Sabtu, 25 September 2010

Raya Special

It's been quite some time when I last wrote on golf. So when I received this e-mail from a reader, son of an ex ADC (Air Defence Centre) personnel '...Golf? Tell me about it.', I decided to write this entry.

Tuesday 21 September 2010...The 'Quartet' was back at the Darulaman Golf & Country Club for our routine weekday golfing after a long break. The day before, ie, 20 Sep, I was already at the club when there was a heavy downpour...had to cancel the game. So today was our first day together after Hari Raya. And I was poorer by 60 cents to Cikgu since he managed to play to his handicap. The 3 of us had to share RM1.80 to pay for his drink at our new haunt...'The Kembung' named by me because of its 'kari ikan kembung'...He...He...He (Gymkhana Cafe is closed after the contract had expired).

Wednesday 22 September...My 4th day of Puasa 6 and so I told the members that I was not playing for the drink. And guess what? I played to my handicap! After the game, the trio went to The Kembung whilst I took my wife for a drive to Pasar Nelayan, Kuala Kubang Rotan, somewhere near Kuala Kedah. This was our first trip after making Jitra our habitat for the last 10 years. I heard about it so much before, mainly for its fresh sea produce.

Oh yes...I can see fishermen coming with their boats to unload their catch. I came at the right time...about 1100 hour. Fresh? Yes. Choices? Frankly...not much. Kembung and tongkol...plentiful, senangin...1 or 2 only, kepah and other varities of fish. My comment is that the size of the kembung was of 'grandchildren' standard only...too small. How I wish the government would impose restrictions on the sizes of fish for my my 'kari ikan kembung'. Let the fish have the chance to mature and reproduce. No wonder our stocks of fish are depleting!

So unlike the countries around the North Sea and Bering Sea. Fishermen can only fish 'herring' in North Sea during certain period of the year. Ever see the program 'Deadliest Catch'? The 'crabermen' of those costly crabs of Bering Sea literally measure the crabs. Those that do not meet the specific measurement are thrown back into the sea.

Thursday 23 September...I decided not to play with my gang members. Instead I opted to play in the 'Raya Special' at Royal Kedah Club (RKC)...held from 23 through 25 Sep over 18 holes. Prize giving at 2000hr on 25 Sep by HH Sultan of Kedah. Hole-in-one for hole #4 & #7 was a Toyota each (see pic).  All members are charged RM80/year for 3 golf festivals - Raya, Pow Specials and Indian 'Festival'.  This amount is spread out throughout 12 months - about RM6+/month. OK lah tu...If I want to participate in one of the festivals, I need to pay an additional RM12.60 (inclusive of 5% tax) only.

Well...With my golf prowess, I told my gang members that I'll try to earn some income for our monthly outing. You see, normally RKC give vouchers as prizes. These are exchangeable for cash or contra the monthly bills...The prizes are not bad.

The game itself? First of all, hole-in-1. For me, it's just a dream. #4=210m. With all my brute strength, my tee-off distance was about 150m...couldn't even reach the green.  #7=145m, I used my hybrid and it landed in the bunker. Score? Double circle=double par=6! On completion the  1st 9, my score was 20 over=56 unlike me...! He...He...He. With this score, only a miracle could save me...I needed pars all the way in order to play to my 20 hc. So, I told my flight mates that I had to quit the game and let them have the chance to win with me out of contention. So unsporting of me. Well, at least the goodies were worth more than RM12.60...

So my friend...That's the quality of my golf, fit only to play with my gang members!

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Siapa nama bapanya yang dari ADC (air Defence Centre). Saya juga dari ADC (1 ADC 1978-1981, 2 ADC (1981-1984).........

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara Anonymous,

Osman Hj Yahya.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Oh, Bekas Peg Waren Osman Hj Yahya dari Sg Petani ye (ketika itu saya maseh lagi AC II di No 1 ADC Butterworth). Saya pencen dari TUDM tahun 2000 (Ex AQM Caribou).

Budak Kampong berkata...

Oh suddenly I saw my father's name here in this window. What a surprise. Betul, Arwah PWI Osman Hj Yahya (702441) dari Sg Petani.