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Air Rescue Team...2nd Episode

Readers...This is the second incident where an Air Rescue Team member, Cpl Sibki, was killed in the Nuri flown by the same aircrew.

Unforgetable Flying Experience

This is my second incidence that happen during "Selamat Sawdee Operation" that took place at one of the Lp's. unfortunately I could not recalled the date and the tasking detail.

Crew - Mej (u) Chong Keng Ley - A/c Captain
2Lt (u) Johan - co - pilot
Sgt Mohsain -Aqm
Sgt Hamzah D'Souza-Aqm ( Standard Checker)
Kpl Sipki - RGK air rescue team
L/Kpl Mohd Temiri - RGK air rescue team

It was a clear day in Kroh and the tasking was battalion changer over (I've forgotten the battalion involve)I can still remember the tasking and at the same time supposed to be my standard check before I go for my category upgrading. Its the first sortie, I'm very familiar with the area because this is the area my aircraft been shot at together with Kpt (u) Nor Ibrahim.

As per normal flying in the ops area the artillery will do their part and followed by the gunship strafing using high explosive bullet.

Clearance was given by the gunship for us to go in, we approached as normal, and request permission to open the cargo door. I started to patter the aircraft at forward 60 ( standard at fwd loc) 40,20,10 and clear descending down 20............... unfamiliar sound heard from the left........a/c captain start shouting through the intercom " I've been shot" , Sgt Souza was at my left , Temiri was in front and Sibki at the back, aircraft captain pull away back to Kroh. During the flight to Kroh we realise Kpl Sibki lying motionless with blood oozing from his stomach and I informed the captain that Kpl Sibki was shot.

As we landed at Kroh ,Kpl Sibki was sent to RSAT and was pronounce dead. The body of late Kpl Sibki was sent back to his hometown for burial. Alfatihah.....

Mohsain AQM

I called L/Cpl Mohd Temiri a few days ago to know more about the story. According to him, he was positioned at the front door of the Nuri to provide fire support on the left side. When he saw the late Cpl Sibki collapsed and the helicopter had airborne, he rushed to help his buddy. A bullet had hit Cpl Sibki in the left armpit and had penetrated through the right armpit. Blood was oozing profusely. He bandaged the wound using a field dressing but it did stop the blood from flowing. He held his buddy's head on his lap and recited the 'syahadah' minutes before Cpl Sibki succumbed to his injuries and....gone forever! Al-Fatihah.

The last flight for arwah L/Cpl Mohd Sibki from Kroh to his hometown who was killed in the Nuri FM 1724...

Source: No 3 Sqn's Scrap Book

Encik Mohsain and En Mohd Temiri...Thank you for your contributions.

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Abah berkata...


Kpl Sabki dan Lk Temiri (Yop)merupakan anggota X Skn manakala Lk Ismail adalah anggota Y Skn. Lk Temiri (PW2B) sekarang menetap di Melaka. Kebanyakan mantan-mantan RGK menetap di Melaka setelah menamatkan perkhidmatan termasuk diri saya.

Memandangkan era sekarang cara perhubungan tidak menjadi masalah untuk menghubungi antara satu sama lain. Selain dari itu juga dengan adanya Kelab-kelab ditubuhkan maka perhubungan saliturrahim dikalangan mantan-mantan semakin akrab.

Alfatihah......buat kedua-dua Allahyarham.

Capt's Longhouse berkata...

to all concerned, salute to the air rescue team members that risked their lives togther with us aircrew into the unknown LPs and jungle areas.
...RGK is still the best to fly with and given their best everytime as per standard protocol.

Alfatihah kpd Allahyarham yg terkorban semasa bertugas dgn kami bersama sama.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara Abah & Sharif,

Kehadiran anggota ART dalam Nuri memberi semangat krew Nuri. 4 warga komando terkorban dalam Nuri.

Capt's Longhouse berkata...

buddy komandos,

,,,i still can remember your komando chief then col. Bond himself acted as the 1st rescue team member on board my chopper as we assaulted the enemy on the hilly sloping ground with nil LP to land, just dropping the soldiers with one wheel on the slope...still fresh in my mind the smiling faces of Col. Bond and his brave men !. I really missed this great guy, a true soldier's leader. Then onwards we were given their back-up services plus their lives too. My salute to all of these brave komandos, you guys are just great to fly with..thanks again !.,,salute !

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Sharif,

Suggest you write your expriences when the troops were abseiled/winched down at the CT camp.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

dear mej nor,

,,,am still looking for my misplaced log book for details etc but i did wrote once about when late capt. choo took over to be the dummy chopper to be shot at, while i come in to absail/winch in the troops. Guess its in my other blog ?. The interesting part was when one of the soldier tied the robe to some tree roots or perhaps it got caught with !. Upon taking off the chopper almost crashed against the trees but the AQM onboard was fast enough to chop off the rope with his parang, leaving a deep cut on the cabin floor and i had a hard time explaining how it happened !. hehehe.
,,,one of my crazy flying technic was to hover from trees to trees, hoping to blow down the CTs from their tree top position, where they were shooting our choppers...coming so bloody low, at times bringing back some branches under the belly. But it works cos. my chopper never got shot a single bullet where as others were coming back almost daily in some of the ops. with bullet holes !. It was a crazy period and i was an angry pissed off young guy then too. Some of the things I did, should never be disclosed kind of-lah..bad example to other young aircrew ?. Flying into hill top LP at night to pick up injured soldiers and ferrying them back to Penang GH football open padang was dangerous plus bloody risky. Imagine using flares to light up the approach for landing and take-off during ops. Gubir. Also flying back at night back to Ipoh during ops bamboo in the Alouette was routine for me then too hehehe.
,,,Guys pls don't do such things anymore, we had the CTs to blame on then. hahaha.


Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim berkata...

Hi Mohsain!

I use to escort you on several gunship missions but just dont remember the actual scenario that took place.I still have my flying log book and please mark this date if it touches you.

Oct27,1978.-Scorpion 1-(Kroh-Mkr'F'-Mkr'A'-Kroh)-Fired 229 Ball-Air time day 2:45mins.

Oct27,1978.-Scorpion 1-(Kroh-Mkr'L'-Kroh)-Fired 158 Ball-Air time day 1:30mins.

Oct28,1978.-Scorpion 2-(Kroh-Mkr'E','V','X','T'-Kroh)-Fired 113Balls,& 83HE-Air time day 4:30mins.

GP-Lt.M(U)Mazlan/GG Sgt Mohd Ismail-Alout FM1315(my baby).

You guys are great I salute! especially to Mej(U) Nor Ibrahim Sulaiman (The Hogger) and many more to mention dead or alive. My deepest condolence to late:
Lt.Col(U) Abd jalil Ghani,Mej(U) Senin Bin Jantan,Mej(U)Repin,Mej(U) Ismail Saud for being my GP/FAC/Com Flt pilots.May Allah bless their souls. Al Fatihah.

Sgt Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Hashim (WO2R).

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear En Ismail,

Thank you. I suppose I was a 'Hogger' then. Just now stopped over at No 3 Sqn to scan some photographs. Those were the good old flying days!