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Saved By Curly Hair...!

Readers, I find a colleague's comments in my blog very interesting. I knew Capt Sharif "Uban" since I first joined No 10 Sqn, RMAF Kuantan, in 1974. He was then in No 3 Sqn, RMAF Butterworth. I used to go for detachment at his sqn then. Later, I used to fly with him as a co-pilot when he underwent Nuri captaincy conversion course at No 10 Sqn and later posted to the sqn upon completing the course. My last encounter with him was at  ITU, RMAF Kinrara in 1980. We were then attending the first SOS Course ever conducted by the RMAF.

Now he is happily settled at Pulau Kapas after migrating from Miri. I suppose he is an avid fan of "Gilligan's Island" ...old timers would surely remember this tv series...he...he.  He is now an owner of a holiday resort at that enchanting  island...Pulau Kapas. And....still hunting the buried treasure left by the Pirates of the Kapas Island...jangan marah.

At about 1400 hour on 11 November 2009, I called him to inform that I did not e-mail him and others asking for money to pay for my hotel bill in the UK - see "WARNING!!". You see, he asked his daughter to settle the bill on reading the e-mail. Thank you...Sharif...for your concern. You are indeed a true friend in need! Of course, I took the opportunity to seek his permission to publish his comments, and the answer is....YES!'s an unedited story...of a pilot named Sharif...

Capt's Longhouse said... 

Mej Nor and buddies ! yoo,,,sharing another 'untold experience' of an young Alouette pilot from 3 Sqn. Butterworth - 1974!

...Date/time to be reconfirmed, till I find my log book again-lah.

...Was on special detachment with the Special Branch Chief himself at Fort Gemala for 2 x weeks in the jungle base as stand-by Aloutte recce chopper but nothing happened for the first week and was invited for some fishing trip by the orang asli/police field force officer and Army Rept. So off I went stripped down just in my shorts plus T shirt on their wooden sampan for fish bombing !

,,,wow the ikan kelah was struggling after the 1st underwater blow-up and I jumped into the river to bring the fishes back but the strong current swept me across the other end ! Upon taking a BIG fish in hand, I stopped at the river edge for some rest and noticed some movements in the jungle!. Holy SHIT !!..CTs were watching us and I immediately swam across to the orang asli guide plus we all made our way back to base camp safely!!. The special Ops. was immediately launched and within the next couple of weeks, the security forces managed to kill/capture a few of the 40 odd CTs at that area.

,,,Guess what ?. One of the captured CTs a Malay guy (he looks like Mej Kalid Ali haha) from Kelantan told me that he had his gun sight at me while I was on the sampan but thought that I was an orang asli and if only he knew that was the chopper pilot (meself) he would had pulled the trigger !. We had a great laugh and apparently he is now serving in the SB too, probably retired by now !!.

,,,So its not too bad to be with curly hairs and dark skin too hehehe..saved my day that day too.

Very stupid of me going out fishing but that was the normal thing to do by the SB personnel plus orang asli guides at all the jungle forts that we used to fly in/out then. Kept this experience secret from the Sqn/Flt. Commander, too scared that they might stop me from flying alone into the jungle again in support of Ops. Bamboo etc hahaha. boy OOO boy !! that was one crazy experience kept in my heart for the last 35 odd years Geee !!.

November 10, 2009 10:32 AM

Golfers saved by the 'siren'...this guy ...saved by Allah-given curly hair. As what arwah Tompel said in "Ahmad Albab" movie '....ada makna' when he was given a sejadah as his birthday present.

Readers, now you know who were the culprits that cause 'ikan kelah' to be almost extinct!! He...he...he

Sharif...please click here..

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Capt's Longhouse berkata...

,,,hahaha ! those were the days yaa..and i can relay another frightening experience on the Alouette in my early days too, while solo doing journey flight back along 'Tenom Valley' in Sabah, i was caught by the heavy rain and clouds..just could not escape or land in the river so i flew instrument into the clouds until i broke free at 14,400 ft !! mind you the clouds were huge and tops at approx. 30,000 ft or so !!..again i was lucky to trust on the basic Alouette instruments in-order to save the day. Held at 70 kts and blown by strong up drafts, i glued to the artificial horizon with a rate of climb to clear the high mountain range and prayed to God. After that experience, i trained myself to fly instrument i.e. proper IMC type of flying, even on the Alouette 111 which is an VFR chopper by right.
,,,most of my flights from Grik to Kota Baru were flown at 7,000 ft above the low clouds that covered the East/West highway which other aircrew had to perform "I follow road" type of flying. Radio Malaysia Kota Baru was my ADF station to home to and again my Sqn. training officer was not impressed with my kind of real IFR sorties across the high cloudy mountains then on the Alouette 111. hehehe !. Was glad to be converted to fly the Nuri with slightly better instrumentations but unfortunately until today the Nuri helicopters have yet to be fully up-graded for IFR flights, like our choppers for Off-Shore oil and gas requirements-lah. Its about time the RMAF take this subject issue seriously too because nowadays they are expected to operate far out at sea for various other mission.
,,,I hope someone from the RMAF will read this comment of mine and follow up to IFR up-grade the Nuri helicopter properly ?. Its too bloody dangerous without the right instruments to fly IFR, that i must truly admit now yaa !!. I have been through it before while serving in the RMAF and am lucky to be alife. My time spent flying as a professional pilot in the civil streets had taught me many other valuable lessons too.
,,,Perhaps I will share more of it later in my blog ?.

o.k. guys, please fly safely and i will doa for all of you chopper pilots ! yoo. (flying is indeed a high risk job, calculated risks i must say)...but get the right tools for it. We have the professional pilots but sadly not the aircrafts for it !! Come on MINDEF do the right things please..for God's sake..yaa ?..pity the aircrew and their trusting passengers and families waiting for their safe returns home.