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First Hand View

I was at the scene....Looks like you can find me at all places of action....!

New Sunday Times April 11, 2010

On 20 February 1980, on my promotion to major, I was posted from No 3 Sqn, RMAF Butterworth, back to my first squadron, No 10 Sqn, RMAF Kuantan as the Flight Commander. However, I still managed to 'squeeze' myself for operational flying duties at No 3 Sqn. My grand finale flight there was on 25 February 1980...
  • Tasking ~ OD 493...Troop lifts: BW-Kroh-LPs-BW
  • Callsign ~ W493Juliet 'One" 
  • Crew ~ Self/Lt  (U) Joachim/Sgt Ahmad
  • Airframe ~ FM1735
  • Flt Time ~ 6 hrs
I reported to No 10 Sqn only in May upon completion of a 3-month pioneer 'Squadron Officers School (SOS)' course at Institut Teknologi Udara, RMAF Kinrara. I was back to operational flying on 27 May 1980 after a refresher course.

Well...It was on 16 October 1980 when I was tasked to pick up Inspector General Of Police (IGP),  Tun Hanif Omar, from RMAF Kuala Lumpur to Batu Pahat. Tasking details were...
  • Tasking ~ OD373...Comm Flt (IGP): Ktn-Sempang-B.Pahat-Ktn
  • Callsign ~ Gading 373 Juliet 
  • Crew ~ Self/Lt (U) Sudirman/Sgt Hood
  • Airframe ~ FM1740
  • Flight Time ~ 3 hrs 15 min
Note: Actually, the tasking was to ferry IGP back to Sempang but IGP decided that he would find his own way back. Those days PDRM did not have their Air Wing yet.

I did not know the reason for this urgent flight until I shut down the Nuri at Batu Pahat. The aircrew were fortunate enough to be in IGP's entourage. We were taken to the Police Station where I saw 6 dead bodies clad in white robes in the station's complex. What happened was that at about 0940 hr, a sword-wielding group of 'extremists', led by a self-proclaimed 'Imam Mahadi', attacked Batu Pahat police station. The leader, Ahmad Nasir Ismail,  was a Cambodian refugee. Fortunately, none of the policemen were killed but more than 20 policemen and civilians were injured. If you want to know more, please read the article "I REMEMBER WHEN".

I did not know what happened after that. After lunch, we took off for Kuantan. I had to fly 'IFR' (I Follow Road) since  visibility was poor. We landed safely at Kuantan in time for briefing before night flying sortie that night.

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Salam Mejar
Mohon izin singgah. Menarik sekali cerita warga tentera. Life as a pilot, manoeuvring the Nuri in the high and open skies, must have been very exhilarating for you. Selamat bersara & semoga sihat sejahtera senantiasa.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...


Terima kasih kerana singgah di blog saya dan seterusnya memberi komen. Saya sungguh hormat pada guru-guru saya (sila baca coretan bertajuk "My Alma Mater..King Edward VII". Yes, indeed, I shall always cherish those memorable flying days.