Monday, October 12, 2009

Never Ending Story

Well, I thought my struggle to convince the Government that we, the recipients of the gallantry medals - JPP, PTU and KPK - too should be given the monthly allowance as what our counterparts SP and PGB, is over. But....not yet! "The Star" newpapers on 7 October 2009 retrigger this struggle. I never know that I am the group's leader on this issue. Thank you Dato' for appointing me.

By the way, Dato' Maj (R) Mohd Khalid Ali is the recipient of both the PTU and KPK....a real hero!

Wednesday October 7, 2009

Retired pilots want Govt to provide revised allowances

GEORGE TOWN: A group of retired Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) helicopter pilots are appealing to the Government to extend to them the revised quantum of allowances for those who earned bravery medals.

The 20-odd officers were the nation’s pioneering Nuri and Alouette helicopter gunship pilots who served during the later phases of the communist insurgency from 1974 until the 1980s.

Their spokesperson Datuk Maj (R) Mohd Khalid Ali said he and the group’s leader, Maj (R) Nor Ibrahim Sulaiman, had written to Defence Ministry secretary-general Datuk Abu Bakar Abdullah on their request.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had announced on July 31 a new monthly allowance scale for military personnel who were bestowed the bravery medals of Seri Pahlawan (SP) and the Pingat Gagah Berani (PGB).

Those with the SP would get RM2,000 and those with the PGB RM1,500 respectively on a monthly basis. It is learnt that the allowances were only applicable to soldiers and not to other wings such as the RMAF and the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN).

Mohd Khalid said RMAF pilots risked their lives, and many had died when their low-flying helicopters were shot down by the communists.

Mohd Khalid said he hoped the Government would not leave out the RMAF or RMN personnel who had earned gallantry awards during the course of defending the nation’s sovereignty.

The group were bestowed the Pingat Tentera Udara (PTU) bravery award for flying into hostile areas to transport soldiers and evacuate injured servicemen.

Mohd Khalid claimed the PTU award was equivalent to the SP and PGB awards. He also noted the pilots’ disappointment in not being invited to attend the annual National Day parades.

When contacted, Abu Bakar’s special officer Zureen Zubir confirmed receiving the group’s letter.

Why are we being discriminated? Read my friend's comment to my previous post entitled "Pengiktirafan Negara...Nyawa Atau Nama?"

From: Frank Chong Keng Lay
To: nor ibrahim sulaiman
Sent: Friday, August 21, 2009 11:21:02 AM

Subject: Re: Pingat Tentera Udara (PTU)

Mej Nor Ibrahim

Basically on reflection the government is telling us airmen that SACRIFICES are not valued and we airmen should not take RISKS when we go on operations. we should tell the ground troops on the ground that unless it is 100% SAFE we will not not send the Artillery Howitzers in for gun support, no fresh rations for th e troops who live on the LPs for two month continuously, let them live on compo rations[morale of our troops and airmen may not be important to our decision makers who work in aircondition offices hundreds of miles from the border]; casualty evacuations in HOSTILE territory should not be done by aerial vehicles since the RISKS taken by airmen is not recognised so why mati katak, let the infantry stretcher out their casualties by manpower.

In UK the british armed forces recognize the BRAVERY of the airmen of the army, navy and air forces with the DISTINGUISHED FLYING CROSS and in Australia the BRAVERY of the airmen of the three services are recognized by the Australian Flying Cross. The question of the Malaysian Army and navy wanting their own BRAVERY recognition from the air is covered .The Army Air Corps and the Naval Fleet Air Arm[ helicopters/ fixedwing] can qualify for the PINGAT TENTERA UDARA[ptu] THROUGH BRAVERY FROM THE AIR.The PTU is not meant solely for the RMAF, those who EXECUTE BRAVERY THROUGH THE AIR MEDIUM do qualify, if deemed fit ,for the PTU. I was recommended for the PGB by the RMAF in 1997 but the then CAFS Gen [R] Tan Sri Mohd Sany decided that the RMAF have the PTU and approved the recommendation of the PTU instead of the PGB although airmen earlier were awarded the PGB for similar acts of Bravery. I have no problems accepting the allowances for the SP and PGB but to deny the PTU awardees is tantamount to telling the airmen/airwomen from the Army, navy and Air forces that their services and risks are not equal to the acts of bravery of PGB awardees. So much for 1 Malaysia for us airmen. It would not hurt so much if no allowances are given to any of the awardees but to isolate the PTU is NOT FAIR, we also put our LIVES ON THE LINE for our BELOVED COUNTRY AND FOR THE GOVERNMENT to officially not RECOGNIZE the RISKS we airmen took is a slap in the FACES of the PTU awardees.


PTU 1978

Well, one option to resolve this issue is to ABOLISH these 3 medals. My rational is understanding of the official respond to my appeal on this matter is that these 3 medals are NOT PRESTIGIOUS...quote"...Ini adalah kerana nilai pengiktirafan yang diberikan oleh Kerajaan terhadap penerima Darjah Kebesaran atau Bintang/Pingat Persekutuan mempunya nilai prestij dan martabatnya yang tersendiri" ...unquote.  



Anonymous said...

Bagi pilot & co -pilot pesawat Alouette and juga Nuri, kebanyakan mereka hanya dapat PPA sahaja.
Saya menyokong cadangan pingat PTU mendapat elaun yang setimpalnya

Pesara & bekas pemandu pesawat Nuri.PPA.Ex 3 skn BTW.

Anonymous said...

Nuri pilot hanya pakai PPA saja. Nuri pilot didiskriminasikan. Buat kerja teruk. Pengiktirafan pun tak dapat.

Nuri krew. PPA,PPS sahaja.

Anonymous said...

mungkin mereka ingat pilot dah kaya raya tak perlu bantuan kewangan lagi kot ? ciss ciss ciss !