Jumaat, 18 Jun 2010

No 3 Sqn Scrap Book...Pt 5

Reference: "Experimenting A technique...Episode 1- While Serving At No 3 Sqn, RMAF Butterworth"...It was about SAR ops for a yacht, WHISTLER, lost in the Straits Of Malacca on its way from Phuket to Penang. 

Standing from left: Late Sgt Hua, 2Lt Ng

Who else but yours truly who finally located the 'Whistler' on 4 March 1979...

Crew involved during SAR

I had problems communicating with the sailors. My understanding of their hand signals were that they did not want my assistance. However, I reported the 'Long & Lat' to Base Ops Room before flying back to the Base. The yacht reached and anchored safely at Penang.

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