Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Never Ending Story - Pt 2

Well...Well...Well...Readers, I really thought this story about an allowance for the recipients of the gallantry awards, JPP, PTU and KPK, is over. Surprisingly, I am extremely delighted to know that there are people who support my struggle. I am thankful to Brig Gen (B) Datuk Arshad who posted an article, entitled "IS THE PINGAT TENTERA UDARA (PTU) SUBSERVIENT TO THE PINGAT GAGAH BERANI (PGB)?, on this subject in his blog Thank you, Datuk, for supporting me and the others. And, readers, please spare your time to read the comments in his blog.

For those who are that pushed for time, I 'imported' his article  for your easy reading (with his kind permission).

Monday, October 19, 2009

I was introduced to a blog owned by an ex RMAF Nuri helicopter pilot Mej Nor Ibrahim Sulaiman (B) ( recently. Having browse through some of his postings, I was caught by an email posted by an ex Nuri pilot Lt Col Chong Keng Lay (B) who argues that recipients of the Pingat Tentera Udara (PTU), a meritorious and gallantry award for bravery and valour for RMAF personnel, should also be receiving a similar allowance announced recently by the government for recipients of the PGB and the SP.

I do not know the reasons why recipients of the PTU are deprived of the allowance since both are awards for bravery and valour and has been gazette as such by the government. Or is the PTU considered of a lesser award for bravery and valour; hence they are deprived of the allowance?

Lt Col Chong Keng Lay (B) is a course mate of mine who took the greater challenge to be a pilot, and to discard his army uniform. He has flown me on many trips into the jungle operational areas, and I know the sort of person Lt Col Chong is. He is a strict disciplinarian, loyal to the service and had served the nation well. I do not see any reason why his award of the PTU is subservient to the PGB.

I hope the new Chief of Air Force should take a serious look into this matter, that not only affect Lt Col Chong, but to all other recipients as well.

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Any comment?


Anonymous said...

There are not many who receive this medal and it is awarded base on performance if compared to the number of Datukships awarded to RMAF generals- some of them don't deserve the award as yet even for the next many years ahead comparing on their contribution to the nation.
It is a pity that the Armed Forces leadership is ignorance and the nation leaderships can't be blamed as they are not in the know.
Too many "enau dalam belukar melepaskan pucuk masing masing" That is the kind of people that run the RMAF now.
Do we regret for joining the Armed Forces? Hopefully not but something need to be corrected and lets hope what you are doing now to be the first step in the right direction. And it is best to remind the Armed Forces leadership that ignorance is not an excuse as the organization will regret one day and the nation will have to pay a heavy price for the stupidity of the Armed Forces leaderships.
Please don't rest your case!!!

Capt's Longhouse said...

Guys my take...

,,,If the average people were to asked which traits they admired most in their heroes, many would say bravery and gallantry in the conquest of great danger and hardships.
,,,in our flying days, life & living plus just surviving day to day were very very challenging, as a chopper pilot it demanded tons of bravery or stupidity to some others ? risk defeat against the enemy and the will to fight/fly/fright for the good life of our future generation !.
,,,RECOGNITION were in fact given to those deserving BUT to feel VALUED is the core issue here not the $$$ issue but indeed would be APPRECIATED-lah as bonus!!.

Note to whom it may concerned;

,,,just show concern and empathy for people's feelings without being overbearing of course !
,,,just remember that when you make others feel good, you feel good too-kan ?.
,,,this country needs more HEROS too-lah !!.

In summary, miscommunication, poor communication or no communication will all creat problems, don't break the relationship, importance of rapport and interchanges between those serving and those that had served !!...keep the link together Yeop Oii !!

Capt Tok Uban