Jumaat, 30 April 2010

The Quartet

17 March 2010...My gang's monthly golf outing. We decided to show our golf prowess at Permaipura Golf & Country Club, Gua Chempedak.  Frankly, I don't understand why most people are not too happy when grouped under 'senior' citizens. Think positive...We make use of the benefits conferred to 'twilight' citizens. For instance, we need to pay RM21 only for 'green' fee and RM26 for twin-sharing buggy. 

Three of us, Abg Tad, Cikgu Khalid and I left Bandar Darulaman in Abg Tad's car while Hamid drove alone. He's staying in Alor Setar.  As usual, our RV was a restaurant at Bedong for breakfast.

Our stake for 'Monthly Medal'  is high...RM5 if you play to your handicap. If I play net score of 72 while others play 'over'...then I'm the winner with maximum earnings of RM15. However, if all of us play 'over' RM5 is saved. We had over more than 10 outings...but so far none of us has yet to be the proud winner of this highly sought-after prize money of RM15. 
  L to R: NIBS, Abg Tad, Cikgu Khalid, Hamid with the background of Gunung Jerai

On the way back, we stopped at our favourite restaurant, Haji Ramli's, at Simpang 4 Kangkong. My favourite is the 'kari ayam kampung' and fresh manggo! Put aside the game and focus on the 'nasi kandar'.

15 April 2010...We decided to go out again. Initially we planned our outing on the last Thursday of the month. However, we had to bring it forward since Cikgu Khalid was going to Mecca for 'Umrah' on 18 April and would be back on 28 April. So...Black comes the 'Quartet'.

As expected, on the way to Bt Kayu Hitam, Cikgu must stop at his favourite 'warong' at Changlun for 'breakfast'. I know what he wanted for his 'alas perut'...'nasi jagung with ayam kampung'. I've to admit...not bad, you know. Come to think about it, I'm more and more becoming like a Kedahan...rice for breakfast...not 'nasi lemak bungkus'. Luckily, this pampering is only limited to our outings. I'm yet to try 'pulut dengan ikan tamban tergeliat'. Don't's a delicacy here. 

We were fortunate that our neighbouring country was celebrating the 'songkran' that day. The caddies there are Thai girls and they were celebrating the festival that morning. caddies. Good for us since it meant we didn't have to pay for their services...saved RM20. Being a senior golfer, the fee is RM68 inclusive of caddy. Without caddy...RM48. Good bargain.

 The Quartet at Black Forest Golf Club

Again...None of us played to our handicap. It could be due to 39.5*C that day...real hot day! This time we had lunch at the club itself...Sdn Bhd. Don't you envy us?

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