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This year, 2010, I didn't participate in the annual 'Piala Jubli Emas' at Royal Kedah Club. It was held from 29 through 31 July over 18 holes. Initially I registered to play on 31 July but decided against it simply because my chances of being one of the prize winners were extremely slim. I know my game...not fit for competition. So, why must I waste RM90 (fee - RM 50 and RM40 for caddy) just to get  goodies of 'tee-shirt', mineral water, and dinner which I seldom take.

I'm a practical person. If I participate in a competition, I want to win. I don't believe in '...come for fun'. If I want fun, then I might as well play with my gang members. I played in our 'Evergreen' because I enjoy the company, furthermore, the fee is only RM10.

So, on 29 Jul 2010, we drove to Permaipura Golf & Country Club PGCC), Bedong, for our 'Monthly Medal'. Of course, the stake is high...RM5 per person for those who play to their handicap (HC). In the event of a tie, OCB. None played to the handicap. We had lunch at our favaourite 'Hj Ramli Nasi Kandar' at Simpang 4 Kang Kong on our back home '...sendirian berhad'. He...He...He. I told them that I wanted to 'conquer' PGCC before 1 Ramadhan=11 Aug. I know I'm good and it is such an easy and short unlike me not able to get RM15 for nasi with ayam kampung!

3rd & 4th Aug DGCC was closed since there was a tournament. I got no problem since I can always play at RKC but my gang could not play for 2 days. Fortunately, a member of UUM Golf Club, Sintok, offered us a 'complimentary' if we were interested to play there; we needed to pay for the buggy only - RM60/buggy. So, on 3 Aug, we drove to UUM. As expected, we stopped at Cikgu's favourite warong famous for 'nasi jagung ayam kampung' at Changloon for breakfast. (pic - the popular warong).

Your guess is right...All of us played badly and had to pay for our lunch at UUM Golf Club. Not happy with our performance, we decided to conquer PGCC the next day. So, on 4 Aug, off we drove for Permaipura again. To cut the story short...we had lunch at Haji Ramli...again, on our own. By the way, those who are interested to break fast there, you have to book for reservation. If not, there might be no tables available for you. This was told by the owner's daughter.

Oh ya...My friend, Hamid (pic-Hamid at # 16 ), has improved tremendously in his driving and iron shots. He overdrove us most of the time. Fortunately, his famous cliche ' is not tee-off only' holds true. Last Thursday, 5 Aug, he won a total of RM3 - enough to subsidize his iced Milo and nasi lemak at 'Kembung' warong but didn't play to his HC. Still zealous over his newly-found driving and swinging techniques, he 'requested' for another game on Sat, 7 Aug. This was on a week-end and we needed to pay for buggy only. Well...I had to sacrifice my week-end game at RKC. Cikgu was indisposed, and so, Hamid called Shafie to complete the foursome. Unfortunately for Hamid, my 'recovery' with hybrid 17* club (secret weapon) was 'luvly'. Driver=hybrid=~160 metres. As expected...I could not even play to 20 HC, neither did the others...on home ground!! He...He...He.

Shafie is our 'player-in-waiting'...whenever we are short of a player, we'll call him and he seldom declines our invitations. During week-days, most of the time he pulls trolley with 2 Dato's.  (Pic-Shafie at # 17).

After the game, Abang Tad invited us for 'Majlis Cukur Jambul' of his grandchild. Apa we went for pulut kuning and kari daging.

Now you know why I really enjoy the company of my friends. This is what 'fun' for me is all about. Hamid, Cikgu and I may play 9 holes this coming Ramadhan as usual, InsyaAllah. I think it's high time for me to use the irons and I have one month to practise if I want to earn a fully-paid lunch of RM15...He...He...He.

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FMZam berkata...

Dear sir,

If I were there in Kedah and were to choose between Golf and Kampung Chicken, I would prefer Hj Ramli than Golf. I wouldn't wait to win a betting in Golf to eat that 'legendary' kampung chicken of Hj Ramli because, for sure, I would lose the bet as I am not a golfer, I guess I'd better go straight to taste the dish in Hj Ramli's you have fabled so many times in your blog you made my mouth waters everytime you say about Hj Ramli's Restaurant.

Sorry I'm not talking about Golf, I'm talking about kampung chicken and your posting reminds me of a Japanese and a Swedish who had been somehow obsessed by kampung chicken to the point that they always insisted on Malay kampung chicken, not Indonesian's, not Thai's and not even their own kampung chicken. Why?

I don't know why, but what I know of is that, I don't know why I must eat four or five pieces of chicken in a kampung chicken restaurant than no more than two pieces in KFC, McD, A&W and Marrybrown?

One day I hope to drop by Hj Ramli's and see if his kampung chicken is really an "Ayam Kampung".

Selamat berpuasa. Salam.

Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara FMZam,

Thank you. For <RM17, I can have ayam kampung, telor masin, sayor, sotong goreng celup tepung and blended mango juice. Well, that's good for me. Of course, I can't compare to buffet lunch at Mandarin Hotel, Hilton, etc, etc. Whatever it is, I like the nasi kandar there.

If it may interest you, Hj Ramli is an xserviceman. As far as I'm concerned, he's a successful restaurateur and I'm proud of him. Who else to support him if not us? Maybe I should write an article on him for Perajurit, ie, if the magazine is interested.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

tn minta kebenaran untuk link blog tn dalam blog saya. Saya baru nak belajar buat blog. Terima kasih

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara Anonymous,

Terima kasih. Tiada masalah dan dipersilakan.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

terima kasih tn,
Ini blog saya kalau tn sudi lihat dan baca: Mokopa's writing pad. Komen tn di nanti-nantikan. Saya bercadang hendak nama betul masa request permission dengan tn tapi entah apa masalahnya tak dapat. Anyway sir Thank you.

Muhammad hafizie

Kamal Sanusi berkata...

Salam Tuan

Golf, golf & Golf.
- Quantity, YES
- Quality, DON'T ASK

What a great statement. Keep healthy Sir!

Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara Muhammad,

Saya tak dapat cari 'Mokopa's writing pad'. saya ini pun terlalu pakar IT sehingga yang asas pun tahu. Apa nama blog anda?

Saudara Kamal,

Terima kasih. Pagi tadi main 'Evergreen'di Kedah Club. Entah macam mana, boleh main '1 under'(Gross 45). Saya sendiri tak percaya. Dapat duit raya RM40. He...He...He.