Isnin, 11 Januari 2010

A Champion Loser

9 Januari 2010...Monthly Medal (MM) at RKC (Royal Kedah Club). This time I participated after a long break; the last time was on 3 May 2008.  The reason for the break was simply because I was not willing to part with my RM30 for the service of a 'trolley puller'. You see, Club Management imposes a ruling that golfers MUST use caddies in every club-organised competitions, including the MM. I sent an e-mail to the Club suggesting that the use of these pullers be made optional for MM. In fact, this issue was raised during AGM-Golf but the management was adamant with this ruling. Well...I can't fight them...I'm not willing to join, I leave them!

Mind you, I'm not alone against this ruling. Quite a number of MM had to be cancelled since the response then was very bad. The byproduct of this ruling was the emergence of the fortnightly ungazetted 'Evergreen'  competition over 9 holes for senior golfers. A blessing in disguise indeed! However, some time in December 2009, I was told that this ruling was 'unofficially' waived.  There was NO OFFICIAL announcement by the Management.  Well...that's good enough for me. I come again.

Now the new golf commttee has made the MM more attractive. While maintaining the entrance fee still at RM12.60 (inclusive of 5% tax), they have increased the prize money for A, B and C division - still in the form of vouchers. You can offset your monthly subscription or spend at Club's F & B outlets.

 1st - RM150.00 (RM100.00)
 2nd - RM100.00 (RM70.00)
 3rd - RM 70.00 (RM50)

And...a 'proper' breakfast and lunch. What we had before this was breakfast of 'nasi lemak bungkus' and coffee/tea and no lunch. Best of all...hampers for lucky draw for the!

Today's game was a 'shot-gun' start and the mode of play was 'stroke play'. The number of participants was 40. My flight had 3 golfers only as in the picture...

L to R: Amran (hc 23), Nor Ibrahim (hc21), Ooi Chin Sooi (hc 16) at Hole # 7 (Par 3)

We started at hole # 4 - Par 3. My game? Put it this way...Not that I could not play, but the 1st 9... I was not warmed-up yet; the 2nd was too hot. That's why my game was not that 'encouraging'...

The net scores for 'C' division which I belong to..
  • 1st - 67
  • 2nd - 71
  • 3rd - 72
Yours truly? 84...he...he...he.

Never mind...forget about the game. Let's go for lunch. We were served with nasi minyak, fried chicken, dalca and rojak buah for lunch...

Aha...I did not return home empty handed...he...he...he...I was one of the 10 lucky-draw winners...lucky me!

All these for only RM12.60...! I'll try not to miss the MM anymore, InsyaAllah. It does not matter anymore  whether I'm one of the winners or not. The most important thing is that I still can pull my trolley and enjoy myself. Who knows, I might be 'lucky' one of these days. I'm also looking forward for the coming 'Evergreen' on 12 January 2010. And, I am told that there is a likelihood the organisers are planning to have the 1st Annivessary of the Evergreen at Putra Golf Club, Kangar. This time over 18 holes using buggies.

To the Golf Captain and his Committee Members...Well done and keep up the good job. Make the Club 'Members Friendly'.

My days are really occupied. Who say pensioners have ample time and spend their twilight years being potato couch? For sure...not me!

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Siva berkata...

Wah! When I am not around you get the lucky draw la... The next evergreen also might be lucky for you since I won't be playing. Hopefully my back will be okay by the next evergreen competition. All the best to you in the coming competition.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...


Sorry to hear about your back. I'm more to gain with your absence. Otherwise takdak chance nak menang. He..he..he

Amran berkata...


Hi En. Nor...ingat lg pd saya...Amran. Tahniah utk blog u... very nice to read. Handsomenya kita dlm gambor ya...Hope to c u again at club,insyAllah.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara Amran,
Macam mana nak lupa..muka handsome kita bertiga dah direkodkan untuk kenangan. Never mind, next month we try our level best to be the Champ..He..he.