Ahad, 9 Mei 2010

Documenting The Experiences

Readers...I received this e-mail from my former Base Commander...

"I read with interest your comments and the others on the border operations.

I feel you can take the lead to gather all the army and the air force personnel, (both the officers and the other ranks) and write a book on the border operations. With a bit of input here and there, it will be an interesting event that can be documented so that everybody interested can read. Maybe give all our members of parliament one book each so the they know our sacrifices.

I am sure Lt Kol (B) Basri and the sappers has a lot to relate. Get the commando, like Pak Sudir, Hussein Senik, Ghazalli Speedy etc as well. Get the The Royal Malay Regiment personnel for their cerita too. Lt Kol Chong KL, Murad, Darby etc can contribute too.

If done alone, maybe it is not enough to make a book but if combined a lot can be gathered and documented. It will take a lot of effort and time, maybe you have to take sabbatical leave from your golf for one year for this job. I am sure the future generations will be thankful to you for this.

The aim is to relate what happened during that time and how the soldiers slogged on to make the country better and free from the communists domination. This is to counter also those people who still want to bring back Chin Peng. Maybe also the government will recognise and honour the PTU, KPK and the ordinary soldier like me who has no bravery medal. I wrote a lot of citations when I was in Butterworth. No.3 Sqn was the most decorated sqn in the whole of the air force. It was my duty as a base commander to know my men and that is why I also flew on ops during the good old days, hence I know my pilots well.

Maybe this is food for thought. Maybe you would not be able to sleep tonight thinking about this. If that is so, I have provoked you and make you think. Good luck.


Your former commanding officer"

Yes, I'm interested to document those invaluable experiences in a book as they were part of  nation building. And, of course, the biggest hurdle is the cost involved. If there are sponsors, why not? For a start, my experiences and others in this blog could be the basis of the book.

Pilots and Footsloggers...As rightly pointed out by my CO, I need inputs from you. I did make calls and e-mails to a few of those pilots requesting them to jot down their experiences and e-mail to me. Regrettably, to no avail. Maybe due to work commitments. I really appreciate if you care to let others know your sacrifices for the benefit of future generation by sending your experiences to me. Should my dream to 'book' these experiences materialise, the only words I can utter is....THANK YOU. 

Readers...Know those who are patriotic enough who might be willing to sponsor the publishing of a book?

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xpara87 berkata...

I would kike to contribute. Where do we start?

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara xpara87,

Terima kasih kerana sedia berkongsi pengalaman. Saya ingin tahu apakah taklimat yang diberikan oleh Mej Jen Mahmood, GOC, ketika meminta 'volunteers' untuk Ops Sedar. Berapa anggota terlibat dari X & Y sqn? Bila dibawa dari Melaka ke TUDM Butterworth dengan F28 & Caribou? Bagaimana 18 komando memboloskan diri dari kepungan CTs dan berapa lama mereka terpaksa merendah hutan sebelum dibawa keluar? Adakah anggota komando terkorban dalam operasi tersebut?

basri bin omar berkata...

Salam Tuan!

Amat setuju dengan cadangan dan ingin benar untuk sumbang demi mendokumenkan segala PENGORBANAN sebanyak mungkin,Insyaallah.

Agar ianya menjadi satu BUKTI nyata....!

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara Basri,

Terima kasih. Tak cukup tangan, nyiru ditadahkan.

Capt. Kamal Sanusi berkata...

Salam Tuan

I may not have any material to contribute but believe me, I fully support your effort to document and publish the proposed book.

I hope to the first paid customer should the book being launch.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Kamal,

Thank you for your support. In fact, I'm in the proses of typing the manuscript right now.

hantu berkata...

Salam Tuan,

Mungkin Tuan boleh mendapatkan bantuan daripada Kelab Veteran Komando Malaysia untuk mendapatkan cerita yang lebih jelas berkenaan operasi tersebut. Mana tahu kalau-kalau ada diantara mereka yang terlibat dalam kejadian itu sanggup membantu untuk menceritakan kembali kisah sekumpulan anggota komando yang dikepung oleh komunis ketika itu.


Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Saudara hantu,

Terima kasih. Anda ada # telefon mereka untuk dihubungi?

Keluarga dan Sahabat berkata...


may be this comment is too late, but for your info ader persatuan bekas komando di kedah.... tuan boleh berhubung terus dgn bekas2 komando ini di majlis bandaraya alor setar, banyak bekas2 komando ini bertugas sebagai penguat kuasa majlis bandaraya alor setar... saya mendapat tahu penaung persatuan bekas2 komando cawangan kedag adalah former dato bandar..