Saturday, July 24, 2010

Senarai Penerima Jasa Perkasa Persekutuan (JPP)

Ini senarai penerima JPP mulai 31 Ogos 1953 hingga 2 Jun 2001 yang dikeluarkan oleh Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Bahagian Istiadat & Urusetia pada 14 Oktober 2008...

Sila klik untuk membesarkan imej. Senarai KPK akan menyusul, InsyaAllah.


basri bin omar said...

Salam Tuan!

Tk paparan tu...cuma mhn Tuan emelkan kpd saya...utk simpanan dan agih ke Muzium RAJD...

Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Saudara Basri,


Arunzab said...

Saudra Nor,

Just for the info of all the the correct name of this award is (Jasa Perkasa Persekutuan) JPP and is a civilian award. However it is also given to members of the armed forces who preformed gallantry acts not in the face of the enemy.


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Saudara Arunzab,

Thank you for correcting the error. Readers, my apology.

Abah said...


Didalam menetapkan yang mana satu pingat yang dianugerahkan peringkat persekutuan yang dianugerahkan oleh YDPA dan pingat yang dikeluarkan oleh ATM sendiri, ramai dikalangan mantan Pegawai Tentera dan Bekas tentera pun terkeliru dan kurang arif dan buta maklumat.

Pagi tadi saya menghadiri Persidangan PBTM di Peringkat Negeri Melaka sebagai Perwakilan cawangan saya. Apa yang menjadikan hairanya menjadi suatu pertelingkahan hangat yang menyatakan KPK dan PTU itu adalah pingat yang dikeluarkan oleh ATM yang mereka beranggapkan KPK/PTU tidak layak untuk dibuat rayuan untuk mendapat elaun sepertimana SP dan PGB kerana taraf pingat itu bukan dianugerahkan dan berstatus Pingat persekutuan.
Begitu rendah sekali mentaliti Mantan-mantan kita termasuk Pegawai dan juga LLP. Sayang sekali saya tidak bawak senarai susunan dan kekanan Pingat-pingat (KPK/PTU) tsb. Sehingga usul itu terus ditolak oleh Pengerusi tetap untuk dibawa ke Mesyuarat PBTM peringkat pusat.

Bayangkan lah dikalangan Mantan tentera sendiri(samada Peg atau LLP) tidak tahu nak meletakkankan kedudukan pingat-pingat tsb, apatah lagi mereka yang berada di PUTRAJAYA sana.

Emmmm Entahlah.

basri bin omar said...

Salam Abah!

Gitulah perangai orang kita yang tak pernah nak AMBIL TAU atau memang tak CERDIK atau punya HATI yang tak BERSIH(ataupun BODOH SOMBONG???? maaf).....PTU/KPK di anugerahkan melalui KUASA yang diWartakan..Warta Kerajaan Malaysia sempena HUT SPB Yang Di Pertuan Agong pada bulan Jun setiap tahun manakala Pingat2 ATM di beri sempena HUT ATM pada 16 Sep setiap tahun...cuma penyampaian nya di sempurnakan oleh SPB Yang di Pertuan Agong....Wallahu aqlam!

xpara87 said...

Kol Basri 100% agree with you.
Depa memang bahlol....nama je bekas tentera buat malu ATM. Perkara semudah begini pun tak faham.

Poor geography hahahah

Arunzab said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Arunzab said...

Saudara Abah,

Thank you for raising this point about the sheer ignorance of our officers and men.In this time and age of the internet there is no need for any one to be 'terkeliru, kurang arif dan buta maklumatand and want to pertelingkahan hangat about the status of PTU and the KPK. All any one needs to do is to go to Google Search and just type (Malaysia - Federation Awards) and all the answers are there. Most if not all those who say the holders of the PTU and KPK tidak layak untuk mendapat elaun sepertimana SP dan PGB are probably those who are jealous as they were not deem fit enough to be given these award.The chairmans action to "terus tolak usul untuk dibawa ke Mesyuarat PBTM peringkat pusat" just goes to show his own ignorance and stupidity. I hope you will direct this Chairman whoever he is to my remarks in this blog and you have my permission to disclose my true identity and my phone number since as my former student you know my details.I would love to
give him some lessons on military affairs


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Saudara Semua,

Terkejut tidak, kecewa Ya tentang kejahilan segelintir pihak di zaman IT ini. Saya berharap mereka yang berkenaan dapat meluangkan masa untuk melayar sesawang ini - 

Andaikan PTU & KPK hanya pingat ATM (BUKAN YA), apa salah memperjuangkan agar warga tentera menikmatinya? Bagaimana pegawai PTD mahu membantu sekiranya anggota ATM sendiri menentang? Kalau saya ada alamat e-mel Pengerusi tersebut, saya akan melayangkan satu kepada beliau untuk 'mencelikkannya'.

Abah said...


Mohon buat pembetulan sedikit.

