Jumaat, 1 Januari 2010

2009...A Reflection

31 December 2009..."The Pullers" Annual Golf Championship. This morning my gang decided to use buggies instead of pulling the trolleys. After all,  today is the last day of 2009 and I don't intend to play until next year...he...he. The prize for the winner over 18 holes was very attractive...RM15.00  worth of lunch at our favourite 5* haunt...Gymkhana Cafe. On must play at least to your handicap. The other 3 would 'willingly' contribute RM5.00 each. Mind you, for RM15.00 one can get a hearty meal there.

We started with 2nd 9. By 16th hole(Par 5)...I DQ (disqualified) myself....gave up!!  Why? How could I play when on tee-off, the ball flew off tangent into the was the 2nd tee-off! This meant I gave up the right and a confirmed contributor to the prize - whoever he may be. Now you know the existence of a new species of fish - 'Talapiah Horn'-in the DGCC's ponds. Only Abang Tad (Mokhtar) managed to play to his handcap for the 2nd 9 = 44 gross.  The other two? Well, at least they still had a chance and could recover during 1st 9.

1st 9...I enticed  Hamid and Cikgu Khalid to agree to a 'consolation prize'  - RM10.00 meal over 9 holes. As what the latest created Malay proverb says...Ada udang di sebalik mi (replacing' ...ada udang disebalik batu'). For RM10.00 I can get 'mi udang'. You see, I was very sure I could easily 'eat' them since I'm a better golfer; I'm a 21 handicapper whereas they're all 24. Anytime I can beat them. My motive behind this suggestion was...At least I didn't have to pay Abang Tad...he...he.

Anyway, by the time we completed the 9th hole, Abang Tad missed his free lunch by 1 stroke, ie, 89 gross. I played to my handicap - 47 gross, but Cikgu played 1 'under' - 47 gross. He won the consolation prize. We proceeded to Gymkhana for lunch. Before the game, I told my wife that I would be having lunch with my friends at their expense. free lunch for year maybe...InsyaAllah.

   Lto R: Hamid, Cikgu Khalid, Mokhtar, Nor Ibrahim at Gymkhana Cafe

Syukur to Almighty Allah...I'm still able to pull my trolley and truly enjoying my twilight years. And, jotting down whatever comes to my mind in this amazing borderless world. As you can see in my profile, I started my blog in April 2008 for one purpose only - to write about Hepatitis C (HCV), but nothing came out till Jun 2009. The polemic of bringing back Chin Peng to Malaysia 'forced' me to write in 'my way'. I'm so much against this suggestion. In retrospect, I should 'thank' him; without this polemic there would be no motivating factor for me to write. Blessing in disguise indeed.

I'm disappointed that I failed to convince the government to give an allowance to the recipients of the gallantry awards other than SP and PGB - JPP, PTU and KPK. I tried my level best and to a certain extent, I'm proud to say that this issue was raised in the Parliament. And, of course, it really saddened me when the mass media exposed the missing F5E engines scandal. To me, the perpetrators are traitors. As an ex-member of the hurts!

2009...Auld Lang Syne. Welcome 2010...My resolutions? Truthfully...NONE ...Que Sera Sera ...!

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Sorry Maj!!! hilang injin tu dah tentulah satu isu dan yang menjadi masalah nya juga "no ball" those generals in charge to admit their mistake and stupidity.
Exposing the most glaring weaknesses and threatening the national security when some one think that he is larger than the organization and the nation.
Hopefully from 2010 and the future this nation will be blessed with the right people in power not someone who is an ar@*h^le.
Semoga maj terus dirahmati ALLAH dan bertambah baik permainan golf nya!!! Insya'ALLAH.

Faizul berkata...

Hello Major,

Best Wishes for this new year. Hope you will enjoy your golf for many more years to come.

It would be an honor to have a round of golf with you.


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Anonymous and Faizul,

Thank you. Let us pray to Almighty Allah that 2010 would be a better year than 2009, InsyaAllah.

Hai Faizul, belum apa-apa dah nak telan saya ke? Of course, I would love play with you. How many strokes you want to give me? Jangan marah...melawak saja.

Once again, thank you for reading my blog. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat kepada anda semua.