Isnin, 29 November 2010

Midlife Crisis?

I enjoy reading this article in the NST by Dato' Johan Jaafar (click to enlarge)...

Midlife crisis...What is it actually? Truthfully, I don't know. Basically, the write-up is about those who finally achieved their 'self-actualization' in their twilight years...(up to you to define the term 'twilight years'). One of his friends finally fulfilled his dream to own a car...Ferrari, at the age of 65 while another friend is still actively participating in marathons, mountain climbing, cycling to Beijing and completed the world's most gruelling foot race, Marathon of the Sands in the the age of 67!! A late friend of mine could not live without cigarettes even at the terminal stage of his colon cancer. When I advised him to stop smoking when visiting him at Kinrara Hospital, he told me he would  continue smoking till his last breath...He lived up to his wishes!

I'm approaching 62 this coming April, InsyaAllah, and to date, I'm yet to achieve my dream...a Jack Nicklaus of Malaysia (in golf). One of these days when the golf icon is to old to hit the ball, I'm sure by then my dream would be fulfilled especially with my new grips (here)...He...He...He. But then, what the heck. I still have the time to pull my golf trolley and laugh at my friends' jokes and at my own antics. 'Laughing' is an Allah-given rahmat...mind you.  I'm grateful to Almighty Allah for the good health bestowed on me (as at the time of typing this article and, hopefully, forever, InsyaAllah) and free from the mother of all human misery after retirement...DEBTS, Syukur Alhamdulillah.

As I said in my entry here, people have to go for therapy just to laugh. But of course, laugh in moderation...everything in moderation!

Well, enjoy life while you can within the perimeters of the do's of Islam. Don't worry about your hair turning grey, ears hard of hearing like what I'm beginning to experience now, too many gaps in my mouth, aches here and what? Only a privileged group of people are given the opportunity to experience these stages of ageing...most of us will have to go through this process. Remember this...All Allah's creations are approaching their final destination from the very first second of their emergence in this world. Syukur to Allah for whatever you have and face the reality of life gracefully.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Midlife crisis ialah krisis yang berlaku apabila umur seseorang mencecah 33 tahun. Ia berkaitan sama ada seseorang itu berpuashati dengan pencapaian dalam hidup atau sebaliknya.

FMZam berkata...

Salam Sdr Anon 7:52,

Tun Mahathir yang umurnya dalam 80an itu tergolong dalam kelas 'octogenarian' (Umur 80 hingga 90), dalam golongan itu sudah tak timbul soal "octogenarian crisis" kerana badan manusia pada tahap tu dah memang macam "kereta tua", jadi "macam2 ada" krisis sebab menghampiri "terminal hidup".

Tapi midlife atau pertengahan umur ialah waktunya kita merasai satu tahap peralihan dari muda ke tua dimana badan manusia beransur-ansur hilang "kegemilangan" tenaga mudanya, maka bila kita menghadapi beberap kehilangan upaya, dimana "hati kata boleh tapi badan kata tidak", itulah yang dikatakan midlife crisis.

Kalau sdr kata 33 tahun tu umur pertengahan, nanti ada orang kata saudara "is an old young man", sebab ada orang yang umur pencen pun masih lagi seperti "young old man". Namun saya tak kata saudara salah kerana pada saya, everyone lives his life his own mountain to know when he has to descend and call it he's over the hill.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Betul kata Maj! Syukur to ALLAH and kenali diri dan teruskan beramal kerana ALLAH.
Actually nothing else matters but your commitment for ALLAH in all aspects of life are all that counted.
Mati itu benar dan Hari Kiamat pasti akan berlaku maka bertasbih lah kepada ALLAH.
So maj, don't forget when you mis hit or mis your birdie/par/boogey please refrain from using vulgar words as mostly golfers do but bertasbih lah dengan menyebut nama ALLAH then your golf game will be more meaningful and rewarding.
Gua caya sama lu la!

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara Anonymous (7:52am),

Hai, umur baru 32 tahun dah mengalami midlife crisis? Ini kes teruk..He..He..He. Take life easy bro!