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"Sir, I Was Shot!"

Readers...I've been calling Col Mohd Amin Bin Mohd Razi RMAF (R) to pen down his experiences during those adventurous days. Well, he is kind enough to oblige me by sending this article.

Dear all xnuri pilots….

I was called for several times to put on my comments and relating experiences during my tenure as nuri pilot both at Kuantan and Butterworth.

It was from June 1975, converting myself as Nuri Captain till April 1979, I flew a total 772 sorties (figures from my log book) with the highest monthly flying hours of 79.50 hours in the month of March 1977.

It was such an experience during that time as you are virtually flying everyday to support the operations. One thing for sure, these experiences happened 30 over years ago and I cannot possibly recall and relate what actually happened at that time.

It was barely after 2 months after getting my “C Cat”, I was on Butterworth detachment and involved with the operations.

Recalling on the tragic loss of 11 members during Ops Pukul (Gubir) on 26 April 1976, I came into the picture about 4 days later when my aircraft was shot with 8 bullet holes during troop insertion sorties in the Thai territory. With Gunship escort, I flew the aircraft back to Gubir and later back to Kuantan the next day with the same aircraft.

Two years later, on 14 August 1978, I was again involved in Ops Selamat Sawadee One when the aircraft sustained 14 bullet holes with my AQM (F/Sgt Patrick Lee) was down with gun shot through his upper left hand. The sortie, Capung 473J with LtM (U) Mohd Som was to transfer 1x105 Gun and pay personnel to Marker “F”, an Artillery Gun position. I was escorted with 2 x Gunship and the flight was uneventful until when I moved my aircraft to the landing pad after unloading the gun into the pit. Sound of gun shots strewed on the aircraft and seconds later I heard “Sir, I was shot!” from the AQM. I saw him sprawling on the floor and immediately I put the aircraft to a vertical climb before heading back to Kroh. I presumed we were lucky in vacating the LP as it was reported that a M79 shell landed on the LP seconds later. Otherwise………..

That was the most horrifying experienced that I had as far as flying the Nuri. During that time we used to say our prayers before flight and even some of the pilots slipped in a small “Quran” in their flying helmets.

Col Amin...Thank you.

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Abah berkata...


Saya kira Col Amin adalah Pilot yang membawa pesawat NURI yang berjaya membawa saya bersama satu sortie dari ladang getah Sebuah Negara Jiran itu balik ke Gubir dengan selamatnya setelah Pesawat tersebut terkena beberapa tembakan musuh.

Ya'Allah, cuba bayangkan macamanana perasaan kami ketika menaiki pesawat yang telah terkena tembakan tersebut. Hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu, kerana sedia maklum sebelum itu sebuah NURI telah terhempas setelah menerima tembakan dari PGK.

Syukur Alhamdullilah penerbangan itu berjalan dengan lancarnya sehingga sampai ke Gubir.Sesungguhnya Allah jua permudahkan perjalanan itu tanpa sebarang bencana sehingga mendarat dengan selamat.

Amien-amien Yaraballallamin

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara Abah,

Yang mengambil anda dan juga warga Jurutera ialah Lt (U) Murad, Lt M (U) Yahya Rahman & mendiang Sjn Hua dengan pesawat FM1701 pada 1 Mei 1976. Lt (U) Murad jugalah yang kena tembak ketika approach untuk menurunkan anggota 'Z' Skn sehingga 'fuel tanks' Nuri beliau ditembusi peluru. AQM beliau ketika itu ialah mendiang Sjn Leong yang terkorban seminggu lepas itu, 26 April 1976.

Capt's Longhouse berkata...

dear nor,

,,,apparently some of our safe hilltop LPs were burnt down by our own, so that its easier for them but then we chopper pilots have to fly low into the valley LPs and get shot at ! This was revealed by that crazy arsehole himself !.
,,,Talking about heroes or not nowadays, my bloody foot. He should be shot dead !. We lost soldiers and officers in the Nuri cos. of it ? me !

FMZam berkata...

Don't talk cock la Longhouse, we foot soldiers were equally at risk not just Nuri pilots anytime when we were heading to LPs for all we know the route leading to LP were an enemy ambush site and there have been cases where enemy's booby traps were planted along the route. That was what happened to my protection team party, one soldier stepped on enemy's booby trap just next to an LP and lost his left foot. Do you know that Engineers BCT had to clear route to a selected LP, especially the abandoned LP, and not only the route but the surrounding area as well, before a Nuri can land. Do you know how long to clear route and an LP area before the Engineers can pronounce it is safe for landing? To make matter worse, we foot soldiers were at time ordered to build LP at hilltop but when ready were ordered to build another LP at downhill, and at time just as the troops had assembled at downhill LP then came the order to assemble at the hilltop LP and by the time the troop arrived the hilltop LP, it was already late evening that the Nuri had to call off their landing until the next day. The foot soldiers were made like a yo-yo and you chopper bugger never ever had the idea how risky was the process thinking you were the only brave ones. By the way at time we foot soldier even secured some abandoned LPs and I am proud to say that we all have been brave too not just the Nuri pilots like you. So stop your bloody bickering about those foot soldiers who burnt some LPs because there were risks that some abandoned LPs when known to the enemy could have been a death trap. If you cannot reason out like Major Nor, don't poison his mind when you didn't know the facts just to make your heroism sounds like a one way traffic.