Setelah saya merujuk semula kepada Setiausaha Bahagian PBTM Melaka. Apa yang difahamkan katanya "Permohohon Elaun KPK dan setaraf sedang diperhalusi". Ini memandangkan Usul yang diberikan kepada Ahli-ahli tidak begitu detail yang terdapat didalam senarai usul-usul berbanding dengan apa kertas Usul yang ada ditangan beliau.

Katanya lagi sememangnya usul ditangan beliau lebih detail dengan apa-apa yang diedarkan kepada ahli, tetapi sememangnya ada kekeliruan dan 'arguement' dikalangan pucuk kepimpinan PBTM bahagian dengan kalangan perwakilan tentang kedudukan Pingat-pingat tersebut samada Penganugerahan Peringkat Persekutuan dan Pingat yang dikeluarkan oleh ATM sendiri.

Mohon buat pembetulan......


Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Bukan saya yang 'delete' komen di atas. 'This post has been removed by the author.' 'Author' di sini ialah penulis komen, bukan penulis coretan.
Hanya untuk makluman sahaja.

Anonymous said...

Bro Nor Ibrahim,
All of us in the Armed Forces and Police bravely and gallantly fought the Communist Insurgency War (1st n 2nd)and brought the CPM to it's kneels. To me the country n people owed much to those heroes, living and the dead.I think it's very fair to dispense some small token sum of
allowance to those awarded the SP, PGB, JPP, PTU n KPK similar to those SP n PGB who are receiving it now. Bear in mind that all 5 categories are heroic awards but only in different 'gravity and scenario'and deserving recognition.
After all there are not many still around to receive such appreciation as many has passed-on.May they rest in peace! The country and people now living in peace and prosperity is the result of their past contributions which should NEVER be forgotten. The 'top-brass' people are quite ignorant of gallantry awards and medals whether from the ATM or PDRM. They are more concious and focused only on those awards that carries honorific titles, like Tuns, Tan Sri's and Datuks/Dato's.I am sure many top civil servants and ATM/PDRM officers are very ignorant that the HIGHEST Federal award is Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa(SP) which is the equivalent to the UK's Victoria Cross(VC) or USA Medal of Honor(MOH. So, it is NOT at all surprising that they don't know nor
understand the value of heroic awards to a recipient although they don't carry with it any honorific title. The ignorance should up-date themselves adequately before sitting in any 'Review Committees' to discuss such matters. What a shame! I hope the Govt can be made aware of the value and meaning in giving such gallantry awards by giving a monthly token sum which will help a long way for pensioners.Bro Nor Ibrahim, I am sure your objective and my wishes will materialise very soon. God Bless!!.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Bro Anonymous,

Thank you. I tried my best but to no avail. If only I've an opportunity to talk personally to PM himself, this is one issue I'll bring up. Real pity there's no PRK in Jitra or Kubang Pasu. Those VVIP/VIP would congregate wherever there's a PRK. This is the right forum to ask anything for the benefit of the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Bro Nor Ibrahim,
I know you are doing your best for all those concern. I have been following your progress via your blog and comments by our comrades and your beloved wife. I know how you feel. I have gone through all these 'frustrations' back 15 yrs ago when as an SP recipient you are treated like 'sampah' and ridiculed
when you just wanted to apply for a small piece of land to plant some fruit trees. I remembered when I was ferried into the deep jungles of Perak by your 'work-horse' Nuris from Grik, Lasah and Ulu Kinta, I saw vast areas of 'wasted' uncultivated land. And it was so sad that after my contributions to the war-effort, I was told that 'U tak layak' for a small plot to do farming. But I continued to persevere and did NOT give up. Eventually the Perak state Govt 'lump me' into a huge cooperative plot allotted to ex-servicemen somewhere in Teluk Intan.But mind you it was NOT for free. I have to pay for it by taking a loan from the Agro Bank. Well, that's my story, to be sad or to be happy??? It's up to one to decipher!!! Actually,bro Nur, it is so difficult nowadays for the young generation and 'top-brass' to understand what we had gone through those insurgent days whether up in the air or on the ground. I feel it's because of the absence of this era in them that has made things so difficult for them to understand our plight and the cause for recognition in our contributions as compared to 'sporting-heroes'. For them if they failed to take Gold or Silver, our leaders and coaches will give them a pat on their backs and to say, ' It's alright, train harder for the next round'. But to US there is NO such thing as 'the next round'. It's the body-bag for you!! That's all. Trust me,bro I am monitoring the present scenario and am trying doing my bit to 'push' forward for something to materialize. Be assured bro that you are NEVER alone in this 'fight'. We will beat all odds to achieve victory just like what we did to the CPM/CTO during the 'good old days'. Charlie(SLO) convey his best wishes to you although he himself is not too well at the moment.Tq. You have a good day.

henry said...

Salam tuan,
Boleh saya dapatkan no contact tuan.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Waalaikumussalam Saudara Henry,

Saya boleh dihubungi di 019-4744849. Terima kasih.