Khamis, 5 November 2009

Auld Lang Syne......!!

I have almost exhausted all avenues to get the Government of Malaysia to reconsider its decision of not giving the recipients of the JPP, PTU and KPK, a monthly allowance as accorded to our SP and PGB counterparts. I had e-mailed the Minister of Defence, Chief Secrectary to the Government (KSN), Secretary General of MINDEF (KSU), and newspapers but to no avail. If even the Minister himself is 'powerless' to convince the government to revise this decision....who am I then...!

 My only regret is that I missed the opportunity to bring this issue to the attention of the MPs during their debate in the Parliament on SP and PGB recently. Should this matter be brought up, I am quite sure the end result would be in our favour. I am sure there are MPs out there who acknowledge our sacrifices in defending this beloved and only country of ours......MALAYSIA. Maybe....during the next Parliamentary session, InsyaAllah!

 As a Muslim, I have tried.....Almighty Allah destined it...Qada and Qadar!

 As a farewell, I listed a few comments from my 'Jottings' as well as those imported from blogs of 'mind NO EVIL' and 'Syarak Mengata, Adat Menurut'.

... taming said

Kerajaan memang sepatutnya mengambil kira elaun diberi juga kepada penerima JPP, PTU dan KPK.

Tetapi kerajaan menerima nasihat daripada PAT dan AKS Perkhidmatan Anggota yang tidak mengiktirafkan penerima-penerima lain selain SP dan PGB yang patut menerima elaun.

Jadi apa kata Jeneral-Jeneral kita?

Saya rasa mereka perlu mengubah sikap!

October 5, 2009 7:39 AM

Anonymous said...

There are not many who receive this medal and it is awarded base on performance if compared to the number of Datukships awarded to RMAF generals- some of them don't deserve the award as yet even for the next many years ahead comparing on their contribution to the nation.

It is a pity that the Armed Forces leadership is ignorance and the nation leaderships can't be blamed as they are not in the know.

Too many "enau dalam belukar melepaskan pucuk masing masing" That is the kind of people that run the RMAF now.

Do we regret for joining the Armed Forces? Hopefully not but something need to be corrected and lets hope what you are doing now to be the first step in the right direction. And it is best to remind the Armed Forces leadership that ignorance is not an excuse as the organization will regret one day and the nation will have to pay a heavy price for the stupidity of the Armed Forces leaderships.

Please don't rest your case!!!

October 20, 2009 10:42 AM

My dear friend,

1. Your dedication and devotion in putting up this blog and writing all the articles you have written is your great contribution to honour the heroes, sung or unsung, Army, Navy or Air Force.

2. Truly, each and everyone of the heli-pilot and air crew are part and parcel of the nation FRONT LINE-SOLDIERS who fought and won two insurgencies that very few nations in the world can boast about. It is GREATER THAN WINNING TWO FOOTBALL WORLD CUP. All Malaysians should be very proud of you. I know, I do.

Like the civilians and some MINDEF guys said "we were doing our job", they are right. But our job is DIFFERENT from many others' jobs. Our jobs call for facing the nation enemy and its bullets. If we lose, we lose Malaysia.

Yeah, cheers to our sky heroes. They are second to none in the world. In fact, they are the best because they have the experience, flying in our difficult and dangerous terrain - the jungles and mountains are hazardous - and the terrorists were taking shots at them. Yeah, one never knew whether they would come home to their loved ones. The number of heli-pilots and crew sacrificed their lives for the nation in the job (service to the King and Country) speak for itself.

My salute to the heli-pilots and crew-men.

You deserve the allowance for your PTU. I believe MINDEF will correct the oversight.

God bless each and everyone of you.

Cheers Chong, Cheers Nor. Cheers everybody.

Fabian Wong
An ex-footsoldier/MIO
October 21, 2009 9:10 AM
Source: mind NO EVIL

H@D!3 said...

Nak dapat SP,PGB atau PTU atau KPK perlu ada pengorbanan. Malang nya hanya PGB dan SP saja di kira pretigious.