Maj Nor please check with Lt Kol Basri PGB how was it like to activate an abandoned LPs in our jungle, that was why we prefer to build new LPs rather than using old abandoned and suspicious LPs because the BCT took long time to declare an old abandoned LPs safe.

Capt's Longhouse berkata...

,,,you were the one that declared in burning some of the LPs in your previous comments !. I think you are crazy ! A real nut case.
i rest my case.

FMZam berkata...

Yes I am brave to admit I did that but that was elsewhere for I was never involved in Op Gubir I was deployed elsewhere in all the Ops. And you cannot take that to paint it as a cause for your saga which happened not in my case where no heli was shot at, nobody was gunned down. I know you dislike me everytime when other readers agreed with my posting but you so sakit hati, why? I think you are one sicko man who dislikes anyone who doesn't praise your posting.

I just put I burnt the LP without telling the reasons why because I do not want to waste the blog space that I just made a passing remark. You want me to go lengthy no problem. I am no fool to not to know that you may communicate with Mej Nor in your email, but I am not that DIRTY to talk at people's back.

You're right I am crazy, you can ask Lt Kol Basri PGB he is a good friend of Mej Nor.

FMZam berkata...


Stop making this blog a place for your personal attack because when you can call me arsehole please read the story of "Arsehole is The King", otherwise I can also call you Longcock instead. I don't care if you are a blogger because to me you are what you write.

Temuk berkata...

Assalamu'alaikum Mej. Nor Ibrahim,
Kisah Col. Mohd. Amin terutama bagi bukan orang tentera spt saya memang amat mengerikan. Pastinya kisah sedemikian membuka mata ramai akan bahaya sesetengah kerjaya. Walau apa pun, di mana pun & bila pun, kita semua tertakluk kepada takdir yg Allah telah tentukan.
Hope your book project is progressing well. Have a nice day!

basri bin omar berkata...

Salam Tuan n Squad (Kol Amin)!

Tk paparan gitu ..tambah khazanah utk di kongsi oleh yang teringin...Syabas dan syukur bnyk2 kerana di panjangkan umur utk menceritakan pengalaman kepada sesiapa yang berminat....!
Terkenang episod pagi 25 Apr 1976 bila Almarhum LKpl Abdullah Majid terkena JS dan menjerit "Tuan saya kena Tuan!"
Suara tu terngiang2 di telinga saya semasa dlm perjalanan ke Kem Damai 3(Kem Rashid Maidin) Ban Kao Nam Sai diYala awal thn 1990 untuk memerhati Pemusnahan Letupan dan Senjata PKM ekoran Perletakan Senjata PKM 1989 dulu...satu kenangan!

Kamal Sanusi berkata...

Alamak, what happen gajah elephant here? I thought all ex-servicemen speak the same language...

Come on Capt's Longhouse and FMZam, be more mature lor... Show a good example for youngsters maaa...

FMZam berkata...

Sdr Kamal,

When Mej Nor is trying to showcase the Gubir incident into his book to immortalise the brave fighting men, that to me is one noble cause. While Mej Nor reminds me of the brave Nuri pilots, Longhouse reminds me of the Nuri pilots who had caused mischiefs and deaths to the wounded soldiers in some incidents of CASEVAC when they fell down to the ground from winching up failures!

Arunzab berkata...

Saudara FMZam/ Capt's Longhouse,
For all of us ex-servicemen be it Other Ranks or Officers I believe the best form of debating an issue is to avoid the use profane, vulgar language and personal attacks in presenting our argument. The moment we do that our mind deviates from the issue at hand and begins to focus on trying to get even with each other by using even stronger profane and harsher language and in the process the entire issue is derailed by a war of words. Even if we have a axe to grind against against some one in our fraternity, we are all retired now and lets put it to rest. Let's NOT like the Malay saying 'Berdendam hingga ke kubur'.

You guys are so rich in experience and having been through so much in life ( something not available in text books) that all readers could benefit from your writing of first person experience .

Keep it coming guys minus the bazookas and bow and arrow's.

FMZam, on a lighter note I would really refrain from calling Capt's Longhouse a 'Long cock' as he might just take it as a compliment. He! He! He!

Cheers guys

Capt's Longhouse berkata...

dear basri,..SKOT..SSC 20.

,,,never had the opportunity to meet up with you, after the last flight together at ops. Gubir. Good to see your healthy pic. with mej. nor and the rest !.

regards to your other half too.

Cheers !

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Sharif & FMZam,

Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, my duty then was to complete the tasks given irrespective wherever the LPs might be. I ,& maybe the others as well, NEVER question the locality of the LPS. Be it on top of the hill or in the valley. Majority of the pilots were aware of the limitations of the ground troops to construct an 'ideal' LPs.

