Friday, January 29, 2010

A Classic Case Of Attitudes

Readers...I have expressed my frustration in my futile efforts to get the list of the recipients of Pingat Tentera Udara (PTU) in my previous posting. For reasons best  known to the RMAF, there was no response to my e-mails. My deductions for this indifference in attitude are...
  • The list is highly classified. Any form of leakage may jeopardise the security of the nation...Afterall, we are heroes! He...he...he.
  • The filing system is so poorly maintained to the extent that all the documents are not traceable.
  • The typical attitude '...why bother, afterall, who is this busy body?'
  • 'I'm not a recepient of, what the heck!'
Or any other reasons you can think of...!

Well...This is my perception, which I'm entitled to, of the organisation. My primary objective of getting the list is simply to have the names documented in my blog. The name of the recipients of SP and PGB are documented in "Pahlawan Tanahair" written by Lt Kol Dr Syed Othman (B). The Nation honours RMAF pilots by creating a medal as one of the National Galantry Medals. RMAF should be proud for such an honour...isn't it? Let me extract my previous posting on this issue...
Pingat Tentera Udara (P.T.U.) (Gallantry Award – R.M.A.F.)

Pingat Tentera Udara (P.T.U.) is a gallantry decoration which is conferred on members of the Royal Malaysian Air Force for acts of gallantry and devotion to duty as pilots in or outside their line of duty. The award can also be conferred posthumously. A member of the Malaysian Air Force may receive the award more than once. The Pingat Tentera Udara was instituted on 17 July 1968 and gazetted on 29 August 1968.

 The above excerpt is from the Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia's web site,

To the best of my knowledge and in addition to an input from a friend, the recipients of PTU are...
  • Lt Gen (U) Datuk Mohamad Bin Taib  (arwah)
  • Maj Gen Shaharuddin Bin Ali TUDM (B)
  • Lt Gen Dato' Abd  Ghani TUDM (B)
  • Gen Dato' Abdullah TUDM (B)
  • Lt Col Darby Awin TUDM (B)
  • Capt Ng Sek Kee @ Ng Sak Kay TUDM (B) 
  • Brig Gen Dato' Abdul Rahim Bin Abdul RahmanTUDM (B)
  • Lt (U) Chung Ming Teck (posthumous)
  • WO 1 (AQM) Arumugam s/o Manickam TUDM (B)
  • Sgt (AQM) Leong Yee Heang (posthumous)
  • Maj Dato' Khalid Bin Ali TUDM (B)
  • Capt Murad Bin Mohd TUDM (B)
  • Maj Ahmad Radzi Bin Hashim TUDM (B)
  • Lt Col Frank Chong Keng Lay TUDM (B)
  • Maj Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman TUDM (B)
  • Capt Md Som TUDM (B)
  • Col Zakaria Saleh TUDM
  • Lt Col Felix Gonzales TUDM
  • Maj Nazhar TUDM
My sincere apologies for incorrect ranks, titles and spelling of the names. Rest assured  I will ensure corrections be made upon receipt of inputs. I'm sure I have left out some...not intentional. I simply do not know the other recipients other than the above. And, that's the reason why I have been pursuing the relevant agencies. Of course, I'm only too grateful if readers can provide the names of those not mentioned in my list. I really appreciate it.

For KPK holders of the RMAF, all I have to say is ...don't just sit still and hope that your names be remembered and revered by the RMAF. When you're out of will be out of mind!!

If it is of any consolation, MINDEF has recognised the status of PTU to be on par with PGB through an e-mail from KSU to JPM...

From: Dato' Hj Abu Bakar bin Abdullah []
Sent: Friday, June 26, 2009 6:16 PM
To: Zureen bin Zubir 
Subject: Pingat Tentera Udara (PTU)

Assalamualaikum tuan,

Dengan hormatnya saya merujuk kepada percakapan talipon pada 25 Jun 2009 mengenai perkara di atas.

2. Adalah dimaklumkan bahawa Markas Angkatan Tentera Malaysia baru sahaja selesai melaksanakan kajian keatas status PTU dan telah mengemukakan kepada Bahagian Pengurusan Sumber Manusia KEMENTAH pada hari ini 26 Jun 2009 mencadangkan supaya penerima PTU dibayar elaun bulanan sebanyak RM1,500 sebulan sepertimana penerima Pingat Gagah Berani (PGB).

3. Saya akan mempastikan Bahagian berkenaan mengemukakan cadangan tersebut kepada JPM dengan kadar segera pada minggu hadapan untuk pertimbangan.

Sekian, untuk makluman tuan jua.

Terima kasih.


Note: My appreciation to Lt Col Basri Bin Omar PGB (B) (x-RAJD) and 'Anonymous' TUDM (B) (whoever he may be), for their contributions towards my effort in documenting the recepients of the PINGAT TENTERA UDARA. Thank you.

T H E  E N D


Anonymous said...

Bolih percaya ke KSU tu!!!
This is the man of a classic case of attitudes that is a plenty in the Armed Forces. Take care Mej!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous;

Dah tu, siapa lagi nak percaya?


Anonymous said...

PTU recipient:
1. Lt Kol Felix Gonzales TUDM (Skyhawk Pilot)
2. Mej Nazhar TUDM (Nuri Pilot)

Currently nobody receive that award. Poor Air Force. Your crew flying duties risking your lives to the nation is not appreciated.

Thank you

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you. Lt Col Felix still serving or has left the service? Is Maj Nazhar=Capt Izhar?

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Nor,

Lt Col Felix & Maj Nazhar still in service....Maj Nazhar is not Capt Izhar.

Anonymous said...

Brig Jen Dato Affendi bin Buang RMAF, Mej (B) Mues. Kol Felix Gonsalvez, earlier wrongly spelled.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...


The list of names from JPM -