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Frankly...I'm lost for words when I read NST's front page headlines on 19 December 2009...I don't know whether to laugh or feel sad over such an embarrassing news!! make the matter more agonizing, the Chief of the Armed Forces, an ex- Air Force Chief, Gen Tan Sri Azizan Arffin said......(see newspaper cutting). vanishes into thin this an illusion by David Copperfield? ...He...he...he!!

How could this F5E Tiger 11 and RF-5E Tigereye General Electric J85-21A engine (see picture of similar engine) get  stolen? Mind you, normally the engine is stored and transported in an airtight, big, bulky and heavy metal container.

Through my observations, RMAF always steal the limelight  during
the  4th quater of the year, especially in December almost  every year. Normally it involves tragic aircraft accidents. Syukur Allahamdulillah, up to the publishing of this posting, there is no such incident. However, it comes in a different form...a totally unwanted publicity!!

Of course I feel sad because I spent 20 years of my best productive years in the Air Force...and very proud of it. I'm where I'm now because of the organisation, and for that...generally, I'm very gratefull. This negative publicity will surely tarnish it's image. During my time this type of news was unheard of. In fact, RMAF those days  projected an image of air power to be reckoned with. Its roles, especially the Nuri helicopters, contributed to the success of the country's fight against communist terrorists. Something I will cherish forever.

Readers... you may wonder who would want to buy this engine. Let me tell you something about procuring US-made military hardwares, in this case military aircraft. A nation may have 'unlimited' funds to buy US aircraft. However, if that country is in Uncle Sam's black book, then forget about...this in one occassion where money cannot buy everything. If a country has US-made aircraft in the inventory but no longer 'buddy-buddy'...the aircraft will be grounded because no suppliers and authorised overhaulers worldwide will be allowed to sell or overhaul the aircraft's components. For US companies, they will be prosecuted if they do so. For others...they will be blacklisted. If a country wants to sell her US-made aircraft, she must get the approval seal of Uncle Sam, otherwise she will be blacklisted. And, no pilot wants to commit sucide flying an aircraft with engines/components long overdue for replacement or overhaul. But, of course, there are unscrupulous people willing to sell anything through 'black market' for a huge profit.

Perpetrators...How can you betray the nation by selling parts of her defence assets? Don't you love this country of yours? Does MONEY  mean EVERYTHING to you?  Very sad indeed...!

I'm glad to know that the investigation papers have been submitted to the Public Prosecutors. Let's wait and see what happens next. For more interesting reading on this topic, please read  "RMAF JET ENGINE GONE MISSING!"  here and "Missing Fighter Engines - A Fishy Explaination" here.

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Sazali M Ali Samsuddin berkata...

Abracadabra; aptly titled, it encapsulated the whole matter :)

Syahlan Shafie berkata...

i m a law graduate and will commence my service with air force in feb next yr. Hopefully i will get involve in prosecuting those culprits.

2Lt Peh Hoo Guan berkata...

Memang pegkhianat bangsa dan negara...the missing engine was not onlythe fault of air force personnel only, civilians are also involved. I always wonder if RMAF can be more self-reliance? AIROD was totally owned by RMAF before, but why does AIROD have to be privatsed? Can we have our Air craft maintained mostly by RMAF engineering crews? Because, if civies are involved with the most important task, there would be problem with security more over, if the task is given to a Pte Ltd company. Would you mind to explain, sir?

Capt's Longhouse berkata...

2lt PHG,

,,,it all boils down to corruption and vasted interests by those in the position or POWER in this country of ours !.
,,,civilian or military personnel is not an issue as long as we have good & strong Leadership manning the ship.(with Moral courage too)
,,,Act of Treason, should and shall be the answer to correct all these wrong doings. Those found guilty shall be sent to the gallow and that will wake-up the rest once and for all. Lets them shit in their pants right now plus having nightmares as their dreams.
,,,Don't draw too hard a line btw military/civilian personnel, we are all brothers/sisters of the same kind. The uniform does change the tiger from its belang yaa.
,,,perhaps you should review more of it in my '2 x bolgs' yaa ?.


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Syahlan,
Do your job without fear or favour.

Dear 2Lt Peh,
I may be wrong...but I'm sure security was not compromised when AIROD was privitized. You must remember that RMAF's interest is safeguarded by Plant Reps, headed by a Lt Col. There is very little room for any form of 'hanky-panky'. Futhermore, this company provides employment to more than 1000 ex-servicemen, especially highly skilled aircraft technicians. And...there is no outflow of funds!