Khamis, 8 April 2010

Dedicated Aerobatic Team

Dedicated Aerobatic Team
Wed, April 7, 2010 9:41:22 PM
From: nor ibrahim sulaiman
To: Dato\' Zahid Hamidi; KSU Indef; PAT; PTU
Cc: Latip IG; Kol Jamal Kesek


Something to ponder about!

What a tragic accident...Lost of a life...a son, a husband, a father and a valuable public asset! The last incident involving PC7, killing 2 Instructors, was in September 2009 at Pulau Langkawi. Again...due to the so-called 'aerobatic (?)' display. I'm not here to comment on what is wrong or right. We, the rakyat, are not privy to the report of the Board Of Inquiry. What we are entitled to is making  'assumptions' leading to the mishaps.

The Star 26 March 2010

RMAF...Why not form a dedicated aerobatic team as what you had before?

Readers...Previously, RMAF had it's own aerobatic team called "Taming Sari" using Pilatus PC7 aircraft. It was based in RMAF Alor Setar. Frankly...Its performance was not bad at all. Of course, you cannot compare with the world-reknown "Red Arrows" (Hawks) of  The UK  or the "Thunder Birds" (F16) of USA...It's not fair. It's as good as comparing a 'D24 durian' with 'soursop (durian belanda but still a durian)'! However, for reasons best known to the RMAF, Taming Sari simply...vanished from the Malaysian airspace.

5 Pilatus PC7 'Taming Sari' performing aerobatic display

I heard of the "Smokey Bandits" team with its MiG 29 fighter aircraft performing aerobatic display during the Sepang F1 Grand Prix on 2 through 4 April 2010. If it is an established team...well done. If not, why not formalised it as a dedicated aerobatic team?

RMAF...Let the QFIs at Air Force College focus on their primary role...producing future RMAF pilots and Air Force Chiefs . Fighter pilots are the most ideal to perform this role. They are well trained in those 'dog-fight' manoeuvres which are "a must" for aerobatic display. After all, let's face it...what is the role of these 'Pride of the Air Force' during peace time? and more training. Let them truly earn their pay.

In my humble opinion, I feel the name "Taming Sari" should replace "Smokey Bandits" but not utilising PC7 aircraft. We should be proud of our Malaysian heritage.


Should I expect responses from the addressees? It would be miraculous if I do get any...! Wish me luck.  

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Mej!!! the name had changed from Taming Sari to Kambing kari!!!. No one will respond to you, be it Menteri, PAT or PTU as they dare not want to be accountable!!!
The one crashed in Langkawi still no answer and yet another crash and this time somewhere near UUM- wow!!! since when the RMAF change the rule that performing kind of aerobatics at such location?!!!
Abuse of power?
Lack of training?
Leaderships in the RMAF? Many misfits that lead to misfortune and lucky there is no war so makan gaji ja la dan jadi macam tikus asalkan dapat jadi PAT but the organization is directionless except capable of conducting jiwa murni but mostly the xRMAF are left "out of mind, out of sight"
So may be we need to ask the PAT and PTU, were they part of the Kambing Kari or Taming Sari?!!!

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Anonymous,


zulfatah berkata...

salam tuan,
sy sokong RMAF ade dedicated aerobatic team.TAMING SARI would be nice.klu x setanding red arrows pn xpe la least kita dh start.this team performance,visually akan psych n induced imagination pada sesape yg tgk.mungkin akan jadi dorongan pada remaja2 utk ceburi kerjaya dalam tentera ke...their imagination runs wild with daring n dashing displays...filem Topgun punye pasal,US Navy punye recruitment meningkat 25% kot klu x silap sy.mase kecik2 dulu slalu sy dgn kengkawan klu nampak nuri terbang je..mesti seronok terus jerit pekik.."HELIKOPTER"...spi serak suara or heli tu hilang dr pandangan (yg mana dulu la) tambah lagi skali tu ada crewchiefs kt pintu heli yg terbang tu siap lambai lagi kt kami bebudak nih..huh seronok x terkata.siap kami nyanyi lagu Inilah Barisan Kita lagi...all i would say is that RMAF's visual impact pada public tu plays a role in recruitment drive indirectly..the public is proud with our Armed Forces.

Remi berkata...

Why Smokey Bandits? Taming Sari sounds much better. It truly reflect our rich heritage and semangat kepahlawanan Melayu.

Truly agreed with you sir. Formalise the aerobatic team. And do please maintain the name Taming Sari.