Sabtu, 12 Disember 2009

As Always...Not My Day!

10 December 2009....Indian Festival Golf Competition at Royal Kedah Club (RKC). I sacrificed my 4-day weekly routine at DGCC with my members. This competition is held 3 days over 18 holes. Members are given the options either to play on Thursday - morning and afternoon - through Saturday morning.  I chose to play this morning since I have to attend my friend's son  wedding reception on Saturday. In fact, he called me at about lunch hour to remind me of the reception. Normally, RKC organise sanctions competitions over 3 days, ie, Thursday through Saturday.

 I always choose to play on Saturday so that I have 4 days pulling the troley at DGCC with my gang. Friday is out...I can't afford to miss Friday prayers. Well, you can't have your way all the time. By not playing even for one day with my gang, the nation is deprived of solutions to the current economic woes. You see, currently our main topic of discussion is the nation's economic crisis and how best we can resolve the problem...he...he...he.

Left to right: Sivananthan, Mong Khon, Nor Ibrahim, Dato' Jamil Ahmad

Before leaving the house, I told my wife that I had no choice but to attend the prize-giving dinner on Sunday night, 13 December 2009, at the club. It's rude of me not to attend since  HH the Sultan will be giving away the prizes and I'm one of the potential winners...he...he...he. Well, top 10...sure not; bottom 5...guaranteed. What do you expect if the net score was 79? Imagine...hole # 4 - Par 3 - I scored '2 pars'...even Tiger Woods can't beat me. People can score 'hole-in-one', 'birdie', 'par', 'bogey'...and I...'double par', what a game!

But, I improved tremendously on 2nd 9. Hole #13 (#4 for 1st 9),  I scored 'Birdie' ...tweet...tweet... and 2 pars!! Mong Khon played 9 holes only. You see, those 75 years and above have the option to play 9  holes and the use of buggy. He always prefers walking. This chap is really fit for his age. By the way, he's writing a memoir and the book should be coming out soon. Mong Khon...10% for promoting your book...he...he.

For competitions, including the Monthly Medal, the club imposes the policy of using caddies. To be honest, I'm not that happy with this policy, and in fact, I made my  views known to the club management through an e-mail. All I requested was that it should be optional...that's all. As expected...turned down! My caddy or should I say, 'trolley puller', that day was a Form 1 student. When I asked for a 'putter', he gave me a 'hybrid' club. When I hit the ball, I had to look for it myself since he was unsure where the ball landed (normally 'tree-under' lah...). Well, for the services rendered, I'm poorer by RM30. Never mind least these youngsters earned an honest pocket money during school holidays.

Well, I told my friend Siva to take the prize on my behalf since I won't be attending the dinner. The reason is that my 'batek' shirt is not yet ready  for the function...he...he...he. On a positive side, the 'nasi beriani' for lunch after the game was good.

Actually, not that I couldn't play, but the weather was hot. Mind you, this was one of the reasons given by our golfers in one of the major golf Malaysia! This tournament was only a practice round for the coming 'Evergreen' some time this month with the prize money of RM50 for the champion...he...he...he.

Note: My new outlook. 2 readers sent sms to me complaining that my 'rainbow' writings were 'destroying' their eyesight. The truth is ...I'm showing off my 'prowess' after discovering new templates!

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Capt's Longhouse berkata...

,,,indeed, with this new template your blog looks like a golf pro.-lah, previously its more of like 'pros." !! hehehe. jgn marah yaa, my guess the other half must have hammered it into you !! hahaha.
,,,as far as golf is concerned, try helping around "menyapu" di-rumah it would help your short game plus putting ?. hehehe.
,,,i hit balls on the beach front on the island plus perhaps a thousand strokes of "menyapu" di-sekeliling rumah panjang and in the garden area !!..everyday as such am still a single h/c player. My secret training now out in the open.
,,,another aid is to "visualize" your shots b4 hitting i.e. planning the shot which many golfers don't carry out, so they accept whatever result of their execution !. Silly-kan, in any game you must strategize b4 execution-lah. Its all in the mindset, get it right you will play single like me in no time, now 17 h/c previously as low as 9 h/c. Lucky tak jadi Tiger if not will have all the "headache" he is now facing !!hehehe. Happy golfing.

Siva berkata...

Good write up with a sense of humour! I can't accept the prize on your behalf as I won't be there either! heh heh I have to attend a wedding dinner function. Anyway, we will be ready for the Evergreen Championship this time. By the way, you missed one 'n' in my name. Sivananthan.

Robert Rizal Abdullah berkata...


Forget trying to win prizes at our age - however, if you do, it is a bonus. One thing I found out now is that our game will never improve. It is declining with age. Just be thankful that you are still fit to enjoy the game.

I have not played for 3 years now due to an shoulder injury I sustained in a boat accident in Sibu. Just imagine how frustrated I was initially when I couldn't play my favourite game. Somehow now, I have come to live with the problem. I tried a game three weeks ago in Kuching. I could tolerate the pain on the first nine. It was a torture on the 2nd 9.


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Sharif,
Tried everything...creative visualization lah...course management lah...but still no improvement. Never mind lah. As what my squadmate Rizal said, what's important is that I enjoy the game and every day looking forward to pull my trolley.

Don't be too sure of winning the coming 'Evergreen Championship'. You know me...all my shots are '...luvly'. He...he..

Sad to know that you're having shoulder problem. Main 9+1 holes enough lah...he...he.