Mengapa perkara ini terjadi. General manakah yang akan fight for KPK dan PTU. I don't think they will bcos depa bukan faham sangat tentang pengorbanan yang telah di lalui oleh penerima KPK dan PTU.

October 21, 2009 5:05 AM
Source: mind NO EVIL

taming said...

Those brave helicopter pilots have sacrificed their lives so that others may live to enjoy peace in this country.

If the Minister of Defence, KSU, PAT and COAF were to refer to respective CITATIONS of JPPs, PTUs and KPKs recepients, they would be convinced that they too deserve similar allowances though the amount may vary. They should have done better "homework" before announcing the new allowances for SP and PGB!

I spoke to some senior ex-RMAF officers who were former commanders of some of the PTU, KPK recepients and wrote citations on them. They wished the country could award PGBs to dozens of pilots of No.3 Sqn RMAF for the year 1978/1979 during which more than 13 times the RMAF Nuris were shot by the Communist Terrorists (CTs) in the Malaysia/Thailand border. They felt hurt and upset knowing the authorities neglet the PTU and KPK recepients and wished that they had written PGB citations for all those guys.

I also learn that except for one Nuri helicopter which crashed after being shot and suffered total loss of lives, all helicopters and the crew survived the shooting incidents. The brave and professional handling of the machines and with the Grace of the God, they live to receive their medals which now NOBODY cares.

I feel that JPP, PTU and KPK recepients deserve to be accordingly given similar allowances which are accorded to SP and PGB recepients.

October 23, 2009 5:40 PM
Source: mind NO EVIL

Anonymous said...

It was a sad story despite the effort bringing the issue of the three medals PTU, KPK and JPP but none was debated during the current Parliamentary session.

Neither the government nor the opposition. Either both are ignorant or simply insensitive, maybe they do not know the existent of the three awards as both side of the aisle only care for the SP and PGB. But hopefully your fight will continue and pray to GOD the day will come!!!

October 24, 2009 12:47 PM

Pingat Tentera Udara wajar mendapat ganjaran.

PTU wajar mendapat ganjaran seperti PGB (Pingat Gagah Berani)

Pingat Tentera Udara (PTU), a meritorious and gallantry award for bravery and valour for RMAF personnel, should also be receiving a similar allowance announced recently by the government for recipients of the PGB and the SP.

Cerita selanjutnya di

Posted by Den at 19.10.09
Source: Syarak Mengata, Adat Menurut

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan said...

the allowance for sport achievers are higher than s.p.??? what's seems to be the problem here, we honoured our sportsmen more than our warriors...

November 1, 2009 11:42 AM

Are there any MPs out there willing to bring this issue during the current Parliamentary session? If yes, thank you and I surely appreciate it very much.

I suppose this is what "1MALAYSIA.....RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN.....PENCAPAIAN DIUTAMAKAN" all about!!!


2 ulasan:

FMZam berkata...

Kita sebenarnya telah melakukan kesilapan apabila pingat keberanian dinilai dengan pemberian elaun bulanan yang tidak setimpal dengan nilai apa pun untuk sesiapa pun menilai berapa harga keberanian dalam erti kata sebenar kerana keberanian itu sepatutnya "tidak ternilai harganya".

Apabila dimulakan dengan menilai sebuah pingat keberanian dengan wang maka akan berlakulah situasi dimana nilai itu akan dipersoalkan apabila pingat-pingat yang bukan untuk keberanian bernilai lebih tinggi dari pingat-pingat keberanian, dan ini pasti sekali mengaibkan apabila lambang keberanian yang tidak mendapat penghormatan sewajarnya.

Kerajaan ini sepatutnya memikirkan dahulu berapa sepatutnya nilai keberanian pahlawan-pahlawan negara untuk diadakan semua pingat keberanian dari SP, PGB, malah kepada Pingat Hang Tuah juga supaya simbol keberanian sentiasa berada diatas semua jasa bakti lain oleh rakyat kepada negara.

