Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seniority vs Meritocracy

There is this big non-profit making 'conglomerate' - TIADA UNTUNG SDN BHD (TUSB) - (gold mine for certain privileged few) which provides thousands of employment for the rakyat with 3 main subsidiaries, A, B & C companies. As in any other organisation, this conglomerate is headed by the CEO, Big Chief Sitting Bull, and assisted by a COO. The subsidiaries are headed by MDs. Traditionally, both the CEO and the COO were appointed from A coy. However, this tradition was abolished after much complaints by the other 2 MDs; the previous Big Chief Sitting Bull was from A coy  while his COO from C coy.

This story revolves around C coy...

As in all the subsidiaries of TUSB, the MD of C coy  is assisted by a Deputy. He (Deputy) is of equal status with the 2 others, ie, one GM in charge of overseas projects and the other holds the appointment of COO at the HQ. When the MD was promoted to CEO of TUSB, everybody assumed his Deputy would automatically take over the vacant position. As expected, there was a total reshuffle among the top management. For reasons best known to the Big Chief Sitting Bull, surprise...surprise...GM was appointed as the new MD while COO became Deputy and the Deputy took over as GM of overseeing overseas projects. Seniority-wise...the most senior in terms of serving in the organisation is the current Deputy MD, in fact, he is even senior to the Big Chief Sitting Bull himself!

This 'arrangement', of course, created discontentments and disgruntlement. Even the general public could see that  the MD is running the whole coy single-handedly. He's seeing running all over the country to ensure smooth functioning of the branches. His Deputy and the GM are never in the limelight at all unlike before this reshuffle. Fortunately, their KPI is not determined by meeting the quota in terms of RM...the barometer for assessing their performance is that the organisation is perceived as still functioning.

All the employees are aware of this silent dissent and are watching their antics. Take for example, during TUSB's annual anniversary which is held throughout the nation. One of the official programmes was 'Majlis Tahlil' at their own mosques. It was specifically stated that all must wear the coy's official 'baju Melayu'. Came the day itself...jeng...jeng...jeng...the GM came with casual short sleeved shirt only.  Employees are not blind to this silent protest.

Pity the company! I don't know whether 'amanah' and 'conscience'  mean anything to these senior management. I suppose they have a few more years to serve before ending their services, so might as well enjoy their stay in the company. After all, they still get invited to play golf at the best golf courses FOC. If they leave due to frustration, the company still functions (maybe better), the world still revolves, and they will be 'out of sight...out of mind' simply because they are not indispensable....neither you nor I! He...He...He.

What about the MD? Well...What you may think of him is irrelevant because he's still the MD. He only needs to ensure that the members of BOD are happy. Others' opinions?... Of no significance!.

This is an open ended story. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' solution. Amanah and conscience? Up to you.

For general workers, if you want to survive till retirement in this company, then abide by this formula... 
"Make No Decisons = No Mistakes = Full Retirement Benefits"


Anonymous said...

Wow maj!!!
What will then be the coy's future. Will it contribute to the nation or will it be irrelevant? or the answer is who care as they keep enjoying those FOC and when they retire , they know they have thing plan or what a place to be!!!.
Hehee I like this story especially your formula that remind me of a friend whom I recently met that he said, quote " I will fight till the end of my life"... I believe him.
But I think the coy is on self destruction mode!!! hehehehe... the end state is 'out of sight...out of mind' hopefully no regret.

Anonymous said...

dear nor,

,,,just be my own boss, that's my solution plus end game.


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear Anonymous,

Don't worry, it will 'run' by itself. Decisions can be made at golf courses...He..he..he.

Dear Sharif,

You're your own boss and you're not obliged to please others. But be might lose your customers though!

Anonymous said...

dear nor,

,,,one thing that can really sell is our malaysian hospitality and that's the business everyone of us should/could invest in-lah hihihi ! But don't lose your sense of humour while at it hahhhhaha !!!plus that sweet smile to the bank.
,,,Every kampung or longhouse folks could earn the extra income by opening your/their doors to visitor/houseguest/tourist even just for the weekends for the $$$ to roll in. BUT the toilet must be clean too-lah. No kidding here hehehe. AND just serve whatsoever you cook !...easy easy kan ?. (plus no golfing time for it unfortunately !)