Isnin, 7 Disember 2009

Lesson Learnt

Nuri pilots,

I take the opportunity to extract this unedited comments of Capt Sharif 's episode (with his permission) flying in bad weather for you to think about. It always saddened me whenever a Nuri crashed killing all the crew and passengers. And,  more often than not, the main cause of the accident was due to flying in bad weather.

You're highly-trained all weather pilots. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, however, if you encounter bad weather as what experienced by Capt Sharif, why not focus on flying IF instead of having this IFR (I Folow Road/River) syndrome? This is the best time for you to practise what you have been trained for.

  Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,hahaha ! those were the days yaa..and i can relay another frightening experience on the Alouette in my early days too, while solo doing journey flight back along 'Tenom Valley' in Sabah, i was caught by the heavy rain and clouds..just could not escape or land in the river so i flew instrument into the clouds until i broke free at 14,400 ft !! mind you the clouds were huge and tops at approx. 30,000 ft or so !!..again i was lucky to trust on the basic Alouette instruments in-order to save the day. Held at 70 kts and blown by strong up drafts, i glued to the artificial horizon with a rate of climb to clear the high mountain range and prayed to God. After that experience, i trained myself to fly instrument i.e. proper IMC type of flying, even on the Alouette 111 which is an VFR chopper by right.

,,,most of my flights from Grik to Kota Baru were flown at 7,000 ft above the low clouds that covered the East/West highway which other aircrew had to perform "I follow road" type of flying. Radio Malaysia Kota Baru was my ADF station to home to and again my Sqn. training officer was not impressed with my kind of real IFR sorties across the high cloudy mountains then on the Alouette 111. hehehe !. Was glad to be converted to fly the Nuri with slightly better instrumentations but unfortunately until today the Nuri helicopters have yet to be fully up-graded for IFR flights, like our choppers for Off-Shore oil and gas requirements-lah. Its about time the RMAF take this subject issue seriously too because nowadays they are expected to operate far out at sea for various other mission.

,,,I hope someone from the RMAF will read this comment of mine and follow up to IFR up-grade the Nuri helicopter properly ?. Its too bloody dangerous without the right instruments to fly IFR, that i must truly admit now yaa !!. I have been through it before while serving in the RMAF and am lucky to be alife. My time spent flying as a professional pilot in the civil streets had taught me many other valuable lessons too.

,,,Perhaps I will share more of it later in my blog ?.

o.k. guys, please fly safely and i will doa for all of you chopper pilots ! yoo. (flying is indeed a high risk job, calculated risks i must say)...but get the right tools for it. We have the professional pilots but sadly not the aircrafts for it !! Come on MINDEF do the right things please..for God's sake..yaa ?..pity the aircrew and their trusting passengers and families waiting for their safe returns home.


November 15, 2009 9:34 AM

Why not ponder over this unedited comments in one of my articles. You might be able to enjoy your retirement benefits like I do...InsyaAllah!

Anonymous said...

To Young Nuri pilots...

Please do not hesitate to request Radar Vector from Radar Control. There are willing to help you whenever you are.

Do not push your luck!

September 19, 2009 11:51 PM

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

It is funny when we say the main cause of the accident was due to bad weather.
Human error kot!!! but nobody wants to admit it anyway.
But what was related by capt Sharif is what the pilot must do. Captaincy and airmanship!!!. So young pilot!!! learn from the pirate of Pulau Kapas.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Anonymous,

You're right but you know I know cukuplah!

Capt's Longhouse berkata...

,,,indeed, its 'human factor' that causes 75% of accidents in the aviation world !. No two ways about it yaa. 110% true guys !!.
,,,things have indeed progressed forward in time and we now have Aviation specific HSSE sofewares to aid aircrew nowadays but its sad to note that our RMAF is still lagging far behind to benefit from these e-world goodies available in the market, not for the lack of fundings but mindset plus leadership skills.
,,,Those in leadership role must realise that they must act as an professional and forget about playing politics with the politicians !.
,,,Just remember that every adversity, every failure and every heartaches carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. If you do not surmount difficulty and make an effort to change/improve the RMAF, you will not go beyond where she is right now, our RMAF will even fall behind ever further !. Just surmount your temporary setbacks, guys !! and you will be wiser and tougher after the ordeals. Take the bold initiatives for positive change ahead. Just DO it !..No two ways about it yaa. Again another 110% truth yaa !.

Shariff Uban