Sabtu, 4 September 2010

The Floating Golf Ball

Golf balls are known to land on trees but on  the leaf of a lotus plant in a pond? Don't believe? Look at the photo taken on 2nd September 2010. (Of course not my ball...mine simply disappeared into the water just like the 'Titanic'). This unsinkable ball landed on the leaf at hole #5 (Par 5), Darulaman Golf & Country Club. Not to worry, one gang member used the 'ball-picker' to retrieve the ball.


I suppose this does not pose any problem to a pro like me. All he needs to do is to get his caddy to row a 'sampan' to the ball and hit it. The duties of caddies nowadays are not restricted to just 'show the line' and carry those bulky and heavy golf bags only but they must be climbers, divers and rowers as well. He...He...He.

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FMZam berkata...

Salam tuan,

When to me, a non-golfer, golf is the language of the elite, that I could not even qualify to get a job as that multi-skills and versatile caddy. Good morning sir.

Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara FMZam,

This so-called 'elite' is a fallacy. The initial cost may be slightly on the 'high' side...that's all. At this twilight age, this is the best form of exercise for me.

FMZam berkata...

Salam tuan,

Not really a fallacy but simply that I am no cheapskate, nor a frugal, but just a have not, that's all. Go on with your golf but a have not like me will always do away with golf in place of a bicycle for daily sweating at this age. I went cycling to and fro 5 km to bank in donation to our friend Sabri Che Hassan. Salam.

basri bin omar berkata...

Salam Tuan dan Sdr FMZam!

Saya memang minat nak bergolf dulu2 akhir thn 80'an masa d SJTD..tgk Mej (KM) Manaf dok main....tapi mahal masatu...terus tggl impian..

Welldone sahabat atas kesanggupan berbasikal demi seorang Soldadu!