One of the objectives of writing this blog is to let the younger generations be aware of what their fathers/grandfathers, be it from the Army or Air Force, had to go through so that they can enjoy what they have now.

Saudara FMZam, for your information, Capt Sharif never e-mailed me about can be rest assured of that.

Remember...we were fighting common enemies then.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Waalaikumussalam Cikgu Temuk,

Banyak lagi cerita wira-wira yang berkorban untuk negara tetapi tidak diketahui umum. Saya hanya menceritakan apa yang saya tahu. Syukur Alhamdulillah, sekurang-kurangnya ramai generasi muda sudah menunjukkan minat untuk mengetahui sejarah ketika negara mula membangun.

FMZam berkata...


A complement? You said it too soon mike, it will be very nasty if I were to call it not in English but in Bahasa that even you all cannot stand it. Anyway I'll take heed of all the good advises and keep this blog away from my GILA.

To Tuan Nor,

As you can see, the one who seems to be telling others to behave in posting with civility, good manners, be civilised, be gentlemen, matured and all those good characters, has shown he himself cannot compose himself when he is out of self control.

Capt's Longhouse berkata...

Dear Nor & the rest,
,,,sorry if i have step across the line but our priority nowadays is to help out in whatsoever way for the future generation to learn from our past military experience while we are still alive and thank God Almighty we have you, Mej. Nor(R) writing/drafting down our past adventures too !. Lets remain focus on this noble initiative of his/yours and to provide as much information based on actual events and not 'hear say' or ever get carried away with any unbecoming bias information.
,,,I for one, write from my heart in my own kind of style, which is the way I am. Guess, those that know me from b4, will note that its Shariff UBAN talking. hehehe.

Salam....and no worries-lah.

Kamal Sanusi berkata...

Salam Tuan

Thanks FMZam.

What being said by Arunzab on "You guys are so rich in experience and having been through so much in life ( something not available in text books) that all readers could benefit from your writing of first person experience." really catch my attention and I have to agree with it.

It is common to face difficulties a.k.a malfunction of equipments while performing our duty/job/task/assignment/responsibility. Dissatisfaction is something we cannot avoid no matter how thorough we planned.

I'm sure should all of you sit together, only laughing can be heard instead of argument. Macam kita dok lepak di mess lepas sesuatu exercise. Hang kutuk aku, aku kutuk kat hang, sedaq-sedaq dah pagi punya leka dok bercerita pasal latihan tu.

Kan kan kan!!!...

No matter what, you are still my unforgettable true hero who has make my life now so peaceful.

basri bin omar berkata...

Salam Sdr Shariff!

Tk atas ingatan...memang senja 2 gini teringat mcm2...Alhamdulillah sihat setakat ini dan sentiasa berdoa moga2 Allah teruskan nikmat tu pada kita semua...saya mcm Sdr Nor kita juga ...nak kongsi seberapa banyak PENGALAMAN yang baik2 untuk di jadikan PENGAJARAN DAN TAULADAN jika boleh!

Dok ingat Sdr di Politeknik Ungku Omar(Motor Besaq) dgn Sdr Mej Yusof Ahmad x TUDM juga Intake kita....mana hilang????

Semalam p solat magrib di Surau Annajah Ampang Point ...jumpa Sqd lagi Mej Jen Dato' Mokhtar Parman dan X Pre OCTU Cadet Kadir (RSM)...sama2 terkejut dan melopong kerana Kadir x kenal Dato' Mokhtar....nak buat macmana masing dah TUA.....

Capt's Longhouse berkata...


,,,its just great to hear or see old friends indeed !. Lost contact with Yusof too, we all have had lots of laughters together. Polytechnic days to Armed Force days and much of other things in life and living hahaha.
,,,God willing, we will meet again.


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Syukur Alhamdulillah,

Sekurang-kurangnya blog saya ini dapat menemui rakan taulan yang dah lama tidak kedengaran.

basri bin omar berkata...

Salam Sdr Sharif!

X silap Nordin Taris juga lpsan Poly UO...dia masuk PDRM...dapat Sarjana tapi org xkenal berhenti join UUM jadi Pengarah Keselamatan n dah pencen dok d Alor Star kerana kahwin org Kedah..dia batch Mej Yusof d STAR dulu...dari sabak Bernam!

yastro berkata...

Salam tuan,
Saya selaku generasi selepas merdeka ingin merakamkan penghargaan dan terima kasih diatas pengorbanan tuan dan rakan2 yg lain. Satu kisah yg sangat2 dihargai.Terima kasih.

Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara yastro,

Terima kasih kerana membaca blog saya dan menghargai pengorbanan warga tentera ketika menentang pengganas komunis. Saya hanya berharap generasi muda jangan terlalu khayal yang akan memungkinkan negara tergadai.

Chazzie Chaz berkata...

Assalam tuan..bagaimana sy bole dptkn maklumat psl op ni?sy sdg buat research..mohon bantuan

shariffudin mohd aini berkata...

Semua ni heroes