Ahad, 30 Oktober 2011


To Government servants who aspire to be Jack Nicklaus/KJ Choy/Vijay Singh (depending on your choice of age category) of Malaysia.....Consider yourself very lucky for being government servants. Why I said so?  Imagine you're government servants (Servants) of Vietnam. It was reported that all government officers  are banned from playing golf, even after working hours!!  The Servants are required to focus on their jobs. The reason is very simple...Spending at least a good 4 productive hours swinging your golf  clubs at the expense of neglecting the primary duties entrusted upon you just to get an overdose of vitamin 'A'! We, the rakyats,  expect these Servants to sort out our grouses/complaints. What productivity are we talking about?

Through my observations, I'm happy to note that since the last 3-4 years, the number of Servants loitering at the golf club after lunch hour before tee-off had drastically reduced. Before this, I wonder who was manning the office! The poor rakyats have to be content with the standard reply of 'the boss is indisposed/meeting' whenever we want to contact him when, in actual fact, he is playing golf! And, can you visualise his mood the next day when he was in a losing streak?

Recently  I was informed that the No 1 Boss of certain uniformed agency, forbade his 'people'  from playing golf during productive hours. To the Boss...I salute you for your guts in stopping this 'truancy' amongst your subordinates....Well done, sir. Frankly, I disagree with the Vietnamese's 'General Order'. To me, there's nothing wrong for the Servants to play golf as long as they play on their own free your heart out but not during working hours! 

I received this clip,  entitled 'The Latest Golfing Sensation' from Lt Col Idris Hassan (R). All I can say is...WOW! 

I was that good also before having this 'cervical spondylosis' = osteoarthritis (clik here). Even with this handicap, I still managed to play 51 gross over 9 holes in the Monthly Medal at Royal Kedah Club held on 29 October 2011. You know, even with this score I won 2nd prize - voucher worth RM50.00....Wow. There were 7 veterans in this category and I'm sure you can deduce the quality of the game! For your information, those members above 60, have the option to play 9 holes during monthly medals and other major tournaments. I opted for this priviledge...He...He...He.

Lt Col Idris Hassan (R)...Thank you.

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