. If Nescafe has 3-in-1, he had whatever numbers in one - kidney failure, diabetic, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

My current golfing kaki, a 65 year - old ex police officer, is now on a 3-month statin treatment for high cholesterol. He's one character who's not that 'excited' to have his blood checked. I suppose he couldn't take it anymore listening to my preaching. So, when he went to the Pusat Kesihatan for his usual medical check, he asked for blood check as well. According to him, everything was normal but the cholesterol was high. He was asked to start his treatment immediately. He's not overweight or obese; a small sized man and wears female size 7 golf shoes. I'm sure you can visualize his overall physique.

Most of the time, we never know that our organs are going or already kaput. There're no symptoms. By the time the symptoms appear, it's a bit too late, or maybe too late already.

The most common silent killer is diabetes-the mother of all chronic diseases. This sickness affects your organs. How do you know that you're free of this disease? The simplest way is to check your glucose level. Pay RM5 at the pharmacy and within seconds you know your sugar level.

I used to talk about health care to my barber, and stressing on diabetes. I think he got fed up with me since everytime I met him (once a month only), I always asked him to go and check his sugar level. Well......maybe out to please me, he did! Guess what? He was a diabetic and had to take medication immediately. Now, he charges RM1 less for my monthly haircut - rezeki datang menggolek! I suppose he was grateful for my advice.

I know we have to believe in 'qada dan qadar' as one of the Rukun Iman. But Allah wants us to 'usaha'. If all the usahas have been carried out, and you still get it, then it's qada dan qadar - fated.

Love yourself to love your family.

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