Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sony Ericsson 'Satio'

I'm so excited...On 14 Aug 2010, my beloved wife presented a Sony Ericsson 'Satio' hand phone. It cost her RM1300. Of course I'm very grateful to her but the trouble is ...I don't know how to use it! I'm the type who is simply 'lazy' to read the manuals, and so she has to read and does the explaining to me. I'm so used to my RM450 Nokia which I bought 3 years ago and I find the new phone too complicated with it's touch screen functions. But never mind lah...I'm sure I'll manage to master it soon. No big deal. He...He...He.

What I really like about the phone is its 12.1 mega pixel camera. Before this, my Nokia was only 2 mega pixel. See the picture taken with my Satio...Sharp, don't you think so?

Talking about cameras...On 22 February 2010, I bought this  Nikon compact camera. Your guess is right...I never bothered to read the manual and found it too cumbersome. I might as well use the phone's camera. So, the camera was unceremoniously handed over to my wife. However, one of these days I'll acquire one of those DSLR Nikon or Canon cameras, InsyaAllah. I think photography is one hobby where age does not matter. Actually, during my first tour in RMAF Kuantan, I was really interested in photography so much so, I spent my free time in the Base's Photo Section, learning the techniques to develop films.

Well, with a DSLR camera, who knows I might be a world renowned photographer. Imagine, photographs taken by Nor Ibrahim of Malaysia in 'National Geographic' magazines or being appointed as an official photographer to the King. One has to have a dream as a catalyst to push oneself. He...He...He.

I called my KL friend about my new toy. He told me that his wife, too, presented him an iPod (something sounding like that & whatever it is) 2 years ago. It cost her RM2500. Like me ( we're of the same era) he doesn't know how to use it. All he did was to keep recharging it. And, he bought himself a RM300 phone for daily use instead. His daughter is eyeing the iPod but he won't depart with it...A present, mind you.

We really had a good laugh!!


mangchikla said...

uwaaa congrats. A few months ago SAITO was about RM 2k over. Err, tuan tak bag ihadiah in return ke heheheh

Faisal said...

Amboii! Mejar dok tayang (orang Kedah kata "ciwi") HP baru dia. Pasal buku manual tu, Mejar anggaplah macam buku manual masa mula-mula nak belajaq bawa helikopter dulu.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Saudara mangchikla,

Hanya kasih sayang saja. Kawan saya kata macam bagi bunga kat kera. Tekan sana tekan sini. He..He..He.

Saudara Faisal,

Kerana dulu dah banyak sangat baca manual. Jadi sekarang nak relax sikit. Tu sebab dah malas nak baca manual. Tak pa lah...belajar melalui 'trial & error'. He..He..He.

ismi said...

wah ur wife so generous. she must feel dat this hp will serve u well. she must be a fan of new gadgets herself :)

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear ismi,

Thank you. I suppose so. If I've problems with the computer, she's the 1st person I consult. And problems solve. He...He...He.