Disinilah kesilapan itu bermula apabila kerajaan menjadikan pingat keberanian hanya sebagai bahan propaganda dan kerana itu tidak hairanlah kalau ianya "murah".

Pada saya biarlah pingat-pingat keberanian itu tidak diberi apa-apa imbuhan wang kerana ianya tidak ternilai harganya untuk dinilai dengan wang. Begitu lebih baik dari melihat nilai keberanian menjadi susut disebabkan nilainya tidak lebih dari wang apabila jasa bakti lain digambarkan menjadi lebih berharga dari keberanian.

Kalau kerajaan benar-benar jujur menjadikan keberanian itu satu inspirasi kepada rakyat untuk memupuk semangat keberanian, biarlah simbol keberanian itu sentiasa dijaga dan dipupuk sebagai lambang yang supreme bukan sesuatu yang boleh dipersoal dan dipersendakan.

Imbuhan untuk keberanian perlu diadakan dengan cara yang membuatkan penerima-penerima anugerah ini dapat berbangga selama hidupnya dengan keberanian yang diiktiraf keatasnya oleh negara dan seluruh rakyat, bukan untuk hidup dengan pingat keberanian yang dipersoalkan nilainya.

Imbuhan untuk keberanian adalah lebih dari wang ringgit, namun kerajaan ini mengambil mudah dengan memberi imbuhan wang yang akhirnya menjadi persoalan apabila penerima pingat keberanian menjadi bertambah ramai dan negara kita mempunyai terlalu ramai "hero".

Inilah akibatnya apabila rakyat mendapati keberanian itu sudah jadi sesuatu yang umum kerana kerajaan kita menjadikan ia sebagai bahan propaganda.

Quote "In war, bravery is commonplace", maka sewajarnyalah kita jangan pula melambakkan pingat keberanian (sebagaimana pingat untuk mendapat Dato') untuk dengan mudah memberi penganugerahan pingat keberanian sehingga ianya menjadi tidak bernilai apa-apa, dan itulah yang dibuktikan oleh kerajaan ini, maka sebab itulah cukup susah untuk kerajaan memperakui apa yang saudara perjuangkan.

Kejujuran kerajaan sudah boleh diukur dari keliatannya, tidak perlu lagi kita tertanya-tanya, sama seperti perlakuan manusia dalam rutin kehidupan, apabila orang tidak melayan permintaan kita, itu sudah boleh difahami apabila dia tidak memberi jawapan atau tidak melayan kita, sebagai tanda yang dia menolak.

Salam ampun maaf dari saya.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Elok sahaja lah kita ubahkan kerajaan menjadi kerajaan rakyat.
The Armed Forces now is nothing much to talk about. I wonder whether we can rely on the MAF to defend the nation as what is happening which I am sure that many retired soldiers are aware of the incompetency surrounding the MAF.
Malaysian Armed Forces is the GOLD MINE for those who are well connected. You only need to be in line with the KSU, PAT and the three service chief and can even ignore the minister.
So medals!!! no need la... gallantry awards is nothing generals only go for Tan Sri and Datukships and the rest not important unless you are the brother to Panglima Angkatan Tentera fail MPAT but recovered based on mercy then got promoted to a "fool Colonel" also and then PAT had the cheeked to sent his brother to oversea for Defence College so why need performance!!!
Medals oooooh medals... let it be a lesson learnt for future generation that before committing to anything ask yourself "Is it worth the risk"?
Kita lupakan lah sahaja Angkatan Tentera Malaysia dan kita biarkan lah dia reput sebab kalau perang pun ehmmmmm PAT pun tak ada ilmu perang tapi yakin lah perang tak akan berlaku, kalau berlaku juga kita bersedia kembali kepada peperangan rakyat!!!!!
Medals ohhhhh medals murah nya harga mu!!!!
Lets tell the big general with so many stars don't just walk around look important.
So go and play Golf brother make more birdies not boogies!!!!!!!!