Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ops Terumbu Lima...My Final Flight

I had the opportunity to night stop at Terumbu Layang-Layang. On 8 February 1984, I flew the Chief of Naval Staff, Air Commander, Naval Commander 2nd Division and party to the atoll. We flew back the next day, 9 February. Details of the flight..

~ M23-29
~ Self/2Lt (U) Kamarul/Sgt Saifuddin
~ Callsign - Harimau 698 Juliet

During this period, the reclaimed areas were the living accommodation and the hangar only (area encircled by 'black' metalled-retaining wall - see pic). Paskal were/are staying in the newly completed comfortable living quarters and the Nuri was tied-down in the dispersal area. We did not bring the towing bar to tow the Nuri into the hangar.  It was during this visit that, if I'm not mistaken, a decision was made to construct a channel so that naval vessels could enter the lagoon. It was proposed that under water explosives be used for this purpose.  

Now, there is a new channel near the airstrip.

My last flight to TLL was on 24 August 1984 with the late Lt (U) Tan Eng Huat and Sgt Jaafar. A very long time ago.  Details of the flight...

~ M23-37
~ Callsign - Harimau 698 Juliet
~ Hours flown - 3 hrs 25 min

Well...I can proudly say that I contributed a small part towards nation building!

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