Sunday, May 23, 2010

Book Of Memory

Readers...One of my most treasured memorabilias of my flying days is none other than the "BUKU HARIAN PENERBANGAN PEMANDU" - BAT TU 3663. In the simplest term...Flying Log Book. It is an official document. This book has assisted me a lot in writing my articles. Well, it's a diary of sorts. 

Whenever I have nothing to do, I'll browse through this recorded memory...a real nostalgia! So many of those whom I had flown before were no longer with us. However, some are still active in flying with aviation companies. Some are firmly rooted on the ground like me.

The one thing that I regret most is not taking photographs during my flying tour at both No 3 and No 10 Squadrons. I had a bulky Nikon SLR camera then. In fact, I was keen on photography and learnt to develop the film in the Base's 'dark room' while in Kuantan. How I wish I took the photographs of the first time a Galaxy aircraft landed at RMAF Butterworth delivering our first batch of F5E aircraft. I was then on detachment at the Base and we were asked to clear the runway for the aircraft to land. What an awesome sight to see the world's biggest transport aircraft then! Or Fort Tapong airstrip which was 'hand-built' by a platoon of Police Field Force, led by my friend, Mong Khon, now submerged under water with the construction of the Temenggor Dam. And the first exodus arrival of the 'boat people' at Pulau Perhentian Besar with the fall of 'Saigon'. I did take the photographs but the roll of film was lost.

I'm happy to note that a certain Commanding Officer of a Nuri Squadron has  insisted that his aircrew  record events of historical value. Keep it up. Well...having a blog is also a form of writing a diary.


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,indeed, but am still looking for my missing log book ! Must be in the boxes of books still yet to be opened-lah...might have some stories to share. memory is slowly fading away and am so forgetful nowadays, its not funny !. Dah jadi orang tua nyanyuk, living alone by myself too if not for my ever faithful dog 'Jane', she takes me out for my morning/evenng walk plus good company.
,,,my blogging write-ups might have some stories too about the Airforce days which might be of interest to you too, do use it if you want-lah. But I flew 4 times as much as an professional aircrew for the oil and gas industry before being engaged as an 'orang minyak' within Shell. An interesting career which initially kept me in charge of Aviation and later into the other areas of total end to end logistics.
,,,helped introduced the new concept of Aviation Safety Management Syatem (ASMS) plus finally co-developed the Global Logistics Management System (GLMS)with IBS in India. Both systems are IT related plus co-ordinated/managed and presently being utilized by the Shell Group.
,,,perhaps the RMAF should look into utilizing both of these similar system too, if they want to progress forward in this rapid changing world.
,,,Am now available as an Aviation and Logistics Consultant too plus providing Management Courses at Capt's Longhouse to share my experience and know-how with interested parties. Training has always interest me. Many of my technical write-ups are in processes and procedures or standard protocols related to logistics and human factor safety management system. The MHS boys and Shell personnel would know better what am talking about-lah.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear Sharif,

I think RMAF should relook Nuri's SOP and maybe incorporate your 'protocals'. I suppose they might consider it if the idea comes from an xPTU. Others...lupakan sajalah.

Anonymous said...

Dear NIBS,
Like Pak Uban, I too cannot trace my log book! I suspect it went missing when I was serving the Embassy in Jakarta the mid 90s. I had a room downstairs which served as my study, so the maid or the driver could have stolen the logbook to be given to their authorities for intelligence purposes I guess.


Capt's Longhouse said...


,,,before i left RMAF Kluang, i handed over the Nuri Conversion Training Manual that i drafted for the RMAF to utilize, hope someone followed through with publishing it. Anyhow, just ask MHS Aviation for some assistence, since the S61N training manual could still be utilized for the S61 A-4, if the RMAF wants to up-grade their training manual on the Nuri. Am sure, most of us ex-RMAF would be glad to help out.
,,,an attachment of the RMAF aircrew with our offshore helicopter operators wound indeed open their eyes too.
,,,in fact, just call me anytime, i will be glad to brief the RMAF on how best to operate their choppers to its max. capabilities plus safely too. Am type qualified on 7 x different types of helicopters and had active involvement in heli. R&D with Eurocopter/Sikorsky while serving in the offshore oil and gas industry plus i will share my technical/system experience FOC for the RMAF. How about that ?.
,,,any takers from the RMAF ?. my tel; 012-3770214 or e-mail;

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman said...

Dear Rosli,

It's a pity that that you lost your log book.

Dear Sharif,

I suggest that you call your squad-mates who are still in the Service. They might consider it since it's FOC.