Ahad, 28 November 2010

Grips Replacement

I have been using a customised 'Srixon' 403 AD iron set which I bought on 5 March 2005 for RM2200. Well, even though it's customized, the ball still goes haywire. In fact, for a pro like me, I only need my hybrid for tee-off dan fairway shots, #7, #8, #9, "S" and putter. You see, the distance using a 'driver'=hybrid=150 metre...He...He...He. I never used #3 & #4 irons from day one I bought the set...those two irons are still 'untouchable'. For fairway shots, my favourite is Srixon hybrid. My other gang members use their irons and I really envy them. So, not to be left out, I too, started to use irons. The problem I'm having now is that the grips are getting too slippery even after I had  sand papered and filed to roughen them but all in vain.

Finally, on 25 Nov, I sent my driver and #6 through pitching wedge, to Kedah Club to be fitted with new grips. Well, it cost me RM150...OKlah. I'm sure this Monday I'll have iced nescafe foc (RM1.20), InsyaAllah. He...He...He.

My golf members and I were invited for the annual 'Muhibah Tournament' at UUM Golf Club on 27 Nov. The partners were made up of the Club's members and non-members. Except for Abang Tad, the 3 of us declined the invitation. The reason was that we felt our partners from UUM, whoever they might me, were of no equal stature in golf. They might be the cause of we, the partners, losing the competition. He...He...He.

You know, one thing I like about DGCC is its ponds in 'Sultan 9' which  are blooming with beautiful lotus plants....simply awesome.

Near green # 5

For at least till end of December 2010, my weekend excerices, ie, Sat & Sun, are limited to a walk to the  Darulaman lake since Kedah Club is closed for golfing. During the recent flood, the whole course was totally submerged. What a pity, the greens were repaired only a few months back...a very costly affair. (Picture - full of garbage after every fishing competition held at the lake).

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FMZam berkata...

Salam tuan,

Well, talking about grips we sometimes have the same problem with its replacement because grips wear the fastest of all other parts of a bar due to frequent contact and friction with our hands, and friction causes the steady degradation of the material, thus the regular replacement schedule is needed. But luckily my grip costs much lesser than your grip but that is simply because my bar is much cheaper than yours. Though your bar is iron it certainly sounds heavy while my bar is alluminum and light and it takes me much much farther away in distance I normally cover some 40 km a day (while young guys do a min 60 km) that I sweat profusely daily under hot sun too until my "sawo matang" skin has turned into a tone of Afro American colour.

I must be talking nuts but it's because you're talking about grips that you do exercises to keep fit around a golf bar HANDLE while I keep my body in shape around a racing bicycle HANDLEbar. We both talk on the same subject, the GRIP, and not only in games it's so important to hold to, but in life, our grip has made us what we are, without which we would be drifting away from our course.

So take care of the grip sir for your grip will take care of you! Salam.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear FMZam,

Thank you. My game didn't improve this morning even with the new grips. But, what the heck...I enjoy the company.

Budakboy berkata...

Good one Sir...nice touch =)