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TLL - The Early Days

I'm in communication with an xPASKAL officer, Kept Johari Ramza RMN (R), on the issue of Terumbu Layang-Layang (TLL), aka Station 'LIMA'. He is kind enough to entertain me in sharing his experiences when he and his merry men were given the honour to be the first Malaysians to enjoy an all expenses-paid  holiday on a fantasy atoll in the South China Sea. 

My squadron, No 5 Sqn, RMAF Labuan, was fully involved in 'Ops Tugu'.  A detachment of one Nuri set sailed on board KD Sri Banggi in early 1983. I told him of a directive from higher command only after the aircraft had airborne for deck landing on the ship. Put this way lah, I'm grateful to Almighty Allah that everything went smoothly without any incident otherwise there's a lot to answer...Syukur Alhamdulillah. 
 Lt (N) Johari,  the pioneer Chieftain of the inhibitants of TLL/Station 'LIMA' receiving the PM 

I'm elated by his comments sent through the e-mail.... 
Yes, I was very impressed with the risks taken by the Nuri crews. Considering the very basic support available on board KD SRI BANGGI.  Other than 'luck', the professionalism of the pilots and air crew ensured that no untoward incidents took place throughout the operations. Credit should also be given to the ship's crew, the army engineers and everyone else involved in the operations.

I believe the efforts of those pilots and air crew who served in the early days of Terumbu Layang-Layang should be shared with current RMAF's officers and men. Likewise, the efforts of those Paskal, ship's crew and army engineers should be made known to current sailors and soldiers alike. Last but not least, the early Terumbu story must be made known to all Malaysians!

Appreciate the efforts you are taking in documenting and telling this TLL story which would otherwise be forgotten.


Johari Ramzan

Yes, I received this official letter from the Pang5 of MAWILUD 2, Kuching...
(No 5 Sqn 'Scrap Book')

I'm proud to say that I, too, had contributed in the transformation of the now Pulau Layang-Layang. The first chapter of my proposed 2nd book would be on this foremost front line of our beloved nation as a tribute to all those involved in the initial transformation of an atoll to a holiday resort...Pulau Layang-Layang, if it materialises, insyaAllah.

Kept Johari TLDM (B)....Thank you.

"NEVER HAVE SO MUCH OWED BY SO MANY TO SO FEW" (Winston Churchill)....Very relevant indeed!

PS. Continuation of ' The  Story of A Soldier's Wife'  here.

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F berkata...

Dear Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim,

How many Nuris were involved in Ops Tugu - was it just a single Nuri onboard KD Banggi?

Also, do you know how long the Nuri was deployed at sea aboard KD Banggi?

Thank you.

nur_emyinda12 berkata...

Salam Tn Mejar Nor Ibrahim and Kapt (B) Johari,

From my little reading, Swallow Reef, is located in the vicinity of the disputed Spratly Islands, dubbed the “Jewel of the Borneo Banks” and known worldwide for being a top dive site. It was declared by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as within Malaysia's EEZ.

Little that I know, above all these, the presence of the soldiers from the Special Forces on the island demonstrates the sensitivity of the situation involving the overlapping claims on the many islands within the Spratlys archipelago. Thus the military personnels are needed to maintain Malaysia’s control of the island, with important strategic assets for the country and were believed to contain natural resources such as oil, phosphorous and natural gas, and also to protect the diverse marine life.

Thank goodness Tuan, I read more about this Swallow Reef from your interesting, informative entry “The Humble Hut” and i should, with all my respect, salute these men - the Navy PASKAL, RAJD, and other military personnels. They, too, deserve all the respect from the nation!

Kudos Tuan! Look forward indeed for the book to be materialised! True enough, the nation should be made known about its history and existence...especially the commitment of these men who had actually contributed in the transformation of the now "Pulau Layang-layang".

All the best Tuan and God blessed you and these men for theexcellent commendable commitments!

p/s...sad history of the lost of Pulau Batu Putih ;-(

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear F,

Only 1 Nuri was involved and positioned on KD SRI BANGGI. If I'm not mistaken, the detachment was for 1 week duration before a new set of crew - both the aircrew and the ground crew - took over.

Cik nur_emyinda12,

Thank you.Hope your teacher-trainees appreciate the contribution of the forgotten heroes in nation building.

nur_emyinda12 berkata...

Salam Tn Mejar Nor Ibrahim,

My pleasure Tuan. TQVM to you too for the suggested names of the heroes. Anyway, due to unforseen circumstances, it was postponed to another date. The best thing is, Tn Kol Hj Mohd Basri even suggested me to borrow his "items" which were kept in one of the military camp. Well, they are now safely in my car, awaiting to be exhibited to the campus. I'm indeed proud to have the honour to borrow them.

Thanks a lot to you Tuan for making it possible for me to contact these heroes. Too bad you can't make it Tuan. Do really wish you are one of them around as well! Perhaps next time yeah, Tuan!

p/s InsyaAllah Tuan, sure it would be a fruitful day indeed with so much to listen to and learn from these heroes! Look forward to this day...with much excitement and enthusiasm. May Allah swt grant this hope and prayer...Amiiiin... ;-)

Thanks again Tuan Mejar Nor Ibrahim! Appreciate your concern towards the programme.