Friday, November 27, 2009


Readers, the highest court in our beloved nation, Federal Court, has decided in April 2009, that Chin Peng is not allowed to come back to Malaysia. However, for reasons best known to themselves, there are certain groups who are still 'lobbying' to get the sympathy of the rakyat to bring back this 'sick old man'.

I'm not alone in expressing my views that I'm totally against Chin Peng coming back. Let me refresh your memory by revisiting my friend's unedited comments in one of my postings. (You can read his adventures at

Capt's Longhouse said...

Guys !

,,,while we awaits Capt. Chong KL to write his, perhaps you might want to know more about late Capt. Choo YB ....ref ;"The nation recognised our sacrifices by conferring bravery awards,,,in 1979; few received posthumously, eg, PGB for the late Capt (U) Choo YB and PTU for the late Lt (U) Chung MT." ????....

 ,,,YES, indeed the late Capt. Choo YB relief aircrew from 7 Sqn. Kuching before being killed at Ops. Gubir, he was involved with another Thai/M'sia border Ops. with me from 10 Sqn. whereby he volunteered to be the "Dummy" chopper for the CTs to take pot shots at so that we can determine where from the damn CTs were shooting our chopper from !!. Can you ever beat that ?. Talking about sacrifice and bravery and total dedication in defending this beloved country ??..this guy sandbagged his chopper and hovered just to be shot at !! and radio across for me to abseil/winch down the troops accordingly to attack the CTs.

 ,,,with the Nuri carrying protective sandbags for the 12 x troops on board, my chopper was over weight to hover out of ground effect as such we had to rest her belly on the tree branches, while the troops were abseiled/winched down or else we can't take-off safely or just have to jettison the sand bags in a hurry !.

,,,Indeed, it was Capt. Choo's idea to place his chopper as the target so that we could safely deploy our troops and surround the enemy. That special Ops. was indeed a big success and we brought back a couple of dead CTs as trophy.

,,,Unfortunately a few months later his chopper was shot down at Ops. Gubir and were killed together with everyone onboard. 

 ,,,In fact, we were together that morning at RMAF Butterworth, all three of us,,,meself, Capt Choo and Capt Chung were discussing "When, Where and How" to crash land the chopper in case of being shot down while we were having our morning shower !!. Maybe I will write more about the Ops Gubir flight support whereby 21of our choppers were shot at and Capt. Murad's 139 bullet holes chopper that Capt Choo was supposed to help ferry back was unfortunately in vain on 27th April'76.

,,,Darm the CTS !! guys killed my dear buddies..and if any body were to bring Chin Peng back, am still awaiting to settle the score !.. that is/was my last promise to late Capt. Choo & Capt Chung.

 November 3, 2009 9:13 PM

 I'm very proud to say that I was literally involved in this beloved nation's "war" against communist terrorism.... and SURVIVED TO TELL MY EXPERIENCES!! A  squad-mate of Regular Intake 11, 2Lt Razak Hussein PGB,  became a mere number in statistics less than a year upon commissioning . He was ambushed and killed by the communist terrorists in Sarawak. My colleagues and I were shot while flying the ever faithful Nuri helicopters during the counter-insurgency warfare then. In fact, we were the hunted....not the hunters!! Except for one Nuri....we survived. But the unfortunate Nuri went down taking 11 heroes with her on 27 April 1976 at Gubir. And....all the 5 aircrew were my friends!!

....What about those 'footsloggers' and policemen who never made it?....Or those who are physically handicapped permanently?....Or those innocent civilians who were murdered  or had to endure extreme hardship during the Emergency? What do you sincerely think of their kins' feelings should Chin Peng be allowed to come back? To the proponents of the groups advocating the return of your 'idol'....use your power of visualization if you are in their shoes!! This is my personal view of which I'm entitled to.

Something for you to ponder over on this auspicious day....




Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,Tanah Malaysia ini tanah keramat. Bukan sedikit darah yang tumpah untuk membina bangsa merdeka dan berdaulat. Baru 52 tahun mencapai kemerdekaan, ada orang kita sudah lalai dengan sejarah...adooooiii haiii !!
,,,but i have always let my frustrations spur me towards greater achievements..such sweet revenge !! going through ordeals it will toughen oneself, but some of our younger generation has/have got it too easy, if i may say it.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Saudara Sharif,

Betul kata anda! Generasi baru tidak merasa keseksaan yang kita hadapi di suatu ketika dulu. Kerana pengorbanan kita le mereka dapat menikmati kehidupan dewasa ini.


Capt's Longhouse said...

To all my fallen buddies,,,,

Make my lonely grave richer,
Sweeter be...
Make this truly,
"The land of freedom
And the home of our children,"
I gave my life to save
That I might too, lie eternally,
Forever free...

Tok Uban

mohd idris bin hassan said...

This was send to me by a retired British army Colonel who now resides in Malaysia and the folow up was my reply

Dear Idris,

It is scandalous that Chin Peng should have been granted any right to return to Malaysia. I support his return - with his arrest and trial under ISA immediately on arrival! Our brothers in arms did not die so that Chin Peng could live out a pleasant old age in Malaysia.

Kind regards,


Dear Colonel Douglas,
This has largely been brought out by the bloody buffoons who choose to sign a peace treaty with a totally spend force and in the process sold out the pride and dignity of all those who fought to defend this country. I cannot believe that these buffoons agreed to grant this killer a right to return. Now either way they are well buggered. Those who champion for the return of this mass murderer which now includes a former disgraced and convicted IGP should be ashamed of them selves . I don't even want to scroll down to read the hogwash.

Best regards


Hansac said...

Sorry gentlemen but should we not treat our enemies according to the Geneva Convention, regardless of how our enemies treated us?

Adherence to the Geneva Convention is a must.

You guys were combatants in a battlefield. Even the Vietnamese forgave the Americans and vice-versa.