Ahad, 18 April 2010

'For Every Action, There Is A Reaction'.

'...Dear Dato',

Thank you for your continuous support. I'm speechless after reading your posting. I sincerely hope those in authority in MINDEF would read and take affirmative actions.

Once again...Thank you.'

Readers...That was my response after reading an article by Dato' Arshad entitled "AN OPEN LETTER TO THE CHIEF  OF DEFENCE FORCES AND TO ALL THREE SERVICE CHIEFS". To read the article, click here.

Well...Isaac Newton was right when he said 'For every action, there is a reaction'. Not everybody agrees with what I have been struggling for almost a year now. Below is an extract of comments made by 'Wira' on Dato's article...

'...Mej Nor, to be honest about it, this issue leaves a bad taste in most people's mouth, mine included. No point discussing it in public lest such senitized areas as eligibility and credibility rear their ugly heads. To my mind, udah le! let sleeping dogs lay. Deme nak bagi, deme akan bagi nanti. Sabor age le, Tapi mungkin kena tunggu 4-5 tahun.'

Well...He's entitled to his opinion, so do I. Frankly, I'm the least bothered by his comments. It is sad indeed that Wira fails to take into consideration of the plight of hundreds of the recipients, particularly the ORs,  (I think less than 500 recipients, including members of PDRM) to sustain living in the ever increasing cost of living. Bear in mind, most of these heroes are in their twilight years with meagre pensions...if any at all!! In fact, this issue was brought up during the recent PBTM Kubang Pasu Branch's meeting (I did not attend)...

'...Satu usul yang diutarakan oleh peserta dan diterima untuk dimajukan ke pihak atasan ialah berkenaan pembayaran elaun untuk penerima pingat Kepujian Perutusan Keberanian (KPK). Ketua Cawangan menjelaskankan ianya akan dibawa sebagai usul untuk diperbincangkan di peringkat atasan.' For details, click here

Dato' Arshad's response to Wira say it all. Care to read additional comments not found in Dato's blog? Then, please read a posting entitled "Wira Who?" here.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Better way is bring or throw the people to the warfield.

Then they will know what is actually Mr Nor Ibrahim fight for. They will know how to appreciate the people who give sacrify almost everything to make sure today people can live as good as they are.

About what Mr Nor Ibrahim fighting for, im sure there are many people who will keep support including me.
Sorry if im too emotional about this. Nothing more can say, just 'geleng kepala' .

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your support.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

keep it up. We had seen and gone thru the threat and danger in our life. We flew with our full commitment to serve the nation and the people, of course the king. We should not except defeat and never will be unless the whole Armed Forces ready to be completely overhaul and be reformed for being so ignorant and many are so disgusted with the present leadership.
Itu lah apabila mereka yang berada di atas tidak pernah melalui apa yang saudara telah harungi tetapi itu bukan nya "excuse" dan ini adalah akibat budaya yang lemah dan telah menguasai mereka yang di lantik. Perjuangan saudara belum selesai dan selagi hayat di kandung badan kita akan bersama sama mebetulkan keadaan ini semoga di berkati ALLAH hendak nya.
It is really sad, what really happen to most of our rank and files!!! ??????? Only GOD knows.

Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman berkata...

Dear Anonymous,

Perjuangan masih belum berakhir (pinjam dari Tun Mahathir). I'll keep soldiering on, InsyaAllah.